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Bizarre Wedding Photos That Will Make You Cringe Immediately

Darren October 26, 2022

Weddings represent one of the most important days in people’s lives. They bring families together to celebrate the beginning of what is hopefully an incredible journey. That usually results in many wedding photos to remember this amazing occasion. But sometimes, those wedding photos don’t turn out the way they imagined.

So today we’ll look at some of the most awkward, weird, and entertaining wedding photos on the Internet. We have no idea what these people were thinking or why they decided to capture some of these bizarre moments when they did. But one thing is certain – you’re going to cringe immediately. Check out these wacky wedding photos below.

Wedding Wasted

Many people party long and hard into the night after a wedding ceremony. It can be exhausting because they’ll consume a lot of alcohol and dance for a long time. Perhaps these particular guests consumed some other questionable substances because they appear past their limit.

The Wondrous

This is one of the least-flattering wedding photos in history. The lady on the left resembles a horse after a race while her friends appear to be in another dimension. Something tells us they won’t enjoy looking back at these photos over the years (via The Wondrous).

Hand’s On

Perhaps this photo isn’t real, because it’s that ridiculous. If it is, then this couple may break a record for the earliest filed divorce in history. A man is taking a picture of the newlyweds with a female guest. But another photographer captures the groom’s dubious behavior behind the scenes.


He clutches the buttock of the lady as he holds his wife’s hand. However, the bride spots this indiscretion and glares at the action. Nobody can blame her for this because he crossed the line. Something is amazing about the brazen nature of this in public, however (via EZ Mail Room).

Beach Bomb

Here’s our first beach wedding photobomb and it’s an excellent one. We wish we had the body confidence of this overweight man in tight swimming trunks because it’s special. This gentleman bared nearly everything in a pair of blue briefs.

Planet Bell

It’s difficult to focus on the bride behind him because he’s a magnificent physical specimen. There may not be any guests at this wedding because he ate them all. We don’t know where the groom is, but who cares because this man is magnificent (via Planet Bell).

Legs Go!

Photography is all about capturing the perfect moment but nobody told this person. They took one of the worst wedding photos in history but it’s simultaneously brilliant. The bride and groom leap into the air with joy but there is something very unfortunate about this moment.

Glorious USA

The timing of the shot means that the bride appears to have no legs. It seems as though she is hovering in the air like a ghost while her husband jumps beside her. This is a terrible image but it’s also hilarious and arguably more interesting than a standard photo (via Glorious USA).

Denim Dream

There are some questionable fashion choices on this list, but perhaps none of them are as extreme as the image below. This wedding party decided that denim cut-off shorts were the best option for their nuptials. We’re not sure they were correct, but they seem to be very happy nonetheless.

Teddy Feed

It’s a horrible look but they’re all smiling and having a blast. Sometimes these fashion choices make guests uncomfortable but they’re all on the same page. This isn’t what most outsiders would want but they know what works for them (via Teddy Feed).

Centaurs In Love

Some people mix photoshop and wedding photos in unfortunate ways that don’t make sense. That’s the situation for this couple who created one of the wackiest shots ever. They decided to bring some mythical elements into their special day and became centaurs.

Bored Panda

We don’t know why they opted for the equine creatures but that’s what they did. It’s a surreal shot because they are also on a beach and the groom’s shirt hangs over his torso. They did it because they could but perhaps they should have asked if it was necessary (via Bored Panda).

Big Smile

Many couples take their wedding photos in front of famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower. This loving pair opted to pose in the Russian capital of Moscow. It’s not a bad choice because the city possesses incredible architecture, but there’s a problem with this photo.


Moscow also has a massive homeless problem as we can see from the gentleman in this photo. It’s almost wrong to say that he is photobombing because he takes up most of the shot. They failed to spot him before snapping the definitive moment of their marriage (via Brides.com).

