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Normally Calm People Share Stories About Times They Freaked Out In Public

Darren July 22, 2022

Even the calmest people lose control once in a while. It could be because of a terrifying experience or because somebody annoyed them. But everyone has freaked out after they crossed a threshold. It may be embarrassing but it also produces great stories from time to time.

So today, we’ll look at some of the most entertaining Reddit anecdotes about times normally calm people freaked out in public. Many of them dealt with phobias of insects and heights. Others came close to death, while there are plenty of pedantic pet peeves too. Check them out and enjoy.

Roach Approach

Humans often have an irrational reaction to insects and freak out when they see them. It’s strange because bugs are so small and most aren’t that dangerous, but this doesn’t make them less terrifying for some people. A cockroach caught the following netizen by surprise and caused a freakout.

Entomology Today

“Moments ago I was at my desk when I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye,” a Redditor wrote. “Looked down to see a large cockroach about 2 feet away quickly approaching my feet.” They almost jumped through the ceiling.

Hiking Trail

One individual was hiking in an area that recently experienced a brutal, unsolved murder. Naturally, they felt on edge because it no longer felt like a safe place. It’s unfortunate because nature should be a refuge but it turned into a horrible experience.


They also had a moment of genuine fear when they thought a person was lying in wait. “This seems pretty anti-climactic,” the Redditor admitted. “But I saw a rhododendron that looked like someone crouching beside the trail. It was pretty freaky.”


One ordinary person explained how they struggled to deal with being the center of attention. They attended a party and tried to stay on the fringe. But suddenly somebody asked them a question and they freaked out because it made them uncomfortable.


The Redditor revealed: “There was silence for a good 10 seconds, my heart beating like a machine, and me just trying to hide. Fortunately, the pizza guy showed up and everyone forgot about me.” It’s easy to forget that there are many introverts in this world.

Charred and Broken

Technology seems brilliant when it helps us, but when things go wrong it drives people crazy. Everybody hates when they lose their internet connection due to the frustration involved. Meanwhile, it’s a nightmare to deal with a broken device like a phone or a laptop.


“I let my sister borrow my laptop for like 20 min. and when she gave it back it not only was broken but it was slightly charred,” ManiBoo17 wrote. “I have no idea how it happened but I freaked out. I’ve never used such colorful language in my life.”


Sometimes we stop and think about the meaning of life as well as the fact that we will eventually die. It’s inevitable but this doesn’t make it easier for some people to process. The following Redditor said that this concept freaked them out.


aharpole wrote: “Couple days ago I was pondering the fact that I am mortal and there will be a time when I am no longer existent.” Perhaps it’s best not to think too much about these issues because it may tarnish your waking existence.

Car Crash

Regular people may not freak out about things that affect their lives. But it’s a different story when it comes to another person that they’re close to. Take the following story for example because it shows how suddenly things can change for the worse.

Motor Biscuit

Jahcez said: “My roommate wakes me to say that our other roommate was in a wreck and he broke his arm. Fall back asleep. Roommate comes back and tells me our roommate broke his arm, femur, left portion of his face and nose.” Perhaps this freakout was justified.


Many people maintain a calm demeanor in most aspects of their lives. But when they watch their favorite sports team, they lose control. Go into any bar during a game and there will be men and women freaking out because of their team’s performance.

Sharp Football Review

Smooth80 wrote: “Well I’m watching football, and my team threw an interception a bit ago. I screamed goddamnit and repeatedly hit my hand on my really hard seat. I’m not a happy camper at the moment.” He’s probably a Cowboys fan.


One of the strangest things that happen to people is a sense of disorientation when they wake up. That’s because they forget where they are or lose any concept of time. They may freak out because they think they’re late or have missed an important event.

Medical News Today

“This morning I woke up and couldn’t remember what day it was and if I had my training class this morning,” Salol wrote after a moment of terror. “If I miss one class, I’m fired. Luckily, I was just paranoid and went peacefully back to sleep.”

