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30+ Photos Capturing People’s Jealousy At Just The Right Moment

Hizkiail August 12, 2021

You must have had a few jealous moments in your life from time to time, becoming green with envy around someone who has more than you. It’s totally normal to feel this way – we all experience it. Although we hope that these feelings are few and far between. Too much can have a negative impact on you especially if it causes you to act out in awkward and uncomfortable ways. These 50 people tried their best to keep their feelings of jealousy to themselves, but it ended up showing through much to the surprise of the people around them.

1. Silent Admirers?

One thing we know for sure is that Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez are not “secret” admirers. They made it pretty apparent in an interview and it is super hilarious.

The Spring Breakers cast was in an interview when both gorgeous actresses were caught looking directly at the cleavage of their co-star Ashley Benson. It seems like Vanessa is impressed with what she’s looking at and there’s nothing wrong with it.

2. “Why Didn’t I Bring A Dog”

Here’s a pro tip from this guy with a dog: If you want to attract the ladies then simply get a dog and that’s pretty much it. And here’s a pro tip from the guy who is jealous of the guy with the dog: get a dog or someone will be creating content on you just like they are creating one on me right now.

Having a dog also helps in breaking the ice and a lot of guys know how difficult it is to break the ice. It seems like ladies are super attracted to adorable dogs. So, now you know what to do the next time you go to the park. But make sure to take a tiny dog with you instead of a Rottweiler.

3. “So That’s What Betrayal Feels Like”

We truly feel sorry for the doggo here. He had no one in the world other than his parents and his little sister and yet they decided to bring a selfish kitten into the home who knows how to make everyone fall in love with it. The doggo has every right to feel betrayed and we can see it in his eyes as well.

The doggo is like “I loved them so much and this is how they repaid me? How can she hold that little devil when I am just a little heavier than it.” By the way, the kitten is so cute and we hope it works out between the doggo and the kitten.

4. Revealing A Bit Too Much

Jayne Mansfield was a legendry film actress. During the 1950s and 1960s, she was also a major sex symbol. She was known for pulling off publicity stunts and that’s why the media often called her stunts as “wardrobe malfunctions.” So, she went to a party thrown for Sophia Loren, a legendary Italian actress, and decided to wear an extremely revealing dress. Yes, her dress exposed more of her body parts than anyone else.

It seemed like the stunt was an attempt to try to steal Loren’s thunder. And, as expected, all eyes were on her. “She came right for my table. She knew everyone was watching,” Sophia said. “There may be other photos, but this is the picture. This is the one that shows how it was. This is the only picture.”

5. “I Wish I Had Stayed Home”

It can be sad and even frustrating when your friend spends time with his lovely lady and you’re left all alone. You can’t talk with them while they are kissing each other and you can’t even look at them because it looks weird. It can be a tricky situation to handle. After all, you have to decide what to do next. Unfortunately for this guy, he kept looking at the couple.

As the third wheel, he is jealous of his friend, and we kind of feel sorry for him. Let’s hope he finds the love of his life soon. Just don’t give up because sooner or later you will find your special one.

6. “I’ll Decide What You Can And Cannot See”

Trusting your partner is one thing, but then a moment can come in life in which we can have a little doubt. Remember the famous meme in which a guy who is going with his girlfriend looks at the woman who is passing by? In this picture, the girlfriend didn’t want to take any risk whatsoever, so she did the most sensible thing: she went on and covered her boyfriend’s eyes.

To her, it is the best way to prevent her boyfriend from staring at other girls. The boyfriend seems pretty okay with it and the photo is a little adorable as well.

7. Side-Eyeing Taken To The Next Level

Hey, Julie Bowen had that look on her face only because she couldn’t control it. And we don’t blame her as well because her Modern Family co-star Sofia Vergara has some certain features that are just impossible to ignore.

Bowen herself is super gorgeous, but in this photo (which parodied the famous Jayne Mansfield, Sophia Loren photo from before), she showed us how she really feels about her co-star. By the way, if we were in Bowen’s position, we are 200% sure that we’d be side-eyeing the Latina actress as well.

8. “A Picture Without Me? No Freaking Way”

A girl can compromise on a lot of things, but not when her friends take a photo and exclude her. This is exactly what happened here as well. The girl on the extreme left of the photo is not so happy that her friends are taking a photo without her. But she’s not having any of it.

So, she has been forced to claim her spot. She seems mad and we can only hope that her friends never make this mistake again…like ever!

