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Bizarre Wedding Photos That Will Make You Cringe Immediately

Darren October 26, 2022

Wedding Cat

Some of the best awkward wedding photos see animals interfering with the shot. This cat showed the typical lack of respect that people associate with the species. It wandered into view and stood with its backside facing the viewfinder. Meanwhile, it almost completely blocked the view of the bride.

Popular Everything

Everything was perfect from the view to the happy couple. But this cat didn’t care and thought that it may as well ruin everything. There’s a reason why nobody should trust cats and that’s because they are evil. Here’s another one showing its true colors (via Popular Everything).

Inflatable Dress

Perhaps governments should make it a legal requirement to wear a proper suit and dress to a wedding. This may seem overly authoritarian but it would help to save couples from themselves. Then they wouldn’t don atrocious outfits like the ones below.

Teddy Feed

Hopefully, the bride isn’t planning on sitting down because her dress won’t help her. Inflatable balloons comprise the costume in a unique and horrible look. Furthermore, her husband is wearing a horrible pair of beach shorts. We pity their future children because this isn’t good (via Teddy Feed).

No Room For The Groom

Most men accept that the wedding is all about the bride and accept anything that she says. However, this bride took her fairytale wedding to the extreme and may have crushed her husband in the process. He may not have survived the journey from the church to the hotel after the ceremony.

Herald Weekly

That’s because she wore an enormous dress that crushed him against the side of the vehicle. The only positive side of this is that the car didn’t have a roof. Otherwise, it would have been a serious health and safety hazard. Nonetheless, this is one of the most awkward wedding photos ever (via Herald Weekly).

Almost Perfect

This could have been a beautiful wedding photo because of the lovely setting. The newlyweds pose together on a pier and pose in front of the camera. It appears to be a lovely intimate moment but one detail is ruining it. A glance at the photo below will make viewers shudder.

The School of Photography

It appears that the bride glanced through a catalog of wedding dresses and purposefully chose the least tasteful option. Meanwhile, she opts to squat like a Catwoman instead of sitting beside her husband. It’s a strange scene beyond normal comprehension (via The School of Photography).

Dress Attack

Some couples enjoy making animals a part of their wedding ceremony but this can be dangerous. Ask the bride below because she had a terrible encounter with a small dog. It didn’t pose cutely like she wanted but chose to savage her expensive dress.


The cameraman captured this in one of the funniest wedding photos ever. This isn’t the moment that she envisaged but it’s impossible to control everything. Hopefully, the dog didn’t do too much damage to her dress because that would have been a shame (via Ranker).

Fairytale Wedding

Everybody has heard the expression “fairytale wedding” but most people don’t make this literal. However, this bride decided to do that and included a pair of wings on her back. It’s a ridiculous decision but isn’t even the goofiest element of the photo below.

Bored Panda

She also chose to include a gigantic golden locket as part of her outfit. The woman is barely capable of standing as she approaches the venue but at least she has a smile on her face. On the one hand, it’s nice to see people not taking themselves seriously but it’s very silly (via Bored Panda).

Drop The Bride

It’s inadvisable to accidentally break the bride in front of the wedding guests. Unfortunately, this man may have done this to his new spouse. The pair were dancing together when things became too vigorous. The photo below captures the aftermath of the incident.

Herald Weekly

A look of instant regret arises on his face because he realizes that he made a mess. She whacked her head off of the tiles on the cold hard floor. Furthermore, a couple of guests are unsure of what they’ve witnessed. It’s a bad moment and typical of a ridiculous wedding (via Herald Weekly).

Disgraceful Outfit

This elderly gentleman deserves a lot of respect because this can’t have been an easy moment for him. His daughter opted to walk down the aisle in lingerie and humiliated him in the process. Yet he still went arm-in-arm with her as he gave her away.


Perhaps he wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t be his problem anymore. The stony expression on his face says everything because it’s an embarrassing moment for him. Nobody respects or enjoys this type of style on such a special occasion (via Cheezburger).

Wedding Cow

Russian weddings appear to be remarkable events and this one is no exception. We’re not sure why a random man is wearing a cow costume but more power to him. Meanwhile, the married couple stands on each side of him smiling at the camera.

Herald Weekly

It’s one of the strangest wedding photos ever because of its surreal nature. Perhaps the photographer is a creative genius and we don’t appreciate it. Naturally, the groom clutches a bottle of vodka because he is playing up to his national stereotype (via Herald Weekly).

Collapsed Pier

Here is one of the best awkward wedding photos of all time. This party assembled on an old wooden pier on a lake in the U.S. They thought that the natural setting made a perfect backdrop but things went wrong very quickly. This wasn’t the day that anybody expected.

Sky News

Their combined weight affected the structural integrity of the pier and it broke beneath them. Then the entire party fell into the lake in a glorious moment. To be fair, most of them have smiles on their faces because they don’t believe what just happened (via Sky News).

Fiona and Shrek

Some people take a wedding theme to the extreme and that’s precisely the case in the image below. We can’t imagine why they decided to dress up as Shrek and Princess Fiona from the famous movies. But that’s exactly what they opted to do as we can see here.


The only positive thing that we can say about this is that they appear happy. Yes, it’s one of the most confusing wedding photos, but they’re smiling and love each other. Many married couples don’t enjoy themselves as much as this pair, even if they are very strange (via Easy Weddings).