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People Share Pets With Rare Genetic Mutations That Will Shock Animal Lovers

MonicaJuly 25, 2022

White-Eyed Rowdy

People with vitiligo inspire each other, so why can’t animals inspire, too? This dog, with white circles around its eyes, is an inspiration to people and animals with vitiligo. He’s very beautiful, and with 100k followers, other animal lovers around the world must agree. He looks like he’s always wearing a mask and ready for a mission. He’s one of those rare pets that would be so much fun to have around. According to Instagram, this dog’s mission is to always inspire and empower individuals with vitiligo and other external uniqueness. This dog also wants to help others to become more comfortable in their skin. That’s such an inspirational message that can be adopted by all of us (via Instagram).


Dwarf Kitten

This kitten has the cutest head we’ve ever seen. It’s too big for her body but makes her extremely cute. She has dwarfism, and animal lovers around the world love seeing photos of her. She’s smaller than her siblings. This Reddit user said, “I foster with my local shelter and received a litter with one kitten who has dwarfism. She’s half the size of her littermates! Highly criminal. Just dastardly.” Her cuteness should be illegal since she’s a dangerous distraction to everyone on the internet! (via Reddit)


Pointy Cat Teeth

We love seeing pictures of animals with cute teeth sticking out. This famous Facebook cat has a dedicated fanbase, solely because of his three pointy teeth. He looks like one of those cats that would be a secret vampire once his owners go to sleep. Maybe he’s one of those rare pets with a secret life, where he goes around stealing blood from his victims in the middle of the night, like in Twilight (via Facebook). 


Curly Whisker

We almost can’t believe this adorable whisker. It looks like he took a curling iron and specifically curled that one whisker. We’d love to see a close-up photo of his whisker. This is something we animal lovers can’t get enough of. It even looks like the top of a rippling wave, or the string of a guitar playing music. He’s one of those beautiful rare pets with a unique quality that everyone fell in love with (via Reddit). 


Four Paws

We love paws. What’s even better is an animal that has extra paws, like this kitten. Even his paws have paws, and should be shown off to the world! Even his ears and nose are lovable. We’d love to give him a boop on his nose and then give him a big high five on his cute paws. He also looks like the sort of cat that would say, “BOO!” and then could secretly run away really fast (via Reddit). 


Extra Toes

Similar to the “Bigfoot” cat above, this cat has six toes. We love animals that have a little bit of extra cuteness. We almost can’t believe this animal has six toes, but this photo is living proof. His owner said that Eggleston, this cat’s name, has some extra toes. We think extra is putting it lightly. It’s just something animal lovers adore. He probably makes a lot of noise walking around the house with those big paws, almost like thunder (via Reddit). 


Racoon Cat

This cat is a secret cat bandit. He has the perfect fur for a bank robbery. We wouldn’t want to mess with this cat, and as this Reddit user posted, “this cat must have a secret identity.” As animal lovers, we want to know what his secret identity is. Even the online comments gave the cat a mysterious personality, like, “my name is Inigo Mewtoya, you neutered my father, prepare to die.” We found that pretty accurate (via Reddit). 


Rottweiler With Vitiligo

As another animal with vitiligo, we love seeing these quirks in animals. Its owner, along with many other people on the internet, agrees that this Rottweiler with vitiligo is gorgeous. Gorgeous is an understatement. He looks like a rare model that belongs on a runway in some foreign country. He’s one of those rare pets that has fur that no other pet can compete with. He’s beautiful in his own, unique way, and can even inspire humans to love the unique parts of themselves that we normally wouldn’t, or that feel hard to love (via Reddit).


New Spots

This cat is slowly producing spots. The owner tells us, “my girl has vitiligo. She was solid black when we got her, and every year she gets a few more spots!” She looks like the night sky, full of stars and planets. Her owners should name each spot on her after a star. They could even get creative and create an entire galaxy on her fur. Now that’s one way to entertain yourself. Animal lovers are fond of these types of beautiful animal quirks. It’s fascinating that she gets a few more spots every year, which makes her fur even more special. Every year she gets older, her fur gets more fun (via Reddit).


Two-Faced Kitten

We thought we were seeing double but that’s just this beautiful, unique kitten. We’ve never seen a kitten with two faces, even as full-time animal lovers. This Twitter user said, “no, you are not seeing double. Today we received a two-faced kitten into our shelter. Our team is providing around-the-clock care for him and will do all that they can to help him. We hope he pulls through!” We hope he pulls through, too, since this is certainly a rarity. It’s also two pets in one. These kittens are rare pets that you only come across once in a lifetime (via Twitter). 


