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Interesting Hidden Messages Everyone Probably Missed From Popular Movies

Hizkiail October 11, 2021

When most people watch a movie, they tend to focus mostly on the storyline and not so much on what is happening in the background. If that sounds like you, don’t feel bad – it just means you’re part of the 99% of people who watch movies to relax, not obsess of every tiny detail to see if the director purposefully hid something in the background. We however are like that, and after pouring over some of the most popular films in cinematic history we found some of the most surprising (and in some cases, shocking) hidden messages and easter eggs that the vast majority of the population probably has no idea about. Check out this list, and prepare to never be able to watch a movie the same way again knowing that something is almost always happening in the background!

​The Familiar Hieroglyphs Hidden In Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Most movie junkies probably know that George Lucas not only created Star Wars but also co-created and co-wrote the Indiana Jones movies. But there’s a very good chance that most people who watched Raiders of the Lost Arc completely missed the hidden message Lucas decided to include in the background, which makes reference to the former franchise.

​The Familiar Hieroglyphs Hidden In Raiders Of The Lost Ark

If you take a closer look at the hieroglyphs spread all over the ancient temple’s walls, you’ll quickly realize that the R2-D2 and C-3PO’s images are beautifully referenced there. This wasn’t the only time that Lucas added a hidden message in a movie, making reference to another movie of his. For instance, in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indie attempts to escape “Club Obi-Wan”.

​Starbucks Cups In Every Shot In Flight Club

So this hidden message might not have been “as hidden” as most of the items on this list, but it’s still absolutely brilliant. In Flight Club, almost every scene with a coffee cup is a Starbuck cup. The franchise’s coffee cup appears in every single frame of the film, leaving one wondering, is it just an advertisement?

​Starbucks Cups In Every Shot In Flight Club

Apparently, the message behind this one is the growing consumerism taking over our societies. Coffee culture, but specifically Starbucks coffee culture, has resulted in tons of people becoming completely dependent on it, hence its inclusion almost everywhere in the movie.

​Several Records Hidden In A Record Store In A Clockwork Orange

There are quite a few hidden messages in A Clockwork Orange, especially in the scene that takes place in a record store. At some point, one is able to see the record of another one of Kubrick’s movies, 2001: A Space Odyssey. The record includes a soundtrack that is not the official one for the film, but has some music featured throughout the movie.

​Several Records Hidden In A Record Store In A Clockwork Orange

That wasn’t the only hidden message that Stanley Kubrick planted in the film. If you pay enough attention to that scene, you’ll also be able to spot Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother, an album that was apparently too violent for the film.

​Disney Movies’ Hidden Mickey Mouses

If there is one thing that both Disney and Pixar love doing in their movies it’s to hide secret messages. And these aren’t necessarily those famous “subliminal messages” that have the intent of corrupting children’s minds, we’re talking about symbols that highlight some of Disney’s most memorable characters. Take the famous Mickey Mouse for example.

​Disney Movies' Hidden Mickey Mouses

Tons of Disney movies have several references to Mickey Mouse that are sometimes impossible to see but they’re definitely there! You can find them in 101 Dalmatians, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Lilo and Stitch, and several other Pixar and Disney hits.

Fast Five’s Reference To Star Wars

In Fast Five, we get to see a little bit of Han’s file, which reveals his real name, Han Seoul-Oh. While some viewers got it right away, the name actually makes reference to Harrison Ford’s memorable Star Wars character, Han Solo.

​​Fast Five's Reference To Star Wars
It was later clarified that the name was placed in his fake ID since the character was such a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise. But here’s an even better part. Apparently, Han Solo’s real name is not actually Han Solo, that name was given to him because he flew solo.

​Intriguing License Plates In The Matrix Trilogy

It’s not common for a viewer to pay attention to the license plates displayed in a movie, which makes them a perfect place to hide messages. And that’s exactly what happened in the Matrix trilogy. Throughout the film, most license plates displayed make reference to several bible verses.