Mice Phobia

What is it about humans and fear of small creatures that can’t harm us? Mice often nest in warm homes because they’re a source of food and shelter. But they make people freak out when they see them because they think they’ll run up their legs.


Apostolate explained: “I run through the corridor, my girlfriend is right behind me, however, I can’t risk mice following me into the room, so I slammed the door behind me, right into her face.” He had no regrets because his fear was so strong.

Intimate Visit

There’s nothing worse than listening to parents having an intimate time in the bedroom. It’s even worse when one of them is cheating on their partner. This usually calm Redditor couldn’t stay quiet when they caught their father in the act.

Psychology Today

“Long story short, Dad and his “friend” come back to the hotel room drunk and start to get it on,” CellularBeing wrote. “I wake up, hear the sounds, and say out loud, “This is b******t.” Stay in bed, she says 2 minutes later “You think he’s still awake?” I say out loud “Really?”

Toe Stub

Sometimes the most innocuous moment causes people to freak out. One moment can change the entire course of a day and tarnish our moods. However, this doesn’t make life happier for others. It’s easy to stub toes when walking past doors and beds and is extremely painful.

Medical News Today

“Stubbed my toe on the end of my bed last week,” the Redditor explained. “That s*** throbbed so much I threw a hissy fit and yelled at everyone in my house for no reason.” It’s possible that he even broke his toe without realizing it because they’re so delicate.

Scared of Heights

Even normal and calm people suffer from phobias. It’s common to experience a fear of heights or enclosed spaces. But what happens when these two combine in one place? In short, the individual may suffer from a horrible panic attack as they freak out.


“I’m terrified of heights,” ImNotJesus said. “I got stuck in a lift just recently and started to panic. Panic begets more panic and it got worse. I tried to remember my breathing and worked my way through it.” Hopefully, they escaped before it became too much.

Sudden Explosion

Everybody has a friend who stays calm in almost every situation. But when they erupt it’s one of the most terrifying moments because it’s so out of character. One netizen explained how a girl annoyed her friends and she was ready to intervene. In the end, she didn’t because her shy friend exploded.

Hello Giggles

The Redditor shared: “I just arrived and being the most confrontational out of the group I was about to tell her off, but out of nowhere my quiet friend snaps. She started yelling at the girl to get a life and where to go.” This scared everybody including her friends but it was worth it.


Scorpions are one of the most menacing creatures on the planet. Even if they’re just going about their business and not bothering anybody they terrify people. Some scorpions contain toxic venom that can even kill a human being so it’s justifiable.


“You want to freak out?” a Redditor asked. “Try stepping on a scorpion in the middle of the night!” We assume that the writer is speaking from experience and dread to imagine it. That must have been a horrible ordeal because of the fear and uncertainty.


Here is another example of a calm and mellow person who goes crazy when he watches his favorite team. In this case, the Buckeyes make him freak out because he is a diehard fan. It’s funny because it’s rare for this type of person to have an intense emotional reaction.

Athlon Sports

“My friends have always been astounded by how hyped I get watching Ohio State football and basketball,” Nonexistantsip said. “I’m usually pretty laid back and introspective but during Buckeye games, they would see me get excited for once.”


The strangest things make people freak out. Here’s a situation where a zookeeper was watching chimpanzees go about their days. It struck him how similar their actions are to humans and made him realize how closely related we are. One moment stood out in particular because it provoked nostalgia.

Project Chimps

“I remember it was raining and the baby chimp was sticking out his tongue and catching raindrops,” the zookeeper noted. “That was something I did as a child too. It was mind-blowing in a small way.” Incredibly, we share 98% genetic similarity.

Time Goes By

We’ve already spoken about mortality because it becomes apparent as we grow older. Certain moments feel like they’ll last forever for children but speed up for adults. It’s easy to freak out if we overthink these things because they remind us of our limitations.

Inc. Magazine

RobertBreadford shared: “How much quicker time goes by as you get older. Remember when you were five, and a summer vacation felt like a whole lifetime?” It’s important to ensure that children enjoy being young and at the moment because nothing is forever.