Long Tail

This cat has the longest tail we’ve ever seen. He must have some super powers. This Twitter told the internet that this cat’s name is Dexter, and introduced him by saying he has an abnormally long tail. We’re already in love with Dexter and wish more animals had long tails like this. He’d certainly be one of the best rare pets to ninja around the living room. He could use his tail to carefully lower himself down from any high space (via Twitter). 


Born With One Ear

We love that his name is Jinx. It feels very suitable for a cat with one ear. He makes it work, and animal lovers on Reddit love this one-eared cat. The owner introduced the cat to the internet as Jinx, and he was born with one ear. At least he was born with only one ear since he’ll never know what he was missing. Maybe you don’t even need both ears, and one is good enough. This cat is making it work. It also seems like this cat knows exactly how to look at people with his cute, big eyes. There’s no way you could say no to that (via Reddit).


Pickles With One Ear

Similar to the cat above, Pickles is another one-eared cat. We almost can’t believe we’re seeing two cats with one ear. We almost wish more cats had only one ear, they’re extremely adorable. According to his owner, his name is Pickles and he was born this way. Let’s hope his hearing wasn’t compromised, though, otherwise it’d be difficult for his owners to get his attention. By the looks of this picture, the cat doesn’t seem too bothered (via Reddit). 


Yoda With Four Ears

Now, we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen cats with one ear, and now a cat with four ears. It can’t get better than this! The photo has the caption, “Star Wars cat: Meet Yoda, the moggy with the four-ce. Owners of a feline named after a science fiction film oracle fear his four ears could make him a target for catnappers.” That’s a clever caption, but we hope he never gets catnapped. With four ears, we feel like he has the upper hand since he’ll be able to hear his enemies from far away (via The Guardian). 


26. Four Ears Frankie

Four ears and one eye? We’ll take it! Animal lovers across the globe love this animal, who’s from Australia. With over 48k followers, he’s pretty famous. According to his Instagram, his name is Frankenkitten the four-eared, one-eyed cat from Victoria in Australia. He almost sounds like a famous actor and should star in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.” All that’s missing is a big wooden ship and a crew of pirates (via Instagram). 


Two Noses

This cat must be a pro smeller. He can probably smell his owner making his food from across the street. We’re amazed that both noses are functional. This Reddit user admitted that the cat with two functional noses came to the clinic they work at, and had enough generosity to share this special creature with the internet. We would have loved to meet this cat in real life. In a way, this cat has figured out the secret to life. With two noses, you could accomplish almost anything, like being the first one at the table for dinner and smelling your enemy from a mile away (via Reddit). 


Marble Eyes

Even though this cat has strange eyes, she has perfect eyesight. To us animal lovers, we think they resemble cracked glass, almost as if someone took a mirror and smashed it on the ground, shattering it. This Reddit user told the internet that their cat has a genetic mutation that makes her eyes weird, but that her sight is perfect. She’s definitely one-of-a-kind. In a way, it’s surprising that she can see out of her eyes, but she has perfect eyesight. That’s more than most of us with normal-looking eyes can say (via Reddit). 


Dalmatian Snake

This snake has skin with white and black spots and green and black scales. It captures our attention. It looks like it’s part Dalmatian, part snake. It’s another two-for-one animal. When two different types of animals are combined, in this case, a dog and a snake, it makes them that much more special. Why have one, when you can have two? Users on the internet find this snake very unique, and animal lovers around the world have fallen in love with its beauty. It almost looks like someone took a big paint brush covered in black paint and sprayed it all over him (via Instagram). 


Polydactyl Maine Coon

This cat also looks like it belongs to the White Walkers in ‘Game of Thrones.’ He also looks like the Lord of something, and we’re awaiting his announcement. We wouldn’t want to mess with this cat. He looks like one of those rare pets that could punish you and send you straight to your death in a matter of seconds without even trying. Or maybe he’s secretly good and only wishes the best for his people (via Instagram). 


Albino August

What a beautiful story this Reddit user shared. They said, “last winter this newborn pup appeared by the door of a local stable. Dirty, sick, and hungry he had little to no chance to survive that winter, but my friend fell in love with him at first sight and adopted this little bastard. Meet August, the extraterrestrial albino dog from Moscow, Russia.” We love when animal lovers meet their pets in incredible ways. This story has a happy ending (via Reddit). 