​​Intriguing License Plates In The Matrix Trilogy
For instance, Trinity and Morpheus’s license plate “DA203”, makes reference to Daniel 2:03, which claims “I have had a dream that troubles me and I want to know what it means,” which hints towards Neo’s endless search for meaning.

Creepy References In Psycho

Psycho is one of those creepy horror films that are surprisingly worth watching over and over again. At some point, there was even a short cameo by the one and only, Hitchcock. It’s hardly noticeable, but in one particular shot where Norman Bates is sitting at a police station, Hitchcock superimposes Mrs. Bates’ mummified skull right on top of Norman’s face.

​​Creepy References In Psycho
The little message hints towards the film’s big reveal but is even creepier than it looks. Because this image is not noticeable in all theatrical versions of the movie, many viewers have been left wondering whether they really saw it or not.

A Prediction Of The Future In I Am Legend

In I Am Legend, Will Smith delivers an impeccable performance in what became one of the best apocalyptic thrillers in movie history. In one specific scene, the actor walks past a movie billboard that boasts both Batman and Superman’s logo, probably suggesting the possibility of a Batman v Superman movie in the future.

​A Prediction Of The Future In I Am Legend

Though some viewers were sure about this message, it turns out that the billboard didn’t intend to refer to the 2016 Batman v Superman movie. The actual story goes like this: Akiva Goldsman, the writer and producer of the film, had been hired to write a script for a superhero film that was later shelved. Instead, he included the billboard as a fun way to pretend that his film enlisted in another universe.

Bane’s Scars In The Dark Knight Rises Had A Special Message

Most DC fans probably know that Bane’s character originated from the League of the Shadows before he was excommunicated by the league’s ex-leader. In The Dark Knight Rises, the character has a number of scars on his head with a hidden meaning that refers to the League of the Shadows’ symbol.

​Bane's Scars In The Dark Knight Rises Had A Special Message

This symbol makes reference to where the character originated from, and his link to the organization’s main goal, which is to exterminate all the terrible sources of human corruption out there.

Tyler Durden Appeared Before He Was Even Introduced

Amongst many of the unique features that David Fincher adds to the Fight Club is a photograph of someone’s private parts that is flashed on-screen but almost no one notices.

​Tyler Durden Appeared Before He Was Even Introduced

At another point in time, Fincher also adds a very brief flash of Tyler Durden before Brad Pitt is even officially introduced, suggesting that the character is actually a hallucination of the film’s protagonist’s mind. As explained by Flincher, Tyler “remains only on the periphery of the narrator’s consciousness.”

The Hidden Video Featured In The Ring

There is no doubt in this world that the remake of a Japanese horror film, The Ring, is one of the most terrifying films out there. Directed by Gore Verbinski, the movie makes a strong point about the way the movies and series we watch affect us in many ways in real life, though he takes it to the extreme.

​The Hidden Video Featured In The Ring

If it wasn’t creepy enough, Verbinski adds a couple of pretty noticeable single frames of the terrifying videotape featured in the film at different times. The most noticeable one is probably featured at the beginning of the film, but the remaining ones are pretty difficult to notice.

The Reference To “Life Finding A Way” In Jurassic Park

One of the main themes in Jurassic Park, or perhaps the main one, is that humans attempt to engineer dinosaurs back into existence. But how did they stop the dinosaurs from breeding once they came back? Apparently, there were only female dinosaurs out there. In one scene where Ian Malcolm asks John Hammond whether it’s possible for the female dinosaurs to breed, his memorable quote “life, uh, finds a way” is shared.

​The Reference To

This is later explored when Malcolm struggles to put his seatbelt on because it is made of two female ends. He ends up coming up with a unique solution and succeeds, symbolizing the fact that he too, “found a way.”

​James Cameron’s Song Choice In Terminator 2

After the success of the first Terminator movie, Terminator 2 was released in 1991 under the soundtrack of “You Could be Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. And even though James Cameron never really admitted that this song was meant to be the movie’s soundtrack all along, several references suggest that he had it in mind for a long time.