9. The Love of Your Life Is Sitting Right Beside You

When you are with your wife and she catches you looking at other women, you can know for sure a lot of trouble is coming your way. It is not nice to look at other women when you are with your spouse, let alone gawking at attractive people. And there is no exception even when it comes to celebrities.

You can see the expression of Victoria Beckham in this photo. Anyone can easily tell that she’s not so amused. Her husband, David Beckham (a soccer legend), is staring at the cheerleaders and he hasn’t noticed that Victoria is throwing all kinds of shade at him because of it.

10. Feeling Left Out

Girls love to take selfies, especially in the bathroom. So, these girls were in the middle of taking 1,000,000,000 selfies and then uploading none of it. What they didn’t notice is someone standing outside in the dark hallway of the bathroom.

It seems like they were having a great time, but they didn’t include the girl and that explains why she is creepily staring at them while standing there in the dark. By the way, they could have easily included her in their group selfie.

11. What Is She Thinking?

You feel confident in yourself and yet someone comes along and makes you wish you had a certain feature that they have, right? It is perfectly okay to feel this way. And apparently, Rihanna got a bit jealous of her fellow singer and rapper Nicki Minaj.

We don’t know anything for sure (after all, it is Rihanna), but it looks that way. Let’s just assume RiRi was thinking about what Nicki was wearing.

12. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off It”

Sometimes, we are simply minding our own business when we see something that immediately attracts us. It can be anything from a beautiful bird to the shaped bottom of someone who worked hard to get it. The lady sitting on the seat couldn’t take her eyes off it and we can see that she’s feeling a bit jealous.

Her facial expression says something like, “I wish I had a bottom like this lady.” We are quite sure she hasn’t even seen her face and still she is feeling jealous.

13. The Third Wheel

The unspoken Bro Code is that you don’t interrupt your bro when he is talking to a girl. But it doesn’t mean that you have to feel super happy about it as well. It is exactly what happened here when the guy in the background went to a convention with his friend.

When they were having fun, his friend caught the eye of an attractive cosplay lady. They started an interesting conversation and he had no option but to wait for them to part ways. But it seems like he has realized that is not going to happen soon. His facial expression shows he’s a bit jealous, but what can he do?

14. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Pageants are, without any doubt, a gruesome business. It is because the competition is extremely high and girls have to spend a lot of years (even their entire childhood) to become beauty queens. So when this girl won the competition, she felt over the moon.

But the runner up couldn’t come up with a smile and all she just clapped her hands for the girl. She felt jealous, but we can understand why.

15. Envy That You Can’t Hide

There is no shame in feeling jealous of other people’s looks. You can feel jealous as much as you want, but the problem is that you need to hide it and most of us are not really good at it. The best thing you can do is make peace with yourself and accept who you are.

This is Sarah Harding, a former Girls Aloud band member, who not only looks jealous but a bit depressed as well. As she looked down her dress, there is a visible disappointment on her face. It seems like she compared her dress with her former band member Cheryl Cole, who is as pretty as she is by the way.

16. Oh Leo, You Poor Soul

Fans of Hollywood know very well that Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscars have a long history. Although the actor has given some phenomenal performances over the years, he did not win an Oscar until 2016 when he won the Best Actor Award for his role in The Revenant .

So he lost his Oscar for Best Actor in 2014 for Wolf of Wall Street to Matthew McConaughey and the disappointment on his face was quite clear. So much was his disappointment that his losing face became an internet meme. Luckily, he snagged an Oscar after getting mauled by a bear. That shows how much he wanted the award.

17. Feeling Down, Down, Down

Some girls consider themselves party animals, but it is not the case with all the girls. After all, dressing up for a party in pretty dresses and taking thousands of selfies is not an easy task at all. Even if you don’t agree with us, the girl on the left side in this picture seems to feel the way we do.

It is quite clear that she’s just thinking about going back home rather than party with these girls. But if you look closely, it also seems like she wants to join the girls and is trying to be like them. We will never know what’s going on in her mind. One thing we are sure about is that she’s not thinking about dancing.

18. A Super Helpful Friend

Sometimes, we try so hard to impress the person we like, and everything we do further reduces our chances of winning their heart. When this guy let his friend sit on his shoulders, he had no idea what would happen next. It seems like he is regretting his decision, but what can he do now?

