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People Share Pets With Rare Genetic Mutations That Will Shock Animal Lovers

Monica July 25, 2022

Sly Look

If this dog could talk, he’d say, “who, me?” He looks both shy and sly at the same time. Even with his vitiligo, he looks like a cute dog with a lot of quirky character. As we’ve said before, rare pets with unique fur gives them that extra trait that many other pets don’t have since it makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. His paw sticking out must be the cutest part of his body, since it looks like he’s wearing a permanent boot on his foot (via Defused).


Masquerade Mask

This dog’s vitiligo makes him look like he’s constantly wearing a masquerade mask. In a way, he’s always dressed for a masquerade party. He’ll never have to dig around in his closet for the perfect costume since he’s always wearing it. He also has a permanent disguise and just about looks like he can get away with anything. He might even manage to get away with stealing treats out of the box when no one is looking. That would be great if humans always had a secret disguise on them, just like this dog (via Defused).


Greenfinch With A Hairdo

This greenfinch has better hair than most people in the world. First, he has great bangs that look like they’ve been taken straight out of the 1980s. Secondly, it looks like his feathers were combed so they’re silky and smooth. He looks like he’s about to walk down a big runway and do a fashion show for all his bird friends to see. This is one of those rare pets that makes you question just how they manage to look like that. There has to be something we’re all missing (via Brightside).