​James Cameron's Song Choice In Terminator 2

For example, in one specific scene, John Connor’s friend is seen wearing an LA Guns T-Shirt, and of course, what happens at the end? The Terminator pulls a gun from a box of roses – coincidence much?

“Show Me The Monkey” Hidden In Morse Code In King Kong

While not many people know Morse code, imagine being one of the few who do, and being able to understand a bunch of hidden messages shared in Morse? In the remake of King Kong released in 2005, Peter Jackson adds some interesting messages. Right before the crew arrives at Skull Island, Captain Englehom gets one coded message in Morse.

Though the code says something completely different, Captain Englehom claims that Carl Denham is wanted by the police. The message actually said “show me the monkey,” suggesting that everyone who is watching the movie just wanted to see the gigantic ape.

The Biblical References In Robocop

The Matrix isn’t the only film with several hidden messages that refer to the bible. Though Robocop doesn’t necessarily share a strong link to the bible, the story about the half-man, half-machine surely resembles it a little bit.

​The Biblical References In Robocop

The plot involves Alex Murphy, a hero in a very corrupt city, getting killed. He is then resurrected and re-emerges as the city’s savior. If this story sounds familiar to you, it is because director Paul Verhoeven actually did think about this plot as a reference to his notion of what an American Jesus would be.

Icarus I’s Crew Foreshadowed In The End Of Sunshine

Sunshine shares the story of Icarus II, the famous spaceship that went on a mission to the sun, after receiving a stress signal from Icarus I, the ship’s predecessor that went missing. Throughout the movie, the crew’s flashlights often shine directly into the camera, and in each of these frames, a single frame goes completely unseen by most viewers.

​Icarus I's Crew Foreshadowed In The End Of Sunshine

During those shots, the film’s director, Danny Boyle, decided to splice in several images of the crew who had passed in Icarus I, without necessarily explaining how they died.

The Lion King’s HIdden Adult Message

Now here’s one of the most talked-about hidden messages in a Disney film ever! Though most of us barely noticed it when we were kids, some Disney fans actually did decipher the hidden message written in the sky. When Simba makes a cloud of dust come up in the air, there are three noticeable letters spelling “SFX”.

​The Lion King's HIdden Adult Message

It was later confirmed that the inappropriate message was in fact added on purpose, and we have to give props to the special effects people because it was barely noticeable.

​Cloverfield’s Creepy Sound Clip

Cloverfield is one of those films that is unsettling but highly engaging. The movie features a monster attacking a city in which people continuously seek refuge and safety. In one scene, Rob and Beth hide under the arch located in a Central Park bridge, and right after, a strike from above takes place burying them under.

​Cloverfield's Creepy Sound Clip

Since the film is filmed in an amateur handheld camera style, when the two are buried, the camera is buried with them. Though it is assumed that the monster is killed after the strike, after the movie credits there is a short audio clip randomly inserted which vaguely says “help us”, creepy, huh? That hints towards the fact the monster didn’t actually die in the end, and that people still need help.

The Joker’s Sneaky Cards In Batman Begins

Fans got really excited at the end of Batman Begins when the Joker’s calling cards are revealed in the end. The end basically confirmed that the Clown Prince would be the villain in the sequel, creating huge anticipation for the film. But many fans missed another little detail.

The Joker's Sneaky Cards In Batman Begins

The cards were checked in as important evidence by “J Kerr”, which was the abbreviation for one of Joker’s aliases, Joe Kerr. This signals the fact that the Joker appears in cop uniform in the following film, implying that he had been messing with Batman for much longer than anyone thought.

Irreversible’s Director Used A Sub-Sonic Bass To Make Viewers Feel Tense

One of the best ways to affect viewers with a film is by inserting different frames into the movie. In 2012’s Irreversible, Gasper Noe deconstructs a relationship with several graphic and brutal films, making it a really hard movie to watch.

