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40 Iconic Celebrity Maternity Styles We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Hizkiail July 29, 2021

We don’t know how she posed so gracefully underwater or how the photographer captured the perfect shot, but it was absolutely stunning. She looks so natural and at peace, and we love how her bump is on full display.


Throughout her pregnancy, Cardi B did not shy away from showing off her baby bump. She wore tight dresses and but refused to stop wearing her iconic super-high heels. Cardi B was proud of her pregnant body and wanted everyone to know.


Rinna is an icon, and it seems like she didn’t like to wear a lot of clothes when she was pregnant either. We can imagine her saying, “Harry Hamlin, take a picture of me.” Her daughter must have loved this birthday tribute.


During her pregnancy, Paltrow didn’t let a growing bump stop her from sporting couture gowns. She stood poised as ever even during her third trimester and glowed from within. We wonder if she was already practicing the strange things she writes about on Goop back then.


Throughout all three of her pregnancies, Kourtney embraced her natural side and loved her pregnant body. She wore a lot of things to show off her bump because she was proud that her body was creating a new life.


Klum was glamourous throughout her pregnancy, and she was happy to wear things that highlighted her belly. She also rocked some body-con dresses that hugged all her curves.

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The pop princess definitely had a unique style during her pregnancy, one that can only be described as a mix between comfort and whatever she could find in her closet. Like other stars during this time, Spears also showed off her bump with tiny crop tops and low-rise skirts.


Pink gave birth a month after her announcement, and she was so happy to welcome a boy into her family. The new mommy kept everything pretty private throughout her pregnancy, although the tabloids speculated about her growing bump.


All she had was her hands to cover up for modesty, but she looked phenomenal. We love this iconic photo for the beauty, classiness, and bravery she had to pose when no one else was showing off their bumps. Moore really was the original pregnancy model.


Grimes was already a bit of a strange person before she was pregnant, and she kept her pregnancy very private for the most part. However, she did share her strange pregnancy diet, which included bread soaked in melted butter and food from her favorite restaurant.


It became the most-liked photo on Instagram in 2017, with 11 million likes. With the veil and floral backdrop, this picture became iconic, and plenty of people recreated it for fun or for their own maternity photoshoots.


The dancer and actress has always been very open about her pregnancies, and she was excited to bring another child into the world. She looked angelic in the white lace robe that covered her up while still showing off her growing belly.

Misan Harriman / Twitter

Since she is not on a Royal tour during this second pregnancy, she is enjoying wearing flowing dresses along with some more comfortable options. During the famous Oprah interview, she opted for a flowing wrap dress that hugged the top of her bump but still kept her comfortable.

Greg Swales

She wore a lot of empire waist dresses throughout her pregnancy to show off her growing bump without hugging her too tight. She still rocked some glam looks up until the end of her pregnancy and could not have looked more glowing and beautiful.

Vanity Fair

Because of her pregnancy, she did not have the same endurance as she normally does, but that was to be expected. Despite being pregnant, she didn’t let that stop her from being at the top of her game.

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Lopez revealed that when she found out she was pregnant with twins, she started laughing hysterically because she couldn’t believe that she was having two babies. She never knew what motherhood would be like until she experienced it firsthand.


When she was four months pregnant, she was seen smoking a cigarette, and while we aren’t here to judge, we are pretty sure doctors advise against that. However, she looked so cool and grungy in this photoshoot while pregnant, proving maternity shoots don’t have to be angelic.

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Throughout her pregnancy, she continued to work, and it was worth it when she won her award. A few weeks later, she gave birth to her daughter, and it was more exciting than any award she could have won.


Throughout her pregnancy, Khloe wore many glam outfits and even created a maternity jeans and clothing line with her brand, Good American. In her maternity shoot, she opted for some lacey lingerie and showed off her growing baby bump.


Jenner wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret because she didn’t want to deal with the paparazzi, speculations, and false headlines. The reality star has since shared many of her pregnancy photos with her Instagram followers, and she kept things casual regarding her maternity style.


Hadid posted a series of pictures from her maternity shoot, including this shot in a sheer mini dress that hugged her in all the right places. Since she was pregnant during the lockdown, we can imagine she spent most of her time in sweats and comfortable clothes.


Perry and her fiance Orlando Bloom spent most of her pregnancy at the beach, where she wore figure-flattering one-pieces and enjoyed the sun and surf. Perry and Bloom welcomed their daughter at the end of August.


The actress wore a stunning blue dress and cradled her belly. Throughout her pregnancy, Reed wore many flowing dresses, comfortable overalls, and boho outfits. Her style was chic and simple without looking like she stopped trying.


For her third pregnancy, Curry kept it casual with a t-shirt that said “preggers” and a simple caption stating, “Curry party of 5.” She kept her pregnancy style comfortable and chic with lots of stretchy wide-leg pants and flowing dresses.


Throughout her first pregnancy, Biel kept her style casual with graphic t-shirts, joggers, and flat shoes. Pregnancy is hard, so why make it complicated with over-the-top outfits and outrageously uncomfortable shoes?


Here she is pictured on a boat in a fitted pink dress and her hair in its naturally curly state. The first lady always knew how to look classy and comfortable without trying too hard. She was a fashion icon that women, pregnant or not, still look up to.

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She was having her second child with Gregg Allman, and they were excited to welcome a baby boy. Cher had a previous child from another relationship, and she also dressed phenomenally then.

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When she had her youngest daughter in her forties, people wondered if she used IVF or other fertility treatments, but she never talked about her situation. However, she did look amazing with her baby bump concealed in this gown at the Oscars.

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The iconic actress would often wear things that flowed out under her chest to give her bellow room to breathe. As a celebrity, everyone criticizes you, so we can understand why she would want to conceal herself from the public eye.

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Like many other royals, her fashion choices were always in the headlines, and she set the trends for pregnant women everywhere. As someone who is under a magnifying glass, Fergie handled herself with class and grace.

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For someone who has had six children naturally, she must have been more than prepared with a wardrobe of maternity clothes from previous pregnancies. Kris was probably already thinking about how she could get ten percent of her future daughter’s achievements.

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Throughout her pregnancies, Smith pushed the boundaries of what people were used to seeing on pregnant women. She showed up to the Grammy Awards wearing a sheer bedazzled gown that highlighted her bump instead of hiding it, which was not normal for the time.

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The glowing mother-to-be was still as chic as ever during her pregnancy, and she decided to go a different direction than the typical maternity style. People knew her as Posh Spice, so she wasn’t going to let a pregnancy change her stylish reputation.

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Long kept her style pretty casual throughout the pregnancy with comfortable pants and loose sweaters without hiding her bump completely. On the red carpet, she wasn’t afraid to rock something that showed off her pregnant curves.

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Throughout her pregnancy, she continued to rock this style because it was flattering and comfortable. She also channeled her Sex and the City character in more than one way with her effortless outfits that still looked chic and comfortable.

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After Rachel Green wore a crop top in Friends while she was pregnant, it became the hottest maternity trend, and every woman was trying it out. Hudson was one of the first to rock this trend on the red carpet, and she definitely made a statement.

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Throughout her pregnancy, Richards was happy to show off her growing belly and rocked the trend well into her third trimester. It was a time when women started to embrace the changes their body was going through, and show the world how beautiful pregnancy is.