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Normally Calm People Share Stories About Times They Freaked Out In Public

Darren July 22, 2022

Cauliflower Smell

There’s something nice about cooking dinner for visitors. It’s nice to receive a homemade meal and to know that somebody put in a lot of effort. But this usually calm Redditor freaked out when their visitors mocked the meal that they served up. They couldn’t understand why they suffered this disrespect.


ricctp6 shared: “I made cauliflower once (in my own house) and two acquaintances who were over just ganged up on me about how disgusting cauliflower smells. I was like…ok that’s cool and everything but you can f*** right off since I’m making dinner for everyone here.”

Angry Day

Another Redditor explained how their friends freaked out when they lost their temper. That’s because he was a calm person who kept control of his emotions. It was unusual for him to have a strong reaction to anything. When it eventually happened he terrified everybody because it was out of character.


“Believe me I can relate to this,” Todi2191 agreed. “I’m a calm person and I got really angry once and later my friends literally told me that they got scared even though I wasn’t angry with them.” We wish we knew what made him angry because it must have been extreme.

Wrong Turn

This person hated sharing a vehicle with a rude passenger. They think that some people have extreme expectations and should treat hardworking workers with more respect. When the driver missed a turn, one passenger freaked out but the Redditor put them in their place.

Time Out

“Missing their turn or exit,” they shared. “You aren’t traveling in interstellar space. Go to the next exit and turn around.” This is true and if they’re in an Uber it shouldn’t matter much. Mistakes happen and in the end, they will arrive at their destination.

Food Wars

Many people have freaked out because of weird food concoctions. We don’t know why it’s a heinous crime to put pineapple on pizza but it provokes a severe backlash. But this Redditor argued that it doesn’t matter and that nobody is forcing them to eat it. They say that they lose patience with picky eaters like this.

The Guardian

They wrote: “You’re perfectly free to find some food combinations, not to your liking such as well-done steaks, ketchup on hot dogs/burgers, pineapple on pizza, etc. But as long as you’re not being made to eat them, who really cares if other people like them.”

Choking Child

Any parent will say that there’s nothing more terrifying than a child in danger. It could be because they’re suffering an illness or that they’re missing in a department store. This parent freaked out after she saved her child from choking on a spoonful of cereal.


Jelc17 shared: “Multiple slaps. The clog of cereal dislodged and he was able to breathe again. We both collapsed on the floor in tears, had cuddles, and generally recovered. Then he wanted to carry on eating his breakfast.” It’s unbearable to even think about this because it’s horrifying.

Active Shooter

Another person had a harrowing life experience when they went to the mall as a youngster. Security forces shut it down because of the risk of an active shooter. It’s safe to say that they freaked out because nobody should deal with this type of scenario.

CSO Online

“When I was around 14 years old, my friends and I were at a mall and the mall went on lockdown because of an active shooter,” ChaneI remembered. “Turns out it was just a guy shooting the air but at the time we didn’t know that.” Impending mortality is terrifying.

House Fire

House fires create a terrifying sense of disorientation. Usually, the smoke kills people before the fire burns them. Flames engulfed this Redditor’s home and they freaked out. Luckily they made it out alive and saved their beloved dogs in the process.

ABC News

“By the time I had woken up the stairs were engulfed in flames,” ChicagoSpawn6 wrote. “I truly lost all sense of what to do. Thought it was all over. Eventually got to a window and ended up throwing my dogs out the window (all were okay) and jumping out the window.”