​Irreversible's Director Used A Sub-Sonic Bass To Make Viewers Feel Tense

But even though the film was extremely hard, viewers couldn’t really understand why they felt nauseated in certain scenes, including the one when Vincent Cassel is at a nightclub. Apparently, the director inserted a subsonic bass note in some scenes that builds tension and gives an even bigger sense of dread to viewers.

The War Ship References In Skyfall

Skyfall was an incredibly successful movie that beautifully marked the franchise’s 50th anniversary. Just like many good movies out there, the film was layered with several details that might have gone unnoticed. In one particular scene that takes place at the National Gallery, Bond and Q are sitting in front of a painting named “The Fighting Temeraire”.

​The War Ship References In Skyfall

The painting made reference to a warship that had been dragged off to be broken up, which was a pretty fair depiction of how critics saw Bond at the time. After his defeat against Silva, another painting came up (hanging in M’s office) called “HMS Victory” by Thomas Butterworth.

A Homage To Batman In Man Of Steel

Whenever a movie is about another hero, that doesn’t mean that a little homage to another legendary superhero can’t take place, especially when we’re talking about Zack Snyder’s Justice League world. Although in Batman vs Superman the director decided to make Batman a little bit older and hardened, Man of Steel producers and the special effect team had a different idea.

​A Homage To Batman In Man Of Steel

During the scene where Zod finds out he has heat vision, subsequently making a building fall on Superman, you should be able to notice a poster hidden in one of the cubicles that says: “Keep Calm and Call Batman”.

Ghostly Flashes In The Exorcist

If there is one terrifying movie in Hollywood, then that’s for sure The Exorcist. What’s even more mind-blowing is the fact that the villain, a demon called Pazuzu never actually reveals itself throughout the movie. In addition to all of the awful things that happen in the film, the Exorcist’s director, William Friedkin, decided to insert a few frames of “Captain Howdy” during the movie.

Ghostly Flashes In The Exorcist

Since the movie was released in 1973 and VHS only arrived in America in 1977, viewers didn’t realize until a much later time. Friedkin, however, was sure that the frames would have an effect on film’s audiences, and to a certain extent, he was right.

​An Impossible Floor Plan In The Hotel In The Shining

Fans of Stanley Kubrick will probably know that almost nothing in his films is done by mistake. So, once you notice that the Overlook Hotel in The Shining had what seemed to be an impossible floor, we have to give Kubrick props for his work. If you’re still wondering what an “impossible floor plan” means, take a look at the floor plan in the picture.

​An Impossible Floor Plan In The Hotel In The Shining

In the scene where Dany rides his little trike around the corridors, you’ll realize that his route makes absolutely no sense. The layout is said to have been purposely confusing with the aim of unsettling the audience.

​A Spanish Joke That Almost No One Noticed in Anchorman

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy features some of the most renowned actors in Hollywood, including Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, and Kristen Wiig. The movie is absolutely hilarious, but one of their funniest jokes is probably the most subtle one of all.

​A Spanish Joke That Almost No One Noticed in Anchorman

In the scene where Veronica Corningstone and her colleagues arrive at a Mexican restaurant with the name Escupimos en su Alimento, the name actually means “we spit in your food” in Spanish. Non-Spanish speakers probably completely missed the subliminal joke though.

​Fight Club’s “Different” FBI Warning

While the little detail we’re about to tell about Fight Club is probably known, we couldn’t fail to mention it in this article. In addition to flash frames and many other hidden messages throughout the film, the DVD version of the movie contains an FBI piracy warning right at the beginning.

​Fight Club's

Though this was common in other films, the thing is that the movie’s “director,” Tyler Durden, was the one who wrote this one. The text actually warned viewers and suggested that they shouldn’t waste their time reading a notice and conforming to societal rules.

​The “Ask About Illuminati” Chart In Ducktales

We’ve established that Disney movies love planting hidden Mickey figures in their movies, but there is one other subliminal message that truly confuses viewers. In episode 88 of DuckTales, Scrooge goes to see a doctor. At the doctor’s office, one can see an eye chart hanging that reads “Ask About Illuminati.”