Here’s another existential thought that made a person freak out. They spoke about the scale of the universe because Earth is so small and our lives don’t matter. Billions of people have existed so why do we think we are more important than what came before?

Live Science

“We’re so wrapped up in our little lives we forget we’re floating through space and none of this matters,” BeverleyDriveGhosts wrote. “It’s a miracle to even be alive and yet people walk around like it’s normal while picking their dogs’ poop up off the ground.”

Raised Voices

Another calm person revealed how people react when they freaked out. However, the advantage is that his colleagues take him seriously when he explodes because it’s so rare. This is a positive because it means that his words hold a lot of value.

British Council

“Nobody is afraid of me, some have called me a gentle giant,” King_Trasher noted. “But the one time I raised my voice during a debate, I got a good 30 seconds to express my viewpoint. I even got a point of extra credit for it.” That’s why it’s wise to stay calm as often as possible.

Party Time

Introverts hate when people make them the center of attention. They don’t mind being in a small group with friends that they trust. But some individuals dread the thought of public speaking or even surprise birthday parties. The following story shows what happened when one introvert experienced the latter.


Over 20 people shouted at her when she arrived home after a long day. It made her freak out because it was a stressful moment. SparklingBlueLight wrote: “I didn’t know what to do, so I started crying my eyes out and ran upstairs and couldn’t calm myself for a good 45 minutes.”

Road Rage

Selfish and careless drivers provoke a lot of anger on the road because of the potential consequences of their actions. They could damage the vehicle or even cause a serious risk to the other driver’s life. One Redditor wrote about their experience with a rampant road user.

Sensible Driver

“As she squeaked by me, she looked at me with a smug expression on her face,” BlueBlueBreeze wrote. “I’m not prone to road rage, but this hit me where it hurt. So, I followed her for a while.” It’s safe to say that she didn’t enjoy the next few minutes but she deserved it.

Knife Party

Sometimes it’s horrifying to watch other people use basic household implements. It’s important to slice away from the body when using a knife. However, there are unavoidable situations where people risk serious injury. Here’s a wild situation that made the storyteller freak out because they thought the worst happened.

Food Network

The Redditor explained: “I was in my girlfriend’s dorm, and she picked up her fruit cutting knife to put away but tripped. I was terrified that she fell onto the knife and stabbed herself. It turns out she was okay, but the ground wasn’t.” This was very lucky because it could have been much worse.

Run Rabbit

Pet owners care about their animals more than other people including members of their families. Most people love dogs but the problem is that instinct drives them to stupidity. This story shows what happened when somebody thought their dog ran away forever.

Help Guide

“She saw a rabbit, and while she was only about 10 ft from me, she took off into the darkness like a bat out of hell,” TheMilkMan wrote. “I had a mini panic attack not knowing where she was or how far I’d have to chase to find her.” Luckily, he averted the crisis but it could have been serious.

Looking Down

Plane travel is incredible because it helps people reach far-flung destinations. There’s something special about looking out of the window and enjoying the view. But don’t think about it too much because it may produce an existential crisis like the following person’s experience.


“Down there are people living life exactly like I do and doing their everyday thing,” Proxarn said. “Makes me think how big the world is and how tiny you are as a person! That freaks me out a bit.” Everybody across the planet is indeed trying to live their life as best as they can.

Red Fist

Another sports fan had a moment of rage when their baseball team suffered a tough loss. Usually, they remained calm in most facets of their life but this made them react with violence. Unfortunately, it had serious consequences for their home.

USA Today Sports

RollingStonner admitted: “I punched a small hole in the wall when the Red Sox were eliminated from the playoffs a few years back…does that count?” We would agree that this is a good example of when a normal person freaked out.

Freudian Sense

Life isn’t easy because everybody experiences highs and lows. But one of the worst things is feeling a sense of underachievement. We all have dreams but success isn’t a guarantee. Meanwhile, some internet users have regrets over their relationships and the direction they went.


Journalisto wrote: “I’ve been freaking out a lot lately. More than I’d like to admit. Mostly, over the last five years, especially with having two kids, I’ve come to realize I married my mother – in the Freudian sense, of course.” This is a strange situation for everybody involved.