Bizarre Photoshop

Here’s another example of photoshop and wedding photos mixing with terrible consequences. Some photographers shouldn’t use their editing skills because they create monstrosities. An example is the photo below because it is terrible and makes no sense.

Wedding Forward

We don’t know why he thought that it was a good idea for the groom to play his wife like a violin. However, that’s exactly what he went for and it doesn’t work very well. Nonetheless, they have this in their album so we hope they liked it, because nobody else does (via Funotic).

Photobomb King

Newly-weds enjoy capturing every moment of their special day. However, photographers need to be aware of their surroundings. That’s because they may unwittingly include random passers-by as the photo below shows. This inadvertent person can improve the overall quality of the image.

Unmistakeably You

There are expressions of beaming joy on this young couple’s faces. However, a man is walking behind them in a pair of tight swimming trunks and sunglasses. He became the unwitting focus of the shot and stole their thunder (via Unmistakeably You).

Fantasy Spectacle

This is the craziest example of photoshop gone wrong on this list. It appears as though the photographer went on an acid trip before they played with this image. The groom is a fantasy fan and decided to save his damsel in distress. However, this is the most excessive scene they could have created.

Unconventional Wedding

Chains and dragons keep her against a tower, but not to worry. Her husband has a sword and shield as well as an intimidating stack of machine guns. This is one of the wackiest shots we’ve ever seen as this person created one of the weirdest wedding photos ever (via Unconventional Wedding).

My Precious

This couple thought that they found the perfect setting for one of the most beautiful wedding photos ever. They stand in front of a glorious backdrop with the sea and intense sky behind them. But then one man came along and ruined everything in style.

Bouncy Mustard

He also inadvertently makes it better because he resembles Gollum from ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ The man crept into the background and brought a lot of humor to the image. This probably made them laugh because it’s so unique and strange (via Bouncy Mustard).

Jetpack Love

We assume that the digital editor spoke to the couple before he played with this photo. The strangest aspect of this is that they gave their approval. That’s because this is one of the strangest wedding photos in the history of the genre. Nothing makes sense in this spectacular shot.

Tahoe Wedding Photos

We have so many questions about this and don’t know where to begin. Why is the man wearing a jetpack? Meanwhile, his wife towers over him like a giant and perhaps symbolizes her status in their relationship. It’s strange but it must have made them happy (via Tahoe Wedding Photos).

Big Kiss

Wedding parties often devolve into drunken chaos as people consume too much alcohol. In this case, a bride and groom became too close for one guest’s comfort. They kissed passionately and it looked like they were eating each other’s faces.

Huffington Post

However, this didn’t impress the older lady who stood beside them. She didn’t appreciate being so close to the emotional couple because it made her uncomfortable. Perhaps she made this expression as a joke for the camera but we don’t think so (via Huffington Post).

Jump For Joy

There’s a common theme with beach wedding photos because it’s easy for them to go wrong. It seems simple to stand in front of the ocean and pose for a shot but there’s one problem. That’s because it’s difficult to control the actions of random people.

Brit + Co

Most people opt to bypass a wedding photoshoot but not this man. He decided to do a photobomb by flamboyantly jumping into the air. Some people will hate this and think that he’s an idiot. Others will think that he improved this shot by entering the picture (via Brit + Co).

Cheeky Shot

It’s an honor to serve as a friend’s bridesmaid but sometimes things can be very strange. Check out the shot below because it’s cheekier than most wedding photos. We mean this in the most literal sense because they decided to show their posteriors for posterity’s sake.


For some unknown reason, the bride asked her female friends to lift their dresses and flash the camera. We’re sure that the male guests enjoyed this moment but it may not age well. Imagine the reaction of more conservative members of the wedding party (via Cheezburger).

Cake Mistake

Most people don’t like eating wedding cake but it receives a lot of attention at a party. Typically, the bride and groom cut the cake together in one of the early symbolic gestures of their new relationship. However, this time it went wrong in one of the world’s most awkward wedding photos.


