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Real Wedding Horror Stories That Will Make You Stay Single Forever

Monica June 6, 2022

4. Blind As A Bat

There’s nothing worse than accidentally putting ear wax remover in your eyes on your wedding day. This is exactly what happened to this husband. He mistakenly thought it was a contact lens solution. It irritated his eyes, and he couldn’t see properly. Even though he got married blindly, he said his bride was “a pretty, white blurry thing coming down the aisle.” This is one of those wedding horror stories that happen rarely, but when they do happen, can end up horribly. At least he managed to still see his bride, albeit unclearly (via julnilsmith).


3. Freaky Mother

It’s frustrating when you need to wait for guests to arrive at your wedding, and it’s downright rude to show up late to a wedding. This Twitter user experienced late guests at their wedding, so the wedding started late. Her mother freaked out and took it personally, screamed at her, and caused the bride to cry. Unfortunately, this ruined her makeup and ended up in one of the worst wedding horror stories we’ve heard of (via DrJenGunter).


2. Titanic

Imagine trying to take the perfect wedding photo, only to end up in a disaster? This couple shared one of their wedding horror stories when they tried to take a photo in a rowboat. The rowboat filled with water, and they both fell into the cold lake. The water ruined their clothes, and the cold temperatures made them freeze (via Kueez)


1. Subpoena

This is one of the most surprising horror stories we’ve heard of. Wedding days are usually full of love, light, and laughter. Unfortunately, for this father, his ex-wife served him with a subpoena on his daughter’s wedding day. We can all agree that it didn’t turn out very well. We’re wondering why the wife couldn’t wait until after the wedding, since it probably ruined everyone’s day (via B*tchisback2020).