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Over 40 Everyday Objects With Hidden Features You Didn’t Know

HizkiailJune 10, 2021

They are in fact rivets in the form of buttons that are placed in strategic places to prevent the jeans from tearing or wearing out. It was the idea of ​​the legendary Levi Strauss and he owns the patent for rivets.


This is so that children can hold them more easily without dropping them.


It is intended to hold tampons or other small items. How many of you already knew that?

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Well, it allows the water that would enter the padlock to flow easily. It is also used to oil the padlock so that it does not get stuck.


It became popular in the 60s, especially among students, to avoid wrinkles in shirts. Now the buckle is no longer there as a mark of quality and elegance.


Small dimples on golf balls appeared after some golfers realized that damaged balls with nicks and bumps flew farther than others.

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In fact, it’s a microphone. There are three microphones on most smartphones. One under the speaker, one under the phone and one next to the camera.


This is very useful when you have a rental car and you want to know which side is filling the tank. Nothing is more annoying than realizing that you parked on the wrong side at the pump.


You can easily turn them over and use them to wrap the cord around the power supply.


In fact artists work on thicker paper, so they need an eraser with more sensitive friction.

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The purpose of the square patch is to carry extra gear on your backpack. You can easily carry ropes and cords by pulling them through the tab.


In fact brass is more resistant than other materials to bacteria and germs, and since many people use it, it is a big plus. It is therefore a good investment.

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The take-out boxes are designed to turn into plates. It is just worth pulling gently on the edges.


This is because the zigzag side helps catch a large tuft of hair and prevents the hairpin from sliding out of the scalp.

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Without giving you a science lesson, it helps keep carbon dioxide in the bottle. Without it, no bubbles in your glass.

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This hole is called a breather hole because when an aircraft climbs there is a drop in air pressure and the breather hole helps the cabin maintain a safe and comfortable pressure level. With the breather hole, the aircraft can cope with the pressure difference.


Since the coins were made of precious metal, people planed the corners to melt them. That’s why we decided to make ridges so that no one touches them.


This is to help users find the keys instinctively without looking at the keys. Try. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but it makes using the keyboard easier in the long run.


All you have to do is turn the bottle around a 45 degree angle and press the “57” logo. The sauce will come out easily. You can thank us later.


To solve this problem, there is a loop that frames a part of the cart that unfolds, but not many people know that. This part is intended for fragile items such as bread and eggs.


However, this is not the case. This extra piece of fabric is there for you to realize the quality of the garment after washing. To check it does not lose its color for example.

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Well, this is to prevent any electromagnetic interference. For example, there is electromagnetic interference when your mobile phone gets too close to a speaker and you start hearing strange noises during your call.


With margins on the paper, the rats only ate the edges of the paper. Of course, this doesn’t happen anymore, but the margins still help protect the paper from wear.

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You may have noticed this big hole at the top of the tongue. Do you know what it is for? Well, not many people know that it is actually a little straw holder.

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You will notice that there are three bumps in the plastic lid and the bottom of your mug can easily fit over the ridge. It can help prevent spills when you’re sitting down and drinking a hot drink.


Do this next time because it is not only quick but it also avoids crying while peeling them.


These blocks are actually visible marks that help machines on the assembly line know when and where to cut toothpaste, and then fold it for packaging.

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As people have to pay an insane amount of money for HDTV channels, there is new technology against this system, “HDTV antennas”, which broadcast HDTV from major channels such as NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, and many more. ‘other.


Well, he’s here to save the life of the idiot who accidentally swallows it. Some children and even adults have a bad habit of putting pen caps in their mouths and the hole is there for air to flow without major complications.


Not many people know that the hole in the spoon is there to help people determine the amount of spaghetti for a person. We bet few of you knew that.


You can use the hole to hang the pan of course, but this is not its main use. The hole is there to easily hold a utensil. So, try it the next time you cook something.


Well, it is there to prevent electromagnetic fields from being harmful to people or animals around it.


If you have military style shoes, you have certainly seen buckles at the top and back of the boots. Well, they are there to help you pull the shoe up when you are wearing it or trying to put it on. You can also hang your boots with it and also give the laces more support.

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It is time to take them out again because they are used to reach particular spaces, often difficult to access.


If you look closely, you will see that the hook that holds the tray vertically can also be used as a coat hook.


Well you never have to go through that again, because there are little tabs on the side of each box that you can push. The tabs help hold the roll in place when you pull it out.


We wonder how we can dip the burger in the sauce. Well, we’ve misused it from the start. The small container unfolds easily enough to give it the shape of a small plate.


Also, doing it with your fingers can cause allergies or other skin problems, as the fingers can contain bacteria. So next time it is better to use a foundation sponge or brush.


In summary, you just have to make sure that the famous “pop” is heard every time you take out the brush and if it doesn’t come, that means it’s time to buy a new one.


Dip whole Oreo with a fork. Just stick the fork in the creamy white part and it’s good.

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The headphones are supposed to be above the ear, with the round part facing the floor. It also prevents the headphones from slipping.


The best way to do this is to add the liquids first, then the solids. The whirlpool will help to mix the solids more easily and efficiently.


The best way to do this is to cut it on both sides and then cut the middle part in half. This will save you time and your fingers will stay drier.

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Just place your clothes in tissue paper and wrap them up. You will see that there will be a lot less folds like this.


The best way to counter this irritating problem is to leave a hole in the middle of the plate before heating your meal. The microwave will heat food more evenly.

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The best way to do this is to make a loop with the thread. That way no more wounds on your gums or even your fingers.