It is completely unclear though whether this was an accident, or a specific message sent to viewers to interpret for themselves. Sadly, we will probably never know the real reason behind it.

Inappropriate Jokes At Willy Wonka’s Factory

One of the most memorable phrases from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is “The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!” While people initially just loved the line because it was catchy when they found out what snozzberries actually mean, then things change a little bit.

​Inappropriate Jokes At Willy Wonka's Factory

Snozzberries actually referred to men’s private parts, which meant that adding it to a children’s movie was a bit of a risky move. The good thing is that most people still have no idea what it means though.

Hidden Horror Behing Every Curtain In The Shining

Stanley Kubrick really rocked it in his adaptation of Stephen King’s extremely dark themes into The Shining. Somehow, Kubrick decided to add quite a bit of horror behind every scene with a curtain. For instance, when Jack phones Wendy to tell her that he nailed a job at the Overlook Hotel, a black curtain is seen covering the entrance.

Hidden Horror Behing Every Curtain In The Shining

In a later scene when the couple is shown where they’ll be staying at the hotel, viewers can spot another curtain dividing the bedroom from the living room. In several parts of the film, curtain scenes seem to be added and to make it even creepier.

Tarantino Sends A Special Message Through Kill Bill

In Kill Bill 1, Uma Thruman’s character completely destroys the Crazy 88 in a huge battle. In that scene though, there is a small detail that people might have missed in the blink of an eye.

Tarantino Sends A Special Message Through Kill Bill

When the character walks across the House of Blue Leaves, we are able to see the Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi shoes. While this is only visible for a brief moment, viewers should be able to identify the message FU*K U written on the soles.

Nina’s Many Hallucinations In The Black Swan

Black Swan was not an easy film to watch for so many reasons, but it was also a memorable piece of art that went on to earn several award nominations and many wins. There is no doubt that the film has some very confusing messages, as telling the story of a paranoid-schizophrenic ballerina spiraling out of control is not something particularly easy to do.

​Nina's Many Hallucinations In The Black Swan

In the club scene in specific, there are many moments that include Nina’s hallucinations which pass fairly quickly before anyone notices them. For a second, it either looks like she is dancing with the club director (who was not there) or she is looking at different versions of herself, which strongly hints at Nina’s complicated state of mind.

Characters Hiding In Milholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is one of David Lynch’s most acclaimed movies, which has obviously resulted in many fans taking deeper looks at it and analyzing several scenes. Every single time someone takes a bit of a deeper look into it, they discover something new.

​Characters Hiding In Milholland Drive

One of these details is that Lynch decided to mess around with the film’s viewers by hiding characters in plain sight. In one particular scene, where Rita and Betty enter a theater, if we look close enough we should be able to see Laura Palmer and Ronette Pulaski of the Twin Peaks movie.

The Fight Club Is Brought Up In The Social Network

The Social Network tells the story of how Facebook came to be the empire it is today, told from a controversial angle that sparked many conversations. But of course, the film’s director, David Fincher, who was also the director for Fight Club, decided to add a bit of an easter egg in the film.

​​The Fight Club Is Brought Up In The Social Network
In a scene where Zuckerberg is sitting on his computer, viewers should be able to see a folder named “Tyler Durden’s Photos.” Fans who were able to see it were probably excited to see this reference to such a classic.

Hedwig’s Name In Harry Potter Was Given After The Name Of A Saint

It’s not a secret that in the Harry Potter universe, every wizard or witch has to have a trusted pet alongside their journey. And as we know, Harry was given the majestic owl named Hedwig, who would do anything necessary to protect the legendary wizard.

​Hedwig's Name In Harry Potter Was Given After The Name Of A Saint

At some point, Hedwig even sacrifices her own life to protect Harry. In the books, it’s said that Hewdwig’s name was given after a medieval witch or wizard when the truth is that her name is actually the same one as the patron saint of orphaned and abandoned children.