The groom accidentally knocked the cake over and sent it hurtling toward its doom. We know the cake is going to smash onto the ground but the photographer captured the moment before. It’s inevitable but we wish we could reach out and prevent the carnage (via Glamour).


This photo may serve as an early indication of the rest of this newly-married couple’s relationship. The moment also encapsulates one of the most awkward wedding photos ever. They probably didn’t imagine that things would go this badly as their marriage began.

Herald Weekly

First, their vehicle broke down and the man tried to fix it. But he was unable to solve the problem and now the woman had to take over. No groom wants to find himself in this humiliating situation, but that’s the state that he found himself in (via Herald Weekly).

Bridal Party Pick

Wedding photographers take many shots of the bridesmaids during a ceremony because they are typically young and beautiful in their dresses. But this bridal party probably didn’t appreciate the work of their cameraman. That’s because he snapped an image at the worst possible moment.

Domesticated Companion

They were adjusting the backs of their dresses but their actions appear to be inappropriate in a decent setting. Perhaps the photographer didn’t intend to capture this shot and they moved at the wrong moment. But the moment remains for the world to see (via Domesticated Companion).

Thank You Delta

Many things can go wrong on a wedding day but this groom made the best of a bad situation. This couple decided to travel for their ceremony but Delta Airlines lost his suit. He didn’t have time to find a new one but he came up with a novel solution.


Instead of searching for a quick, budget alternative, he wore a plain white t-shirt and navy boxer shorts. Then he wrote the message, “This wedding suit courtesy of Delta Airlines” on the front. We hope that Delta bumped them up to business class for the return journey (via Cosmopolitan).

Ride The Bucking Bride

Context is very important when it comes to weird wedding photos because we don’t understand what’s going on. That’s the situation in this case because the groom decided to ride on his new wife’s back. Meanwhile, she wore a unicorn mask as he slapped her rump.

Herald Weekly

We can appreciate the woman’s strength as she bears her husband’s weight on her back. It also appears that he is enjoying himself a little bit too much. This is a wacky photo but if everybody is having a good time then that’s fine (via Herald Weekly).

Lack Of Class

If anybody reading this article learns anything today it should be to wear a proper suit and dress. Don’t try to dress too out of the norm because it never looks good. Check out this horrible scene below because three couples ruined their special day.

Still Cracking

They chose body paint and lingerie instead of wearing a normal outfit. The problem is that this doesn’t flatter anybody in the shot. At least a couple of them appear to be regretting their decisions too. It’s sad to say but that’s not a surprise because it’s a shocking look (via Still Cracking).

Wide Smile

It’s the end of the night and this bridal party assembled because they wanted to share a moment. They’re beaming at the camera as they bask in each other’s joy. Maybe they won’t spend time together again for a long time. However, the biggest smile belongs to somebody else.

Domesticated Companion

A random woman stands against the window and looks in at the scene in front of her. She grins manically at the camera in an incredible photobomb. Yes, she may be a psychopath but it improves the shot. Imagine their reaction when they looked back at their wedding photos (via Domesticated Companion).

Dubious Transport

Most brides arrive at the church or hotel via an elegant vehicle. It could be a vintage car or a classy modern limousine but usually, it’s not a tractor. For some unspecified reason, this bride opted for the latter option because it suited her taste.

Elite Readers

Viewers will appreciate the attention to detail because they carefully covered the front loader with the hem of her dress. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to improve the overall aesthetic of a farm vehicle. They tried their best but it didn’t work (via Elite Readers).

Trail of Love

This photographer thought that he was capturing the perfect moment as the groom carried the bride away into the countryside. It should be a very romantic image but unfortunately, that’s not the way it turned out because of a crucial detail on the road.

Bouncy Mustard

A horse wandered along the road before them and left a reminder of his presence. Droppings tarnish the road but it is even worse because it appears that they fell from the bride’s dress. In the end, it resulted in one of the most awkward wedding photos ever (via Bouncy Mustard).