Even if he is the third wheel, doing something like this can make anyone feel miserable. We feel sorry for you man and we really hope you find someone special.

19. “Sir, Please Don’t Look Behind”

When Barack Obama served as the 44th president of the United States, he had to deal with a lot of things. Take this photo as an example. He doesn’t know that his wife is clearly not happy with him as he is laughing and having a good conversation while she is feeling left out. His security team will be like, “Sir, we recommend that you not look behind no matter what happens.”

By the way, Michelle Obama has always been a super supportive wife and a great strong woman. What do you think Obama had to say when she asked him about the conversation later on?

20. No Motivation

Some people try so hard to keep themselves in shape, but they don’t have the energy or even the motivation to do it. After all, stepping outside of your comfort zone to lose weight can be challenging. It seems like the lady on the cycle is trying to lose weight, but she suddenly came across a person who is in the best shape of their life.

So, it is no surprise that she feels a bit jealous. It is no big deal because most of us will feel the same if we come across someone who is super fit.

21. All The Love Belongs Only To Me

One thing we all can agree upon is that babies crave a lot of attention and love. And they can get jealous if their love is shared. It is exactly what is happening in this photo.

The baby can’t stand the sight of his parents loving each other. The baby is pouting and clearly showing that he doesn’t approve it at all. This is cuteness overloaded.

22. Just One Bite

Just imagine that you’re sitting at a restaurant and ordered the salad because you’re on a strict diet and the waiters walk by you while holding a plate of dessert. What would you do? You have no control over what others eat, so all you can do is just look at them hopelessly.

The expressions on this girl’s face tell us that she is wondering, “if only I could get one bite of this delicious dessert. Just one bite!” Who knows maybe she ordered a dessert for herself as well.

23. “Why Them And Not Me?”

Aww, the poor kid is shocked and somewhat frustrated because he is thinking why the girls can sit there and enjoy their yummy ice cream while he has to stay outside. As adults, we can buy things that we like. But as kids, we have to depend a lot on our parents.

Hey kid, we feel your pain and we just want you to know that the world can be pretty unfair from time to time. So, just hang in there. The more you look at the girls, the more it will hurt. Don’t overthink and just look the other way.

24. That’s Not Fair

Fishing enthusiasts can tell you how much satisfying it can be if you catch a fish and how frustrating it can be if you let the fish back in the water. It can be more frustrating if you sit for hours and only get hold of a small fish like the guy on the right. He has every right to feel jealous of his fishing partner, who caught a big fish.

So when the guy on the left caught a big fish and wanted to have his photo taken while holding it, the guy on the right had to feel jealous because he only managed to catch a tiny fish. He can’t even fill his belly with such a tiny fish. Hey man, better luck next time!

25. When You Realize You Made a Wrong Decision

The look on this cute little boy clearly shows that he is regretting his decision. He knows that he made the wrong choice and now he can’t do much about it…or maybe he can cry to get a new bigger one.

Kids tend to get greedy. Now, he is thinking why he asked his parents for a Popsicle when he could have easily asked for ice cream instead. The girl next to him seems to be enjoying her ice cream so much and that is only adding salt to his wounds.

26. That’s Fairly Obvious

Some people can be super competitive because no one likes to lose. After all, losing gives you terrible feeling and it can become difficult to accept it because you work so hard to be on the winning side. It becomes more terrible if you’re a tennis player and winning can have a huge impact on your career. That explains the expression on the face of Andy Murray.

The expression on his face tells a lot as he is looking at Novak Djokovic and his big trophy. The photo was taken back in the 2016 Australian Open final in which Murray lost to Djokovic. By the way, the picture speaks for itself.

27. Come Under My Umbrella

This photo doesn’t show the woman’s face, but we can get an idea of how jealous she is. To be honest, we do feel sorry for the lady. After all, it is never pleasant to watch a couple enjoying their meal while you’re sitting all alone.

It is also raining and there is no one to sit with her. All we can do is wish that she finds an umbrella partner as soon as possible.

28. Hug Me, And Only Me

We showed you how babies could get jealous if they are not getting complete attention from their parents. So, here is a doggo that is just like a baby as well. The doggo is not happy because his parents are hugging each other and not him.

The doggo is small and yet he is making all the effort in hopes of getting their attention. We just blame the parents because the doggo is rightfully asking for undivided attention and love.

29. Here It Goes

Any middle child out there can confirm that they often felt like they didn’t get a lot of attention while growing up. And for any kid, sometimes it is not easy when another baby joins the family.