I’m Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing because it means another person will enter the world. But an unplanned pregnancy is one of the most terrifying things anybody can experience. One Redditor freaked out when they realized that their younger sister became pregnant.


“When my younger sister told me she was pregnant,” personados wrote. “It was an initial shock but my niece is so beautiful, the sweetest and most beautiful child that has met my eyes.” We assume that this person wasn’t the father but congratulations to the family.


A change of location can be extremely jarring for some people. Culture shock is real especially when they go to a drastically different place. The following Redditor left a sleepy dustbowl town for the heaving metropolis of Hong Kong and they freaked out.


“My worst freak out ever was when we went to Kowloon, Hong Kong,” Cjdavda wrote. “I had a pretty bad panic attack from the sheer number of people. I’m from Texas, and I’d never seen anything like that before. I just don’t think I’m meant for that dense of a population.”

Cockroach On Crack

Walking home alone in the dark is a creepy experience for everybody. One internet user said that they felt jumpy because they were in a quiet area. Suddenly, they heard a loud noise beside a garbage can and they freaked out before realizing that it was just a cat.

Rochdale Herald

“I remember jumping a little bit and shaking like a cockroach on crack for like half a second,” the Redditor wrote. “Then an immediate feeling of shame for being terrified for no reason whatsoever.” To be fair, this feels like a completely normal reaction in this situation.

Unwanted Visitor

Another person had an extreme reaction to a random insect in their room. We don’t know if they thought that they would swallow it in their sleep. Perhaps they believed that it would bite them or something. Then they slept on the couch instead of removing it from the bedroom.

Sleep Advisor

“There was a bug in my room around a year ago, I freaked out,” Chad1312 wrote. “Then, I just slept on the couch and waited for the bug to leave.” Realistically, it’s safe to say that the insect had no agenda and just wanted to enjoy the Redditor’s company.

Cross the Line

There’s a code of conduct during a business meeting but sometimes that goes out of the window. One Internet user explained how they freaked out because the situation escalated. This was unprofessional but they couldn’t help themselves as it heated up.

Video Hive

A Redditor wrote: “During a bargaining session a few years ago, one of the principals and I in my district got personal, really fast. I’m usually pretty calm, but the look on my VP’s face that day after the meeting told me I’d probably crossed a couple of lines.”

Motorbike Helmet

Another insect provoked a serious reaction from a grown man. He was driving his motorcycle when he stopped at a red light. Then he realized that there was a bug inside his helmet’s visor and he freaked out. This was understandable because nobody wants an insect on their face.


TallDrSeuss explained: “Definitely made an interesting sight at the traffic light as I repeatedly smacked my head and screamed in a high-pitched scream.” No doubt this entertained a lot of onlookers because he must have looked like a crazy person.

Cracked Screen

Another technological mishap made a person react in anguish. They freaked out because they broke their expensive laptop beyond repair. It was clumsy but this is something that anybody can do. They explained the situation and revealed how miserable it made them.

PC World

JakeBot96 wrote: “Just today, I accidentally hit my laptop screen with the metal rod of my charger and made a small crack in my LCD screen, which made the whole thing go whack. I’m still freaking out because I don’t know what to do or if it’s fixable.”

Rat Visit

A group of rats is called a mischief because that’s how they behave together. But nobody wants a mischief of rats to visit them in their apartment without an invitation. Here’s a horrifying story about how one New Yorker experienced this for themselves.

Live Science

“When rats started coming in my apartment I tried to chase them out like mice,” the Redditor explained. “They don’t care. They might stroll out, turn around, and peer at me from their hole.” Rats have a lot of confidence and brazenly do what they want.

Horse Riding

Physical ailments are harrowing to deal with because they put people in a state of fear. One person spent a lot of time horse-riding but suffered the consequences. They freaked out because they experienced cramps in their back and this immobilized them.


The Redditor divulged: “One day I woke up in the morning, stretched, and all of a sudden there was a sharp pain in my back. I literally laid there in pain, unable to move, for 5-10 minutes until it faded. It was some of the worst pain of my life.” That’s a frightening prospect but luckily it passed by.