Grumpy Vitiligo Cat

Cats are known for their lackluster moods and sneaky personalities. For some reason, they’re the opposite of dogs, who always seem to be cheerful and happy. Cats lurk around in the shadows, snooping and stealing things when no one is looking. This cat wears his cat personality loud and proud in his eyes. Since the sunlight is hitting his face perfectly, it makes him look like he’s always angrily glaring at his owners. Maybe he’s secretly plotting to take over his owner’s house when they least expect it. You never know with cats. He’s one of those rare pets that is best left alone, even if he’s beautiful to look at (via Defused)


Sauron Eyes

We’ve seen a couple of animals on this list with piercing eyes that captivate our attention. This cat is no exception. Just look at those eyes. They look exactly like Sauron’s eyes from “The Lord of the Rings.” In the movies, he’s the main antagonist. It comes as no surprise that this cat resembles an antagonist, since when is a cat ever a protagonist?  It’s almost as if this cat can spew fire beams out of his eyes and light his enemies on fire in one, swift movement. This is another one of those rare pets that is best left alone (via Brightside).



This is another dog with vitiligo. It’s fascinating that each animal with vitiligo had such a different look. This dog has white, beautiful spots over his whole body. Maybe he was a cow in another life, so he’s now a cowdog. There’s nothing wrong with that since both animals are adorable and fantastic. Combining the two would be wonderful. This cowdog is about as close as we’re ever going to get to that happening. We can only imagine what sound they’d make, though. Moo, woof, or a combination of the two (via Defused)?


Natural Eyebrows

This dog should win an award for its eyebrows. Most humans don’t even have eyebrows as good as this dog. It looks like it has its own makeup team and stylist. It must have some secret since there’s no way he was born like that. We’re all jealous of this skill since it could take hours every single day just to draw perfect eyebrows on our faces. This is another one of those rare pets that must have some secret life on the side with paparazzi that forces it to keep up its good looks (via Instagram).


Evil Dog

This dog looks like he’s up to no good. You can tell by his eyes. Even though it’s from the flash from the camera, there’s something else more sinister going on. Nevertheless, he’s still a cute dog, and one of those rare pets with a genetic mutation that just works for his slightly evil look. Although, we must all agree that it’s a look that’ll never be as evil as the look’s cats give us (via Defused).


Fork Nose

When animals have genetic mutations on their faces, it makes them that much cuter. Like the dog with the paw print on his nose from above, this dog has a nose split in two like a fork. There’s a perfect line drawn straight down the middle of his face. His nose almost resembles a broken heart. That’d be pretty fascinating if this dog could smell differently in each nostril like a special superpower only he has (via Brightside).


Angry Spotted Cat

This cat has the most spots on any cat we’ve ever seen, although he’s one of those rare pets that looks great in his vitiligo. He also looks pretty angry. Maybe he caught the mouse stealing his milk again. Or his owner refused to give him another treat. Either way, we wouldn’t want to mess with this cat, especially when he’s giving a sinister look like this one. It’s best to stay away. The longer you stare into his eyes, the creepier it gets as if he’s about to send you an evil message you can’t forget (via Defused).


White Speckled Bird

This bird has tons of specs on its head. He looks very similar to the cat in the photo above, although way nicer and less sinister. Maybe they’re friends, and they bonded because they have the same type of fur and feathers. The cat could learn a thing or two about kindness from this bird. They like the same style. It seems speckled and spotted is the new plain. There’s a lot to learn from these animals, who sometimes seem like they have the secret to life all figured out (via Defused).


Hairless Hamster

This hairless hamster is one of those rare pets that make us gawk with adoration. Because he has no hair, his owners decided to knit him a sweater to keep him warm. If that’s not an act of love, then we don’t know what is. If bald people wear hats, then hairless hamsters need sweaters. Imagine how cute he must be, running around in his little sweater? Let’s hope the owners decided to knit him multiple sweaters, so he has many different colors to choose from. For example, when he feels like wearing blue, he can wear a blue sweater. He looks adorable in that sweater and knows how to wear it. He’s a hamster with a lot of style (via Brightside)


Pigeon With 40 Tail Feathers

Did you say shake your tail feather? This pigeon certainly did! He’s one of those rare pets with a genetic mutation that gave him 40 tail feathers. That’s more than most pigeons can handle. He must have been given this many tail feathers for some reason or another. Imagine how much of a breeze he can make using just his tail? Probably a lot. He can probably get a lot of height in the sky with minimal effort. Talk about takeoff (via Brightside).