After all, everyone is so happy about the newly born baby that they give the baby all the attention. So, this is where most parents tend to neglect their older children.

30. I Wonder What It Tastes Like

Kids have fun life as they get to eat a lot of stuff, but there are things that they can’t eat because they are too young. For instance, a kid can’t eat burgers as they need teeth to be able to bite and chew the food. The toddler doesn’t care about the teeth part and just wants a burger like his sister.

As he is jealously staring at his sister, she is biting into a yummy burger. And while she is enjoying her food, the toddler is left with nothing but just same old baby food.

31. Now That’s A Major Shade

When The Leftovers actor Justin Theroux and popular sitcom Friends actor Jennifer Aniston were still together, tabloids were writing a lot of stories about the two. And many of those stories seemed to insist on labeling the beautiful actress as the poor woman who just couldn’t catch a break.

This labeling was wrong on so many accounts. However, we have to admit that we can see in this picture that Jennifer is throwing major side-eye shade at Justin’s way. Perhaps she is pissed for not getting much of his attention.

32. The Terminator In A Parallel Universe

Although we could make a lot of jokes on this kid, we can’t and you know why. Well, it is because no one can live up to the living legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. His role model is someone who is regarded as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

We just feel that this guy is not feeling jealous of the Austrian legend. He may be able to achieve the look if he spends his entire life in the gym and consumes only protein. We wish you the best of luck.

33. Oh Boy!

We all know about how Kayne West single-handedly stole the limelight of Taylor Swift when she won at the MTV Video Music Awards. Since then, there is a head-spinning feud going on between the two of them.

If you don’t know much about it, all you need to know is that the spat between them refueled when Kayne used a mockup of Swift’s image in his music video of Famous, which also comprises explicit lyrics about her. By the way, there are rumors that Kim Kardashian is jealous of Taylor Swift and looking at this picture makes us wonder if there is any truth in it.

34. “Am I Not A Good Boy?”

As it is the case with most animals, dogs are territorial by nature. They can get super jealous of other dogs and it is quite understandable as well. Here, the owner is giving attention to a stuffed doggo and the real doggo can’t handle the pain of betrayal.

The doggo is like, “how can you love a lifeless thing when I am just in front of you.” The doggo has tasted betrayal for the first time in his life and it broke the doggo’s heart. As dogs are known for their unconditional love, we are sure this doggo will start loving his hooman parent as soon as they throw away the stuffed animal.

35. The Beautiful Ring

When actors Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde first got engaged in 2013, it was exciting news for their fans as they couldn’t get enough of the adorable couple. And the same was the excitement of Christopher McDonald and Tom Hanks as well.

They were on a basketball game when they ran into the newly engaged couple. McDonald couldn’t help but admire the ring of Olivia. And while he was inspecting the ring, a girl behind the actors tried her best to hide her envy while checking the two-carat diamond ring…but failed.

36. Jealous Middle Child

This kid has every right to feel jealous. Welcoming a new sister or brother into the family is not easy when you’re a child. After all, you’d have to say goodbye to a lot of attention and love from your parents and other relatives.

The eldest child is holding his baby brother or sister without any worry because he had already experienced the feeling before when his younger brother was born and now he is pretty much okay with it. The younger brother is not taking it well because he has realized that he’s not the youngest kid anymore. We feel sorry for you, kiddo. This is how it goes.

37. Expressing Anger More Openly

In the previous image, we showed you how the middle child was controlling his anger and frustration. But this little monster is not happy that she’s no longer the youngest child. And she’s more expressive about it as well. There is anger and a little bit of hate in her eyes, but there is no need to worry.

We are quite sure that it won’t turn into some sister rivalry. By the way, the eldest child’s smile clearly says, “don’t worry, you just get over it pretty quickly.”

38. Not A Fan of Sharing

This dog is mad and that’s what makes this photo so adorable. It is so hilarious and cute that the doggo actually became a meme. All the couple wanted was to take a selfie, but the doggo wasn’t having any of it. The doggo is still mad for not spending time with his male buddy + parent.

He is having a hard time getting over the fact that his owner has a girlfriend. The doggo clearly looks irritated and we just hope that he gets to spend some quality man-dog time as soon as possible.

39. Guide 101 On How Not To Hide Your Jealous Face

There’s no denying that Amber Rose is a stunning model who looks super amazing in everything she wears. As always, Amber looks super-hot in that red dress as well and we can bet that it turned every head in the street her way.