Moth Attacks

Another person seriously freaked out when they saw a moth in their office. It didn’t matter that there was a room full of other people because they experienced too much fear. Furthermore, the moment paralyzed them and they were unable to react quickly.

Good Housekeeping

“I couldn’t push back my chair to run away, apparently that takes too much focus,” MissChristine wrote. “Instead I just froze up and started slowly leaning over.” This is another level of fear beyond what most people feel in everyday life but even rational humans have this.


Pregnancy is a tough time for women because they go through so many physical changes. Meanwhile, they endure hormonal imbalances that produce cravings as well as fluctuating moods. One woman explained how she freaked out at times during her pregnancy.

Surefire CPR

“During my pregnancy, I’ve had a few really bad hormonal freakouts, like breaking a couple of glass cups or knocking everything off of my computer desk,” ZBQ10 said. This is completely normal and nobody should feel bad about going through these kinds of moments.

Jump Scare

When people wake up in the middle of the night they suffer disorientation because they aren’t fully cognitive. It takes a few minutes and potentially a cup of coffee to become alert. That’s why it’s scary to unexpectedly bump into someone else in the darkness.


“I woke up and really had to pee,” the Redditor wrote. “So I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom only to find my mom sitting on the toilet in the dark with the door open. I screamed like you would not believe.” We believe it but it must have been funny too.

Existential Crisis

Every human has a finite existence. It doesn’t matter if they’re rich or poor because death comes for everybody on this planet. But we must make the most of every minute on this earth and not dwell on our impending doom. One Internet user said that they freaked out when they thought about it too much.


I do this frequently enough, unfortunately, but whenever my mind ventures to think of death and what it will be like, it scares the ever living s*** out of me,” the Redditor wrote. “Seriously I can’t cope with it for whatever reason, just ceasing to exist at all.”

Money Problem

Money makes the world go around but most of us don’t have enough of it. Regular people constantly try to make ends meet and grind their way through life. It’s tough when somebody realizes how precarious their situation is but usually, things work out.

The Motley Fool

This netizen freaked out as they came close to finishing their school course without any clear prospects. CampBenCH said: “Probably a couple of months ago when I was graduating, my lease was up, and I still didn’t have a job. Still worried about money, but not as bad.”

Freak Out

Most spiders don’t cause physical harm but there’s something about all of those legs that horrify people. Arachnophobia is extremely common but usually, there is no reason to fear these tiny creatures. However, that doesn’t make life easier for the likes of the following person.


They freaked out after they had a close encounter with an eight-legged visitor. The Redditor wrote: “I was on the computer when a spider slowly descended right in front of my face. I normally don’t freak out from spiders, but this one was right in front of my eyeball.”

Idol Shock

We’ve focused mostly on when people freaked out for negative reasons. But sometimes calm and rational humans lose the run of themselves during a positive experience. Take the following person, who met the cast of “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” and couldn’t control their excitement.

Penn Live

“Mine was in a good way,” the Redditor shared. “Last Saturday I met two of my childhood and current idols, Greg Proops and Ryan Stiles. I became sufficiently incoherent within the first few seconds of seeing them.” That’s lovely because it must have brightened up their day a lot.

Grad School

These days everybody is competing with each other to stand out. That’s why increasing numbers attend grad school because it’s so difficult to get a job. However, it’s tough to deal with the workload and responsibility that comes with this intense education.


“Grad school is one freakout after another,” a Redditor explained. “The most recent one is realizing I have 3 homework and 2 tests in 3 days next week and I have no idea how to do one of the homework, and one of the tests is scaring the life out of me.”

Falling in Love

Love is a beautiful thing but it can also be incredibly confusing. If somebody falls for the wrong person it will irrevocably change the boundaries of their relationship. They’ll no longer look at each other the same way and sometimes it even ends friendships.

Men’s Health

“I freaked out when I found out I could no longer be friends with my best friend that I fell in love with,” a Redditor wrote. This is a tough situation but we don’t know what happened next. Maybe the friend reciprocated and they’re having a happy life together.