Head’s Up

Wedding dresses are temperamental clothing items that require a lot of maintenance. Many brides have technicians that fix their make-up, hair, and dresses throughout the day. This is important because it avoids awkward situations like the one below.

List Bark

We don’t know why this man has his head up the bride’s dress but she has a big smile on her face. We hope that he is doing a good job regardless of what he’s doing. It’s one of the most awkward wedding photos ever because of their guests’ confusion (via List Bark).

Turkey Wedding

Perhaps this is a strange wedding tradition that makes a lot of sense in another culture. However, it is deeply confusing from a western perspective. Nobody throws raw turkeys into the air during American or European weddings but this Russian couple did.

School of Photography

That’s very confusing but her dress also raises a lot of questions. It appears as though she auditioned for the role of Poison Ivy in the Batman universe before the ceremony. There are many weird wedding photos on this list but this is one of the most surreal (via School of Photography).

Long Day

Wedding days are exhausting experiences for the bride and groom. That’s because they want to make their guests happy and ensure that the day runs smoothly. They don’t have a chance to relax until the next morning when everybody leaves.

Elite Daily

In this shot we see the bride enjoying a moment of respite. She smokes a cigarette and clutches a bottle of vodka like it’s the essence of life (via Elite Daily). This may not be the glamorous shot that she wants but it sums up the exertions of the day.

Please Explain

It’s easy to comment on many of these wedding photos but this one is very confusing. We have no idea what’s going on except that it’s in Russia. However, that may be an answer in itself. There is a bottle of vodka and this probably sums up all of the bizarre events in the image.

Fix The Photo

The bride’s dress is an interesting creation and probably a traditional ethnic outfit. That’s fine but why does she have her husband by the necktie? Meanwhile, there is a bare-chested man with a bottle of vodka in the background (via Fix The Photo).

Wedding Hitch-Hikers

This bride took the expression “we’re hitched” to the next level. Her car broke down on the way to the venue and drove her to desperate measures. She’s hitch-hiking because she wants to reach the ceremony on time. At least the photographer immortalized the moment in his hilarious wedding photos.

Domesticated Companion

Imagine being the driver of the approaching vehicle and witnessing this sight. There’s no denying how surreal it would seem. Let’s hope that the driver stopped and helped her reach her destination. Spare a thought for the groom too because he probably has no idea what’s happening (via Domesticated Companion).

Wedding Cat

Some of the best awkward wedding photos see animals interfering with the shot. This cat showed the typical lack of respect that people associate with the species. It wandered into view and stood with its backside facing the viewfinder. Meanwhile, it almost completely blocked the view of the bride.

Popular Everything

Everything was perfect from the view to the happy couple. But this cat didn’t care and thought that it may as well ruin everything. There’s a reason why nobody should trust cats and that’s because they are evil. Here’s another one showing its true colors (via Popular Everything).

Inflatable Dress

Perhaps governments should make it a legal requirement to wear a proper suit and dress to a wedding. This may seem overly authoritarian but it would help to save couples from themselves. Then they wouldn’t don atrocious outfits like the ones below.

Teddy Feed

Hopefully, the bride isn’t planning on sitting down because her dress won’t help her. Inflatable balloons comprise the costume in a unique and horrible look. Furthermore, her husband is wearing a horrible pair of beach shorts. We pity their future children because this isn’t good (via Teddy Feed).

No Room For The Groom

Most men accept that the wedding is all about the bride and accept anything that she says. However, this bride took her fairytale wedding to the extreme and may have crushed her husband in the process. He may not have survived the journey from the church to the hotel after the ceremony.

Herald Weekly

That’s because she wore an enormous dress that crushed him against the side of the vehicle. The only positive side of this is that the car didn’t have a roof. Otherwise, it would have been a serious health and safety hazard. Nonetheless, this is one of the most awkward wedding photos ever (via Herald Weekly).

