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We Can’t Unsee These Internet Images After Only One Look

MonicaJune 15, 2022

10) ​​Kevin Is A Seal

As we’ve mentioned earlier, animals oftentimes resemble humans. It’s common and even expected since we’re closely related to animals. You may not have thought about Kevin from ‘The Office’ resembling a seal until this Internet user pointed it out. As one of the most beloved characters on ‘The Office,’ and we may love him even more now that we noticed he looks like a seal (via Constative).


9) Australia And Scooby-Doo

As mentioned earlier, Australia looks half like a dog’s head and half like a cat’s head. But upon closer inspection, it turns out it also looks like Scooby-Doo. Australia surprises us yet again. Because Australia is home to more venomous animals than humans, it makes sense that it’s also shaped like Scooby-Doo, one of the most popular cartoon characters in the world. He’s always solving mysteries, but there’s just something about him we can’t figure out. Maybe Scooby-Doo and Australia are in on something (via Constative).


8) Fred’s Outfit

Is Scooby’s friend Fred picky about matching colors, or is he just wearing a full-body denim jumpsuit? It’s truly one of the great questions in life. Once his white shirt is removed in the photo above, we can’t unsee it. Maybe he’s a secret fashionista and has a side job in the fashion world. As the leader of Mystery Inc., he has to look good all the time, right? To be honest, he pulls it off. He also hides it very well with his iconic white shirt. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the world’s most hated pieces of clothing, but because he makes it look good, he’s doing it justice. Whoever exposed Fred, though, showed him in a light we’re not sure we wanted to see (via Constative).


7) Scary Face

Anime loves its outlandish characters and story plots, surrealism, and magical appeal. They create fascinating, unrealistic worlds with characters that have various superpowers. Despite all of this, the anatomies of the characters seem a bit strange. Something doesn’t add up. Their eyes are too big and too close to their mouths. Their eyes take up half their face. If you look at this picture closely, you’ll see the shape of an Anime character’s skull. They resemble monsters or creepy aliens more than humans (via Constative).


6) Patrick In Venice, Italy

Patrick from “SpongeBob Squarepants” seems to make an appearance all over the place. First, he was in a Michael Jackson poster, and now we see his shape in Venice, Italy, in the photo above. Maybe Patrick secretly rules the world and is taking it over in sly and mysterious ways. He keeps popping up in the most unexpected places, so it only makes sense. We’d support a world ruled by Patrick Star. Venice is already on its way to praising him. The rest of the world isn’t far behind (via Constative).


5) Steal Your Man Huh

We’ve seen plenty of doppelgängers on this list. It’s crazy once you start noticing the doppelgängers. Maybe it’s more common than not. Regardless, we allegedly all have a doppelgänger somewhere in this world that we don’t even know exists. Movie star Nicolas Cage certainly does. This Internet user pointed out the uncanny resemblance between this woman and Nicholas Cage, and now we can’t unsee it. It’s a nod to when Cage stole the Declaration of Independence in his hit movie “National Treasure” (via Constative).


4) Jaime Lannister and Prince Charming

We’ve seen resemblances between animals and actors, and now we’re seeing resemblances between animated characters and actors. Jamie Lannister from ‘Games of Thrones’ looks exactly like Prince Charming from ‘Shrek 2.’ Even though they have completely different plots, this resemblance cannot be ignored. Regardless, everyone loves a good-looking prince, since there’s just something so romantic and attractive about them, so both the TV show and movie did a good job (via Constative).


3) Syrup?

Vermont has a unique shape, so making a promotional campaign using the shape of Vermont can be tricky. Unfortunately, this business was unsuccessful in complete this task in an unfortunate way. Instead of promoting their local maple syrup, which the sign clearly says, it looks like a man relieving himself in a garbage bin. Maybe the company did it on purpose and wanted to attract a lot of attention. But it’s something we can’t unsee. We’re not exactly sure we’d want to try their maple syrup (via Constative).


2) Cat’s Paws

Cats are cute, but they’re also sassy and vicious. It’s always a good idea to keep your wits about you when you’re around a cat since it always seems they have an ulterior motive. Regardless, it doesn’t take away from their cuteness, especially since their paws look like tiny teddy bears. Whoever decided to draw this face on their paw is a genius. It’s something we can’t unsee and we’re not mad about it (via Constative).


1) Car Face

Once you notice a face in an inanimate object, it’s nearly impossible to unsee. It seems like the car manufacturer wanted this car to look excited, which is what the car’s facial expression says. The headlamps look like giant eyes, and the parking lights resemble teeth. At this angle it looks happy, almost like a toddler getting ice cream, the opposite of a sports car. This isn’t what you’d expect to see on a sports car, either, considering most of them are driven by tough-looking guys (via Constative).