A Reference To Comic Books In Ant-Man

The Marvel universe has so many hidden messages that we might have not yet discovered some of them at this point. One of these subliminal messages is found in Ant-Man, when the villain, Darren Cross, actually makes reference to the comic books. He claims that a miniature superhero working in secret is nothing more than “propaganda, Tales to Astonish.”

​A Reference To Comic Books In Ant-Man

Though this was obviously not true, the line hinted at the superhero’s origin story which is a big plus for most viewers who went on to investigate further about it.

Telling Number Plates In Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

By now we have learned that maybe it’s a little bit worth it to pay more attention to what random number plates say in the movies we watch. In Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, several characters’ number plates have something to do with the car owner’s personalities.

​Telling Number Plates In Ferris Bueller's Day Off

​For example, Ferris’ mother’s number plate reads VCTN (vacation), while his dad’s says MMOM (which means, Mr. Mom). Cameron’s father’s Ferrari on the other hand reads NRVOUS, which really fits his nervous character.

Tarantino’s Movie Within A Movie Reference In Jackie Brown

Quentin Tarantino is pretty known to love connecting different films from his own universe. In one of the legendary director’s most underrated movies, he adds a movie within a movie moment that only he could pull off. In the scene where Ma Cherry is walking out of a movie theater in Jackie Brown, we can hear the movie credits in the background.
​​Tarantino's Movie Within A Movie Reference In Jackie Brown

While we don’t recognize it right away, when the movie credits for the actual film are revealed at the end of the movie, we realize that Max Cherry was actually watching Jackie Brown.

Die Hard’s Fatherly Love Message Thorough A Teddy Bear

Those who are familiar with Die Hard’s John McClane will know that even though he can be pretty tough, he is also a very gentle soul.

​Die Hard's Fatherly Love Message Thorough A Teddy Bear

Apparently, he has a way of symbolizing fatherhood in his films that is simple and cute, which is through the use of a bear. In the film, McClaine files to LA for Christmas and brings with him a big teddy bear for his daughter. The movie’s director is known to use teddy bears as a symbol of fatherly love in many of his movies, and often finds a way of adding it to a scene or two.

Dodgeball Hinted At A Very Popular Show

Movies like Dodgeball aren’t your obvious ones for a hidden message or two. That is because most viewers usually just enjoy what happens on the surface of the movie refraining from digging too deep. However, the movie’s director managed to add one small message.

​​Dodgeball Hinted At A Very Popular Show
His reference to a battle between the Average Joe’s Gym against the “bad guys” in what looks like a David and Goliath type of battle, is actually a reference towards G.O. Joe, who was a fighter in the crime organization, Cobra.

Avatar Criticizes The Country

Avatar was one of the biggest films of its time, taking James Cameron to really take advantage of his platform in order to send some very important political messages to his viewers.

​Avatar Criticizes The Country

In the part where there is an attempt to take over Pandora and to use its resources to basically trample over the Na’vi, it’s not too hard to understand what type of criticism he is making there, with his focus being on the US.

An Inappropriate Message In The Rescuers

The Rescuers was released in 1977 by Disney, featuring an animated film about some mice who join forces to rescue a kidnapped girl. In one particular scene, Bianca and Bernard are flying on top of an albatross called Orville, and the image of something completely unsuitable to children comes up.

An Inappropriate Message In The Rescuers

A photo of a nude woman was somehow superimposed on several windows within the frame, and well, the response that the scene got from viewers wasn’t very positive.

Neo Was Being Watched The Whole Time In The Matrix

In addition to license plates with several biblical meanings, The Matrix also had other interesting references. For example, there was this cool detail and reference to the first Matrix film in Matrix Reloaded.

Neo Was Being Watched The Whole Time In The Matrix

When Neo meets the Architect of the Matrix, he finds out that he had been watching him the entire time. This proved what had already been mentioned in the first film when Neo was kidnapped by agents and viewers were able to see him being interrogated on several surveillance monitors.