Almost Perfect

This could have been a beautiful wedding photo because of the lovely setting. The newlyweds pose together on a pier and pose in front of the camera. It appears to be a lovely intimate moment but one detail is ruining it. A glance at the photo below will make viewers shudder.

The School of Photography

It appears that the bride glanced through a catalog of wedding dresses and purposefully chose the least tasteful option. Meanwhile, she opts to squat like a Catwoman instead of sitting beside her husband. It’s a strange scene beyond normal comprehension (via The School of Photography).

Dress Attack

Some couples enjoy making animals a part of their wedding ceremony but this can be dangerous. Ask the bride below because she had a terrible encounter with a small dog. It didn’t pose cutely like she wanted but chose to savage her expensive dress.


The cameraman captured this in one of the funniest wedding photos ever. This isn’t the moment that she envisaged but it’s impossible to control everything. Hopefully, the dog didn’t do too much damage to her dress because that would have been a shame (via Ranker).

Fairytale Wedding

Everybody has heard the expression “fairytale wedding” but most people don’t make this literal. However, this bride decided to do that and included a pair of wings on her back. It’s a ridiculous decision but isn’t even the goofiest element of the photo below.

Bored Panda

She also chose to include a gigantic golden locket as part of her outfit. The woman is barely capable of standing as she approaches the venue but at least she has a smile on her face. On the one hand, it’s nice to see people not taking themselves seriously but it’s very silly (via Bored Panda).

Drop The Bride

It’s inadvisable to accidentally break the bride in front of the wedding guests. Unfortunately, this man may have done this to his new spouse. The pair were dancing together when things became too vigorous. The photo below captures the aftermath of the incident.

Herald Weekly

A look of instant regret arises on his face because he realizes that he made a mess. She whacked her head off of the tiles on the cold hard floor. Furthermore, a couple of guests are unsure of what they’ve witnessed. It’s a bad moment and typical of a ridiculous wedding (via Herald Weekly).

Disgraceful Outfit

This elderly gentleman deserves a lot of respect because this can’t have been an easy moment for him. His daughter opted to walk down the aisle in lingerie and humiliated him in the process. Yet he still went arm-in-arm with her as he gave her away.


Perhaps he wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t be his problem anymore. The stony expression on his face says everything because it’s an embarrassing moment for him. Nobody respects or enjoys this type of style on such a special occasion (via Cheezburger).

Wedding Cow

Russian weddings appear to be remarkable events and this one is no exception. We’re not sure why a random man is wearing a cow costume but more power to him. Meanwhile, the married couple stands on each side of him smiling at the camera.

Herald Weekly

It’s one of the strangest wedding photos ever because of its surreal nature. Perhaps the photographer is a creative genius and we don’t appreciate it. Naturally, the groom clutches a bottle of vodka because he is playing up to his national stereotype (via Herald Weekly).

Collapsed Pier

Here is one of the best awkward wedding photos of all time. This party assembled on an old wooden pier on a lake in the U.S. They thought that the natural setting made a perfect backdrop but things went wrong very quickly. This wasn’t the day that anybody expected.

Sky News

Their combined weight affected the structural integrity of the pier and it broke beneath them. Then the entire party fell into the lake in a glorious moment. To be fair, most of them have smiles on their faces because they don’t believe what just happened (via Sky News).

Fiona and Shrek

Some people take a wedding theme to the extreme and that’s precisely the case in the image below. We can’t imagine why they decided to dress up as Shrek and Princess Fiona from the famous movies. But that’s exactly what they opted to do as we can see here.


The only positive thing that we can say about this is that they appear happy. Yes, it’s one of the most confusing wedding photos, but they’re smiling and love each other. Many married couples don’t enjoy themselves as much as this pair, even if they are very strange (via Easy Weddings).