White Bumps

This little critter has a bunch of white bumps that make his vitiligo stand out. Because he has such dark fur, the vitiligo shows up on his back. He looks like a chessboard. All he needs are the chess pieces, and he’s good to go. In fact, he also looks a bit like a porcupine. He’s one of those rare pets with a genetic mutation that makes him incredibly adorable (via Defused).


White Paint

This dog looks like he stood in the way of a painter’s paintbrush who accidentally flicked a bunch of white paint all over his body. His face certainly suggests that, since he doesn’t look too happy. Either way, he’s one of those rare pets with a genetic mutation that makes him much cuter than if he was a regular old pet. Not that there’s anything wrong with normal-looking fur, but when there’s a special quirk to it, it adds to the cuteness instead of taking it away (via Defused).


Sock Dog

This dog’s vitiligo makes it look like he’s wearing socks and a face mask. After the world pandemic, this dog met his safety standards and made sure his health was prioritized. He never has to worry about digging around in his bag for a face mask ever again. Better yet, he even has a free pair of socks with him wherever he goes. There’s no need to worry about finding that pesky pair of socks that always seems to sneak away and hide (via Defused).


Fox Tail

This dog needs to win an award for his tail. Just look at that thing! It’s on par with a fox tail, but it’s attached to a dog’s body. Perhaps he stole it from a fox and decided to keep it as his own. It looks good on him, and he’s one of those rare pets with a genetic mutation that works for him. If this dog could talk, he’d probably say, “paint me like one of your French women,” like in the movie ‘Titanic’ (via Brightside).


Vitiligo Dog And Its Butterfly Friend

Apparently, butterflies like vitiligo dogs just as much as humans! This is a great capture that was perfectly timed. This spotted dog not only has vitiligo but a butterfly friend, too. It seems like the butterfly is fascinated with his vitiligo and is inspecting it as carefully as it can. Maybe he even has a butterfly magnifying glass and is taking in as many details as he can and comparing it with his speckled wings. The dog doesn’t seem to mind at all it looks like he barely notices the butterfly is there (via Defused).


Dog With Lips

It’s not every day you see a dog with lips. Or ever. This dog is one of those rare pets with a genetic mutation that gave him a human quality. It’s a bit creepy, to say the least since it’s too closely related to a human face. It’s almost as if a human got trapped in a dog’s body and never made it out, with only his lips left as evidence. He needs some bright pink lipstick to match his lips. Then it’ll be a sight that’ll capture everyone’s attention (via Brightside).


Got Milk?

This cat has to be the new face for the Got Milk? advert. Just look at the way he works his vitiligo. It makes it look like he has the perfect milk mustache as if he’s permanently drinking milk. Well, since he’s a cat, he is, but surely, he manages to wipe it off every time. He has such a casual look, that he could be one of those cats who’s always drinking milk. We’ll never really know (via Defused).


Sly Look

If this dog could talk, he’d say, “who, me?” He looks both shy and sly at the same time. Even with his vitiligo, he looks like a cute dog with a lot of quirky character. As we’ve said before, rare pets with unique fur gives them that extra trait that many other pets don’t have since it makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. His paw sticking out must be the cutest part of his body, since it looks like he’s wearing a permanent boot on his foot (via Defused).


Masquerade Mask

This dog’s vitiligo makes him look like he’s constantly wearing a masquerade mask. In a way, he’s always dressed for a masquerade party. He’ll never have to dig around in his closet for the perfect costume since he’s always wearing it. He also has a permanent disguise and just about looks like he can get away with anything. He might even manage to get away with stealing treats out of the box when no one is looking. That would be great if humans always had a secret disguise on them, just like this dog (via Defused).


Greenfinch With A Hairdo

This greenfinch has better hair than most people in the world. First, he has great bangs that look like they’ve been taken straight out of the 1980s. Secondly, it looks like his feathers were combed so they’re silky and smooth. He looks like he’s about to walk down a big runway and do a fashion show for all his bird friends to see. This is one of those rare pets that makes you question just how they manage to look like that. There has to be something we’re all missing (via Brightside).