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Real Wedding Horror Stories That Will Make You Stay Single Forever

MonicaJune 6, 2022

28. Proposal

It’s quite rude when someone steals the spotlight at a wedding. Unfortunately, it does happen, but you just hope it doesn’t happen to you. A friend of the groom brought their new girlfriend, a stripper, to the wedding. She proposed to him on the dance floor and completely stole the show. What’s worse is that they broke up a few weeks later, so it was all for nothing (via Jen_Murray70).  


27. Falling Cake

Couples spend hundreds of dollars on their wedding cake, and sometimes more. They require a lot of time, energy, and skill from the bakers. It’s an investment that’s worth the effort when the cake is extraordinary. Unfortunately, this couple experienced one of the worst horror stories out there, when their cake fell to the ground just as they were about to cut it. If that happened to us, we’d probably still try to save the bits that didn’t touch the floor (via Kueez). 


26. Drunk Groom

You get a free pass to celebrate on your wedding day, but some people take it way too far. This Twitter user shared a wedding horror story about a groom who took his drinking a bit too far and ended up getting wasted. As a result, his friends dragged him into the back seat of his car, and then onto a luggage cart to get him to his hotel room. Better yet, the father of the bride took photos of his head in the toilet to use as blackmail. That’s clever. Kudos to that father (via Twitter).  


25. On The Floor

The domino effect is real. This Twitter user shared one of the most hilarious horror stories on this list. They said, “my husband’s grandmother tripped while getting pictures and we tried to catch her. Instead, we all ended up on the floor.” At least it was all of them, which makes it less embarrassing. It’s something to bond over several years afterward (via mmklintworth).  


24. Bride Fall

It’s romantic when a man cares for his woman. It goes without saying that at a wedding, the groom should watch after his bride, no matter what, even if it ends up being one of those horror stories people talk about for a long time. At this wedding, the bride and groom was asked to leave the church to get photos of them walking.

Then, “the bride tripped over her dress and started to fall face forward. Luckily her new husband quickly reacted and grabbed her, but it sent him spinning into the crowd. He ended up ripping his pants in the fiasco, but the bride’s dress was left untouched.” Honestly, it’s better that the groom’s pants ripped and not the bride’s dress (via Kueez).  


23. The Bouquet

Catching the bouquet gives a lot of us single people hope. We take it as a sign from the universe that we’re close to meeting the love of our life. This Twitter user took it a bit too far when she had to fight a 10-year-old for the bouquet. As the Maid of Honor, she assumed she had first dibs, and rightfully so. In the end, she let the 10-year-old have it anyway. Luckily, her mom made her give it back to her. Let’s hope she met the love of her life afterward (via awise1214).  


22. Mourning

Grief isn’t something to take lightly. When someone is grieving, they deserve the time and respect they need to process what they’re feeling. This Twitter user shares one of their horror stories when a man decided to grieve at their wedding. There’s not much you can do about it, except to allow the person to mourn. Their wedding happened to be on the day Pope John Paul II died, which is just bad timing (via MusicAdamT).  

Watch dramatic moment out-of-control horse ruins dream wedding picture by throwing bride to the ground - World News - Mirror Online
The Mirror

21. Horse Ruins The Day

Another internet user shares one of their horror stories about an out-of-control horse ruining their wedding day. At a horse-themed wedding in Myrtle Beach, California, a bride named Laura Mahaffey decided she wanted to have a photo of her taken atop a horse on her big day. Photographer Jarrett Hucks said it was one of the craziest things he had seen at wedding, simply stating, “My client decided that since you only live once, she wanted to take a photo on top of a horse.” Now that’s a horse of a different color (via The Mirror).


20. Party Boat

Mishaps on your wedding day are dispiriting, especially when they’re not preventable. This Twitter user shared one of the worst wedding horror stories on this list. They said, “we were going to get married on a party boat on the Colorado River. No one told us the river was being dredged and the boat was out of commission. We had the ceremony on the riverbank among the trashcans and picnic tables, with the boat stuck in the river behind us.” That sounds horrible. Hopefully, they still enjoyed the wedding and were able to make light of the situation. If the photographer is skilled enough, he could have made the background look way better than it was (via LindaSilvis).  