So, we won’t blame the lady in the back for being jealous of the model. The woman in the back has no idea at all that her envious look has been captured on camera.

40. “Doggo, You Are Dead Meat”

Pet owners can tell you how difficult it is to equally split time and attention when you have two or more pets. And it can become more complicated when one of them is a cat. It is because cats are not like dogs. They want all your love and attention and sometimes they don’t want any of it. They want you to rub their belly and all of a sudden they want you to stop. Cats are mysterious and that’s what we love about them.

As the hooman is petting the doggo (who is so cute), the cat doesn’t seem much happy about it. We just hope the cat is not making a plan in its head on how to get rid of the doggo.

41. Zero Harmony

During The X Factor in 2012, Fifth Harmony became a popular girl band. The American girl group has been striving for a long time to send out a message of sisterhood and girl power.

But the fans of the band know very well that there was quite a bit of drama between the band members, specifically involving the now-retired band member Camila Cabello who left the group in December 2016. In this photo, you can see Camila rolling her eyes at Lauren Jauregui. So, there was some jealously that became quite obvious in this picture.

42. A Jealous Seal

We have seen a lot of photos and videos of dogs and cats being jealous for numerous reasons, but it is quite rare to see an envious seal. In this incredibly cute photo, we can see a seal enviously watching another seal getting all the love and grabbing a lot of attention.

We don’t know if this seal tried to steal the limelight or not, but we do know for sure that it is hungry for some love and attention.

43. Taking No Chances

Some people want to take no chance when they are in a relationship. They often fear that others may look at their partner and even try to steal them. So, this girl came up with a unique solution to make sure other girls simply stay away from her boyfriend.

She didn’t tag him in the photo. Instead, she tagged “haha you wish sweetie keep scrolling” to give a clear message to all girls that they need to keep their eyes off him. We don’t know if it worked or not because most of us tend to get more interested in doing something if we are told not to do it.

44. A Territorial Girlfriend

You have seen animals as territorial, but did you know that humans can be extremely territorial as well? Of course, you knew. It is in a human’s nature to get territorial and that pretty much explains the behavior of this girlfriend who can’t take any risk whatsoever.

She made her boyfriend wear a t-shirt with her face printed all over it. Well, it seems like the girlfriend is a bit on the crazy side. What are your thoughts on this one?

45. Award Thief?

During the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, actress Aubrey Plaza stormed stage just to take Will Ferrell’s well-deserved Comedic Genius award. She had a drink in hand and the title of an upcoming movie written on her chest.

It was shocking for everyone, including the comedian himself because it was never a rehearsed sketch at all. In fact, actress Aubrey was intoxicated and was then kicked out after she returned to her seat. She was so drunk that she dropped the drink on the carpet while returning to her seat. Although Will tried to spin it as a rehearsed sketch, it is quite hard to believe.

46. Don’t Waste Any Time Man

Crowds love marriage proposals during baseball or basketball games. They approve proposals with clapping and combined “aww.” After all, almost everyone loves when someone professes their love to their partner on a huge screen in front of so many people.

So when the guy proposed to his girlfriend, she accepted it and the crowd started cheering. Well, it is not entirely the case because you can see the woman whose face is circled. It seems like she is asking her boyfriend why he didn’t do the same.

47. The Bachelor

In the popular reality show The Bachelor, almost 30 contestants compete to win the heart of a bachelor. As expected, it never goes smoothly.

And in these types of shows, there are tons of jealous faces, side-eyes, and even fights. This picture shows how the girls are about to jump on each other just to get their hands on the bachelor Chris Soules.

48. Sibling Jealousy

As a child, the affection and love of your parents mean the world to you. After all, you get whatever you want and there are lots of hugs and kisses for you. As grown-ups tend to be a bit hesitant in showing their love towards others in public, it is completely opposite when it comes to children.

So, this kid is jealous because his sibling is getting more love and attention than he is. You know that he really wants the love and all he can do is wait for his turn.

49. How To Get Away With A Murder: Cat Edition

The old cat in the house was the queen and everything was going perfectly for her until the owners brought a puppy. Now, the cat is grumpy and always stalking the doggo. It seems like the cat is planning a way to get rid of the doggo.

Although the adorable sheepdog has no idea what is coming for him, he better needs to be prepared because cats can be extremely territorial.