Don’t Talk

It’s important to take advantage of the quiet moments in our lives. Some people love to read at the end of the day because it transports them to another world. But they hate when somebody interrupts them and tries to speak to them while they’re relaxing.


“Talking to me while I’m reading,” _Goose wrote. “I feel stronger about that than I do with some horrible crimes.” This is a justifiable reaction because it’s difficult to read with loud background noises. One tip is to wear headphones without listening to music so people won’t bother the reader.

Dim The Lights

Too many drivers don’t show consideration for other road users. One common mistake is that they leave their lights on full beam when they pass another vehicle. It’s good etiquette to dim the lights so that they don’t blind the other person and potentially cause an accident.

Vehicle Answers

Some people admitted that they freaked out when this happened to them. Cat_Toucher wrote: “People who don’t dim their high beams for oncoming traffic. And people who leave their fog lights on all the time. I DON’T SEE ANY FOG, DO YOU?”

Shopping Carts

Everybody has pet peeves that exist because other people are idiots. It could be a personal habit that they have like chewing loudly or with their mouth open. Sometimes people are selfish and careless because they can walk away from the scene of their indiscretion.

Spectrum News

Take the following situation as a prime example. “People who do not return shopping carts to their proper places,” the Redditor raged. “Freakin’ heathens leave them all over the parking lot – especially in the middle of otherwise available spaces.”

Near-Death Experience

Losing control of a vehicle is one of the most terrifying moments of anybody’s life. Let’s hope that most readers never experience this because it’s traumatic. This Redditor freaked out after they regained control of the car and the adrenaline stopped coursing through their body.

Tech Explorist

“Somehow I managed to gather my wits, restart the car, turn it around, and drive off before another car hit me,” Kay_Elle wrote. “I stopped at the earliest possible parking opportunity, and that was when I felt it – the fear.” It’s natural because they went through sheer terror and came out the other side.

Sky Fall

Here’s another extreme situation where a person justifiably freaked out. They were on a plane when the pilot announced that there would be an emergency landing. Suddenly, the plane began plummeting, and they thought that this was the end of their life.


121Guy wrote: “All I could think about was I can’t see the ground and we are falling. I know there is a hill out here somewhere, this is where I am going to die. The plane got down to around 400ft off the ground before it finally started to climb.”

Giant Rat

Nobody wants to feel the touch of another unknown creature in the middle of the night. But that’s exactly what this Redditor experienced when they woke up in the middle of the night. They freaked out when they discovered their horrifying visitor.

Pet Vet Tips

“When I was trying to sleep at around 3 and felt someone press on my bed,” JakeWang1 shared. “Then the bag on the chair started shaking. Then again I felt something on my bed. Finally, I dared to switch on the light and found a giant rat on my bed.”

Full-Size Mode

Perhaps the following person isn’t calm or mellow because this may seem like an overreaction. But the reality is that even normal people have pet peeves that irritate them. It’s funny but they hate when Google gives them notifications after they selected an option.


CinnaSol6 wrote: “That dumb notification that says “the screen is now in full-size mode” on google chrome when you expand a video. I KNOW IT’S IN FULL-SIZE MODE GOOGLE.” The main reason why Google does this is to help confused users but that doesn’t change his annoyance.

Free Gas

The following story is one of the scariest on this list because it could happen to anybody. A female driver ran out of gas and pulled over on the side of the road. Then a man stopped to help her but suddenly his attitude changed and she freaked out.


“The complete change in demeanor and tone of voice scared the absolute s*** out of me,” Gutinstinct999 explained. “It sent a chill through my body. I was absolutely terrified. Even if I’d had a weapon, he could have overtaken me.”

Brown Snake

One person was cycling their bicycle when they encountered a lethal brown snake. They quickly flew past it because they didn’t want to die. That’s understandable but it’s not the end of the story. The Redditor freaked out with what happened next.