19. Not Leaving Him

Walking down the aisle can feel overwhelming. All those people watching you as you walk towards your inevitable fate, before saying those words, “I do.” This bride shared one of the most relatable horror stories on the list. She had a panic attack walking down the aisle and left her husband when she freaked out. Afterward, she came back and said, “I’m not leaving him, it’s not like that.” We’re sure the husband understood, weddings are incredibly stressful (via _stephhunt).  


18. Drunk Writing

Weddings are full of drunk guests. The reception and celebration is the best part of getting married. The stressful part is over, and everyone’s relaxed. This Twitter user shares one of the most hilarious horror stories on this list, when they were so drunk, that they couldn’t write coherently. Apparently, they tried to write, “couldn’t love you two more.” But because they waited until the end of their best friend’s reception to write in the guestbook, they were too drunk to make any sense. Waiting until the end of a wedding to write in a guestbook is just a bad idea (via Kost219).


17. Girl On Fire

There’s nothing better than making fun of a horrible situation. This Twitter user shares one of the most shocking wedding horror stories that could’ve turned out a lot worse than it did. They said, “my now sister-in-law backed up into a candle and her wedding dress train went up in flames. They put out the fire and she thankfully took it like a trooper, until the DJ started playing Girl on Fire.” Even though the bride probably wasn’t happy with the DJ, we can give him some credit for trying to turn the mood around. Still, having the train of your wedding dress go up in flames sounds downright horrible (via themeilingwon). 


16. Last Name

Mistakes happen, and weddings are no exception. Apparently, at this wedding, the priest mistakenly called the husband and wife by the wife’s last name. It turns out she just so happened to joke about making her husband go by her last name with her father-in-law before the wedding. He probably wasn’t too happy to hear that announcement, even though it wasn’t true (via SarahxBTS7). 


15. Dinosaur Bride 

This is one of the cutest wedding horror stories we’ve ever heard of. It sounds like this couple has such a strong foundation that they can joke with each other even on the most stressful day of their lives. The first moment the bride and groom see each other is their “first look” wedding tradition. Instead, the bride decided to play a joke on her husband. She wore an inflatable dinosaur outfit, so when her husband turned around, he saw a giant dinosaur instead of his beautiful bride. Loads of laughter and amazing photographs followed. This is a memory that the husband and wife will share for the rest of their lives, and is more memorable than going along with the tradition (via Kueez).  


14. Hiding On The Dance Floor

This Twitter user shared one of their horror stories about blacking out at their brother’s wedding. They said, “a year ago I was a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding. All was going well until I got too drunk at their afterparty. I don’t remember much from that night, but the photographer captured what appears to be me trying to hide from my relatives on the dance floor.” Photos never lie (via kvtie_h). 


13. How Romantic

This is one of the least romantic things we’ve ever seen at a wedding. It’s one of those horror stories you just have to roll your eyes at. The sign says, “Drug Testing and Weddings,” thanks to the Oklahoma County Courthouse. What a wonderful wedding memory they gave this couple. We’re not sure we’d be happy if this happened at our wedding. It’s certainly not a combination you’d ever expect to see (via TWrecksLife). 


12. Mr. And Mrs. Onit

Sometimes, people take things too literally. When you ask an employee to write “Mr. and Mrs. on it,” referring to a balloon, you’d assume they’d write “Mr. and Mrs.” This employee apparently misunderstood what the bride meant and contributed to one of the most hilarious wedding horror stories we’ve ever seen. They got balloons that said, “Mr. & Mrs. Onit.” This employee must’ve assumed their last name was Onit. Surely, someone out there exists with the last name Onit, but it, unfortunately, wasn’t this couple (via Hollylane86). 


11. Bad Photoshop

We’ve all seen bad photoshop. Luckily, it provides entertainment, especially when it doesn’t happen to us. Unfortunately, for this couple, their photographer contributed to one of their wedding horror stories by horrendously photoshopping Jesus floating in the air onto their wedding photo. Let’s hope they still have the original version without the photoshopped Jesus (via annie_howington).  