Eric and Ursula’s Wedding In The Little Mermaid Had Some Special Guests

We may be used to seeing different Pixar universes combined into one film, but when Disney does it, it’s not necessarily as expected. In The Little Mermaid, during Eric’s wedding Ursula, the sea witch, you’ll actually be able to spot a number of interesting guests from the Pixar world.

Eric and Ursula's Wedding In The Little Mermaid Had Some Special Guests

It’s probably obvious that we’re talking about the one and only King and Duke from Cinderella, who were apparently invited to the wedding.

Could Anakin Skywalker Be Jesus In Star Wars?

Many fans of Star Wars believe that the film was a commentary towards the story of Jesus. Anakin Skywalker, also known as “the chosen one”, often demonstrated some of the deadly sins throughout the film, including anger and pride, which contributed to the dark path he eventually took.

​​Could Anakin Skywalker Be Jesus In Star Wars?
Luke, on the other hand, never loses faith in his father, and it’s his faith that results in Anakin redeeming himself, and even sacrificing his life for his son.

Scorese Hints Towards Who Will Die Next In The Departed

Something about The Departed keeps viewers constantly on their feet, be it because the film is action-driven, or perhaps because the characters just drop like flies unexpectedly.

​​Scorese Hints Towards Who Will Die Next In The Departed
And though this may be a reason for some anxiety to some viewers, the film actually hints at who is about to drop next. Scorsese decided to place X’s throughout the film, giving us a hint on who was about to die. Yet, because most viewers didn’t notice this, they weren’t actually able to follow through with the major spoiler.

The Wizard Of Oz Represents Religion Or Atheism?

Many people interpreted the Wizard of Oz from a religious point of view, and to be completely honest, it makes some sense. After all, Dorothy and her friends go on a long path seeking some sort of enlightenment from the Wizard (who represents a godlike figure).

The Wizard Of Oz Represents Religion Or Atheism?

However, since the film’s main message ends up being the fact that “power comes from within” and not from God, some groups in Tennesse actually wanted to get the book banned due to its “anti-religious” message.

X-Men Movies’ Mutants Represent An Important Struggle

In the X-Men movies, the Mutants’ struggle represents the many difficulties that different minorities experience in life, with particular attention to the LGBT community. This topic is extremely close to the director’s heart, who identifies as part of the community.

​X-Men Movies' Mutants Represent An Important Struggle

So in the film, the mutants’ powers develop around the time they are teenagers, and there are even some scenes in the film with the mutants “coming out” about being mutants to their parents.

Aliens Brought Up The Vietnam War On Screen

After the huge success of Alien, James Cameron decided to create a sequel that brings up the Vietnam War to the screen. Apparently, he used imagery that was supposed to “smoothly” resemble images of the war, which would in turn make viewers a little bit anxious.

Aliens Brought Up The Vietnam War On Screen

Whenever really confident troops went in, they would end up becoming sitting ducks, while people felt completely helpless off-screen, just like it happened during the widely televised war.

Could HYDRA From Captain America Be A Reference To The Illuminati?

Captain America fans know exactly what the evil organization of HYDRA is. But because of the similarities between both organizations, some people claim that HYDRA is a reference to the Illuminati secret society, including being connected to the Nazis during WWII.

Could HYDRA From Captain America Be A Reference To The Illuminati?

Some also say that Captain America’s stance somehow represents an Illuminati symbol, the double-V. Whether that’s true or not, that’s up to each viewer to decide.

The Oranges In The Godfather Are A Prediction To Death

If you pay attention the next time you watch the classic film, The Godfather, you’ll realize that it’s no coincidence that oranges appear every single time something really bad happens in the film. They either foreshadow attacks against the family or even deaths in several scenes throughout the movie.

​The Oranges In The Godfather Are A Prediction To Death

Though the filmmakers claimed that the oranges were just there as an addition to the set design, the coincidence is too big to be untrue.