“About 50 meters later, just as I thought I was safe, I heard a very loud hissing and felt something brush past my leg,” Danpra revealed. “I thought the snake had somehow caught up and bitten me. It turns out my back tire burst but at the moment I was absolutely terrified.”

Five Minutes

Roller coasters provide a massive adrenaline rush but many people won’t go on one. They have a fear of heights and dread the thought of the ride breaking down. This happens in real life as the following netizen revealed. They freaked out when their theme park experience became traumatic.


The Redditor reminisced: “I was on a 360-degree roller coaster and you go around and around but it got stuck at the very top. The ride shut down for 5 minutes so I was upside-down and I was very little and it was terrifying.” What a horrible time this was for the poor person.

After The Storm

Water is beautiful but it possesses terrifying power. Humans realize how small and vulnerable they are in the middle of the ocean. Storms are even scarier because they possess the strength to devastate coastal communities and sweep ships away.

New Scientist

SendItRicky wrote about his horrifying story. He wrote: “I ran out of gas in my boat with my girlfriend in open water during a storm. Ended up on a shoal trying to hold the boat while a friend brought us more fuel. Honestly, I thought the waves would wash us away and drown.”

King Cobra

It’s always great to visit different countries and enjoy new cultures. But sometimes we receive more than we bargained for. One person visited their family in India for the first time and suffered a massive shock. They went to the bathroom but freaked out because of a terrifying sight.


One Redditor shared their experience. They said: “I was 6 years old and went to take a leak. I was at my grandma’s house in a small village in India. The bathroom was an outhouse. Just as I was about to start, I noticed a cobra hissing at me.”

Fasten Your Seatbelt

Anybody with acrophobia should look away now because this is haunting. Imagine if a rollercoaster attendant forgot to check the passengers’ seatbelts. Think of the potential lawsuit and risk to life because it would be massive. Luckily, this doesn’t happen often.


A Redditor had a horrifying experience on a ride that they’ll never forget. They wrote: “I was on a rollercoaster, my belt didn’t close and the train began moving so I screamed for him to stop. It was 100% fear.” In short, that theme park had a lucky escape.

Tough Workout

Another normal person went to the gym and pushed themselves through a tough workout. They gave everything because they wanted to see good results. But they didn’t expect what happened after their training session. In the end, it was hilarious but they went through sheer terror.


They wrote about their ordeal: “I started to feel a tightness in my chest, and pain. I started clutching at my chest, thinking “NO NO NOT NOW, NOT LIKE THIS! IT’S TOO SOON! And then I let out the biggest, most powerful burp I’ve ever had.”

Stolen Keys

Most people feel safe when they’re at home and shut the door behind them. We think of our houses as our private castles and a shield against the world. But the reality is that it’s easier to access them than we may think. Take the following person’s story as a terrifying example.

SOS Locksmith

The_Soup_Whisperer explained: “Once my mother called me on the phone telling me that a copy of our house keys was stolen that afternoon from the lobby and someone might be in the house. This happened at the exact moment I was entering the house.”

Rescue Service

Nature is glorious but we must respect it or it will make visitors pay. This Redditor discovered this the hard way when they had a near brush with death. If it wasn’t for the brilliant work of first-responders they may have died. But luckily they made it through their ordeal.


BonfireFanatic wrote: “My friend and I had to be helicopter rescued because we drove through a creek and camped on the other side and then melting snow from a town 6 hours away flooded and turned the creek into a raging river.” They should have been aware of the danger but they survived their mistake.


Embarrassing moments scar people for life. This person earned the nickname ‘McNuggets’ after a traumatic ordeal that everybody remembers. They freaked out after a terrible but hilarious prank that their friend pulled in the famous fast food chain.


“I was with my travel baseball team and we were standing in line at McDonald’s,” TravelAny398 wrote. “I was going to order and my friend pantsed me but got my underwear too.” The friend exposed their entire lower half for all of the patrons to see.


Some people feel a sense of calm the moment before they crash their vehicle. That’s because they know it’s inevitable and that they can’t stop it. But this person freaked out when they lost control because they knew they would die if they hit a giant truck.