10. Sword Fight

At this wedding, the groom invited a bunch of his old friends from the marines, who showed up with their swords. After everyone indulged in the open bar, it resulted in a sword fight on the dance floor. They admit it was an amazing experience, and we’d think it would be, too. However, we’d love to watch this, from a safe distance away from the swords, because it sounds like a mishap waiting to happen (via IronMermaiden). 


9. No Need For The Bathroom

Many brides choose to wear sexy undergarments on their wedding day to feel desirable for their husband-to-be. This bride had something else in mind. Because her dress required so much effort to take off to use the restroom, she decided to wear an adult diaper underneath her dress. This is one of those horror stories where you hope nothing goes wrong. At least she was able to savor every moment of the day since she wasn’t wasting any time going to the toilet. She can do it safely, at any time during the day (via Kueez). 


8. 10 Bridesmaids

No one wants to sit around and listen to the introductions of bridesmaids, especially when the best part of a wedding is the celebration afterward. That’s what most guests look forward to. This Twitter user shares their experience attending a wedding with ten bridesmaids, where the introductions took one hour. They closed the bar for two hours during the introductions, so they weren’t able to get any alcohol. Because it took so long, they went from tipsy to hungover (via kmskoloff). 


7. Sleeping Priest

Priests work hard, and the older they are, the more difficult it is for them to stay attentive. One of these horror stories involved a priest falling asleep at their wedding. Then, they called the wife by the wrong name during their vows. Priests are trying their hardest, which is why it’s so forgivable. Hopefully, everyone was able to laugh at the situation and move on (via raymalaspina). 


6. No Groom

We can’t control Mother Nature, which is why all we can do is hope it’s beautiful weather on our wedding day. Apparently, at a friend’s wedding reception, it was extremely windy, which is unfortunate for this couple. The groom got blown off the wedding cake, making it look like he was purposefully running away. Let’s hope it wasn’t predicting future events (via deborahkim55). 


5. Drunk In The Bathroom

Once people start taking shots, there’s no stopping them, especially at a wedding, when everyone is in the party mood. Horror stories that begin with alcohol usually end up badly. This husband, who isn’t a drinker, decided to take vodka shots with the guests. He ended up getting so drunk at the reception, that he had to be carried up to the hotel room on a luggage cart. Let’s hope his hangover wasn’t too bad the following day (via HannahSavenok).


4. Blind As A Bat

There’s nothing worse than accidentally putting ear wax remover in your eyes on your wedding day. This is exactly what happened to this husband. He mistakenly thought it was a contact lens solution. It irritated his eyes, and he couldn’t see properly. Even though he got married blindly, he said his bride was “a pretty, white blurry thing coming down the aisle.” This is one of those wedding horror stories that happen rarely, but when they do happen, can end up horribly. At least he managed to still see his bride, albeit unclearly (via julnilsmith).  


3. Freaky Mother

It’s frustrating when you need to wait for guests to arrive at your wedding, and it’s downright rude to show up late to a wedding. This Twitter user experienced late guests at their wedding, so the wedding started late. Her mother freaked out and took it personally, screamed at her, and caused the bride to cry. Unfortunately, this ruined her makeup and ended up in one of the worst wedding horror stories we’ve heard of (via DrJenGunter). 


2. Titanic

Imagine trying to take the perfect wedding photo, only to end up in a disaster? This couple shared one of their wedding horror stories when they tried to take a photo in a rowboat. The rowboat filled with water, and they both fell into the cold lake. The water ruined their clothes, and the cold temperatures made them freeze (via Kueez


1. Subpoena

This is one of the most surprising horror stories we’ve heard of. Wedding days are usually full of love, light, and laughter. Unfortunately, for this father, his ex-wife served him with a subpoena on his daughter’s wedding day. We can all agree that it didn’t turn out very well. We’re wondering why the wife couldn’t wait until after the wedding, since it probably ruined everyone’s day (via B*tchisback2020).