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Hidden Movie Details That Will Change How You View Your Favorite Films

Darren Ryding May 19, 2022

3. 30 Minutes

‘Fargo’ was one of the best American movies ever. This quirky classic saw an all-star cast deliver phenomenal performances. Despite the dark humor, it was also very intelligent with some great moments. One of these came in the 30th minute of the film (via The Guardian).

There were exactly 30 minutes left in the movies when Steve Buscemi delivered a classic line. He said: “30 minutes Jerry, we wrap this thing up.” The timing was brilliant because it was perfectly on point. There were plenty of smart references and hidden movie details.

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2. Tarantino’s Hands

‘Inglorious Basterds’ was one of Quentin Tarantino’s wildest films. It provided an alternative history of Nazi Germany with some surreal moments. In one scene, Christoph Waltz chokes Diane Kruger with his bare hands. However, there’s more to this than meets the eye (via NME).

That’s because Waltz’s efforts didn’t satisfy Tarantino. Instead, the director decided to step in and choked the German actress with his hands. In the film, viewers witness Tarantino’s hands and not Waltz’s because that’s what he went with. It was creepy but she consented to the situation.

Star Wars

1. Purple Lightsaber

Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu became one of the most popular and recognizable Stars Wars characters. That’s because he was the only Jedi with a purple lightsaber. Furthermore, Samuel L. Jackson played him with his customary swagger. But there’s more to that lightsaber than just its color.

Jackson requested the unique color because he wanted to stand out on the battlefield. George Lucas obliged and they came up with his trademark purple. Meanwhile, Jackson asked the props people to customize it with a special message: “Bad Motherf***er.”