The Driven

Osprey11795 remembered: “At some point, I realized I was going to crash, and there wasn’t much I could do – the one thought going through my head was “don’t hit the semi-truck, don’t hit the semi-truck” over and over again.” Luckily, they survived because we don’t think this was their ghost.

Burn it Off

When we step onto any form of public transport we’re putting our lives into another person’s hands. It’s even riskier on an airplane because most crashes result in mass deaths. This Redditor freaked out when their pilot announced an emergency landing.


Chris_TT wrote: “I was on a commercial flight and the pilot came over the tannoy to tell us luck wasn’t on our side today. There was an emergency with the flaps and landing gear not working correctly, and that we would have to fly around to burn off the fuel.”

Cauliflower Smell

There’s something nice about cooking dinner for visitors. It’s nice to receive a homemade meal and to know that somebody put in a lot of effort. But this usually calm Redditor freaked out when their visitors mocked the meal that they served up. They couldn’t understand why they suffered this disrespect.


ricctp6 shared: “I made cauliflower once (in my own house) and two acquaintances who were over just ganged up on me about how disgusting cauliflower smells. I was like…ok that’s cool and everything but you can f*** right off since I’m making dinner for everyone here.”

Angry Day

Another Redditor explained how their friends freaked out when they lost their temper. That’s because he was a calm person who kept control of his emotions. It was unusual for him to have a strong reaction to anything. When it eventually happened he terrified everybody because it was out of character.


“Believe me I can relate to this,” Todi2191 agreed. “I’m a calm person and I got really angry once and later my friends literally told me that they got scared even though I wasn’t angry with them.” We wish we knew what made him angry because it must have been extreme.

Wrong Turn

This person hated sharing a vehicle with a rude passenger. They think that some people have extreme expectations and should treat hardworking workers with more respect. When the driver missed a turn, one passenger freaked out but the Redditor put them in their place.

Time Out

“Missing their turn or exit,” they shared. “You aren’t traveling in interstellar space. Go to the next exit and turn around.” This is true and if they’re in an Uber it shouldn’t matter much. Mistakes happen and in the end, they will arrive at their destination.

Food Wars

Many people have freaked out because of weird food concoctions. We don’t know why it’s a heinous crime to put pineapple on pizza but it provokes a severe backlash. But this Redditor argued that it doesn’t matter and that nobody is forcing them to eat it. They say that they lose patience with picky eaters like this.

The Guardian

They wrote: “You’re perfectly free to find some food combinations, not to your liking such as well-done steaks, ketchup on hot dogs/burgers, pineapple on pizza, etc. But as long as you’re not being made to eat them, who really cares if other people like them.”

Choking Child

Any parent will say that there’s nothing more terrifying than a child in danger. It could be because they’re suffering an illness or that they’re missing in a department store. This parent freaked out after she saved her child from choking on a spoonful of cereal.


Jelc17 shared: “Multiple slaps. The clog of cereal dislodged and he was able to breathe again. We both collapsed on the floor in tears, had cuddles, and generally recovered. Then he wanted to carry on eating his breakfast.” It’s unbearable to even think about this because it’s horrifying.

Active Shooter

Another person had a harrowing life experience when they went to the mall as a youngster. Security forces shut it down because of the risk of an active shooter. It’s safe to say that they freaked out because nobody should deal with this type of scenario.

CSO Online

“When I was around 14 years old, my friends and I were at a mall and the mall went on lockdown because of an active shooter,” ChaneI remembered. “Turns out it was just a guy shooting the air but at the time we didn’t know that.” Impending mortality is terrifying.

House Fire

House fires create a terrifying sense of disorientation. Usually, the smoke kills people before the fire burns them. Flames engulfed this Redditor’s home and they freaked out. Luckily they made it out alive and saved their beloved dogs in the process.

ABC News

“By the time I had woken up the stairs were engulfed in flames,” ChicagoSpawn6 wrote. “I truly lost all sense of what to do. Thought it was all over. Eventually got to a window and ended up throwing my dogs out the window (all were okay) and jumping out the window.”