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The Best & Worst Wedding Dresses In TV And Movie History

HizkiailOctober 23, 2021

There are definitely gorgeous wedding dresses constantly flaunted upon us in some of the best movies and TV series out there. Then there are also some pretty dubious ones, the ones that make us wonder whether they purposely chose an ugly dress, or the choice was just some fashion flop. Take a look at this article and see which actresses got to wear the most beautiful dresses the never wanted to take off, and the ones who couldn’t change out of their dresses fast enough.

Okay, before we begin, we have to warn you that the first half of this article are wedding dresses so bad we all cringed instead of going “awww.” So in Lillian’s defense, her dress was supposed to look completely absurd from the start, and they clearly succeeded. We’re guessing that the costume designer really put some work into creating one of the worst wedding gowns out there.

​Bridesmaids - Lillian's Unforgettable Dress
Universal Pictures

And yet, can you just imagine how uncomfortable it must have been to wear that piece of ruffled goodness during an entire scene?

There are so many things happening with Betsy’s dress in Betsy’s Wedding that we don’t even know where to start. The offbeat fashion student was caught up in one of the most ravaging wedding dresses in movie history.

Betsy’s Wedding - Betsy Hopper's Flaunty Gown
Buena Vista Pictures

There are cowboy boots in there, a high-low construction, a huge top hat, and a combination of colors that would most definitely be unacceptable according to the fashion police.

If you have watched the classic Golden Girls, then you might remember Dorothy’s really confusing and straight-up bizarre wedding dress. The dress made its appearance in one of the last episodes of the famous sitcom when Dorothy made the decision to marry Lucas Hollingsworth.

​Golden Girls - Dorothy's Confusing Neckline Dress
Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions

But then she goes ahead and chooses a dress with a strange ruffly neckline that certainly destroyed the wonderful lacy and elegant top she had on.

There is probably no better word to describe Cristabel Abbott’s wedding dress in The Hottie and the Nottie, than the word ‘unacceptable.’ She went for such an extravagant silhouette, plus the multi-tiered skirt and the puff sleeves – there’s just way too much going in one dress.

​The Hottie And The Nottie - Cristabel Abbott's Unacceptable Wedding Gown
Regent Releasing

And not to mention that the skirt came with the bonus three-dimensional flowers that highly contributed to the fashion disaster.

Not to be mean or anything, but it was probably for the best that Carrie’s wedding didn’t happen that day because there was just too much going on there! In Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw wore a freaking bird on her head on her wedding day! Are you kidding me?

Sex And The City - Carrie Bradshaw's Really Big Gown
New Line Cinema

The simpler and more delicate gown she ends up wearing when she actually does tie the knot was a much better fit than this disaster.

My Best Friend’s Wedding is one of those movies that sort of leaves us in an uncomfortable situation, not really knowing who we are rooting for. And in all truth, Cameron Diaz doesn’t really have the best reputation when it comes to movie wedding dresses, sadly enough.

​My Best Friend's Wedding - Kimberly Wallace's Not So Stunning Dress

So when Kimberly Wallace rocks up with her puffy wedding dress, we were sort of expecting it but it was still disappointing.

In The Proposal, we find ourselves hoping that Sandra Bullock’s character, Margaret Tate, gets her happy ending.

​The Proposal - Margaret Tate's Antique Gown
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

And when she chooses to wear a silky custom-designed wedding dress for her wedding, something about the diamond-shaped details, plus the high neck and the dolman sleeves, simply didn’t go so well together. She might have looked great in that dress 150 years ago though.

Well, when the bride herself claims that she looks like a snow beast in her wedding gown, then you know that something about that dress is just not great.

​My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Toula Portokalos's Huge Gown
IFC Films

Sadly, we have to agree with Toula Portokalos’ character in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. To give the movie some well-deserved credit though, they did mean to make the wedding gown pretty goofy.

What Happens in Vegas is one of those romantic comedies that leaves us hoping for some romance as soon as the movie ends. What doesn’t inspire any romance in us is the casual wedding dress that Joy McNally wears when she ties the knot in a Vegas chapel.

​What Happens In Vegas - Joy McNally's Chilled Dress
Twentieth Century Fox

To her defense, her character was drunk, so it’s not so surprising that her wedding dress turns out to be bad.

No doubt that fashion trends have dramatically changed in France since the 19th century. But something about Cosette’s dress in Les Misérables gives us those 19th-century French fashion feels, instead of a wedding taking place in the middle of 2012.

Les Misérables - Cosette's Weird Choice Of A Dress
Universal Pictures

The dress includes a really unflattering skirt, too many dollies, and some of the most massive shoulders we’ve ever seen.

Love Actually is another romance that just gives us all the feels, not to mention the superb acting we get to experience. And yet, Juliet’s wedding dress in the film just doesn’t do it for us.

​Love Actually - Juliet's Fudgy Sweater Wedding Dress
Universal Pictures

Since it was December, we get that the weather was kind of cold and all, but that wasn’t necessarily a good reason to ruin such a fudgy sweater for a wedding dress.

Nothing like a feather-like dress to completely ruin a wedding scene in our eyes. In 2012’s Mirror Mirror, Julia Roberts’ character, Clementianna, wears one of the most hideous wedding dresses ever.

Mirror Mirror - Clementianna's Feather Dress
Relativity Media

She rocks up with a bunch of feathers on a brassy and big ensemble that perfectly reflects her evil stepmother character. Since she plays a villain, we’ll say that the dress makes some sense.

Ah, Gilmore Girls, the only bad thing about the wonderful series is that it finishes. Oh wait, there might be one other bad thing about it, and that is Lorelai Gilmore’s really flowery wedding dress.

​Gilmore Girls - Lorelai Gilmore's Flowery Nightmare Dress

Lorelai actually found the dress completely ideal for her upcoming wedding, not to mention that the dress was on sale, so she just went ahead and bought it. But unfortunately, we have to say that the dress didn’t flatter her.

Jess’s character in Girls is pretty bold and boho right from the start, so it only made sense that her wedding dress would reflect her personality. And yet, something about the vintage, shapeless, plain, and ill-fitting dress just didn’t seem to flatter her at all.

​Girls - Jessa Johansson's Ill-Fitting Boho Dress

And while she was probably going for a look that was a bit more laid back, it didn’t work out.

Over the course of their wedding in the Castle, Kate Beckett wears not one, or two, but three wedding outfits! If that’s not being really extravagant, then we don’t know what is.

​Castle - Kate Beckett's Famous Couture Wedding Gown

And you’d think that the couture dresses would be undeniably stunning, but nah. The first one she wears is a French silver re-embroidered lace dress that is simply terrible. At least the other two are not so bad.

In Pretty Little Liars, Aria was never too keen on following fashion rules. Her character is sure of herself, and she wears whatever she pleases, so that’s exactly what she did on her wedding day.

​Pretty Little Liars - Aria Montgomery's Crochet Short Dress

But somehow, the bell sleeves and crochet gown just went a little bit over the limit of “not caring about fashion,” but at least she got her happy ending in the season finale.

In How I Met Your Mother, Lily totally owns her shopping addiction, which is a reason for many jokes throughout the show. But with that, we’d think that her wedding dress would be stunning since she has experience in the field of shopping and all, but nope.

​How I Met Your Mother - Lily Aldrin's Oversized Dress

Her memorable dress was just oversized and really didn’t do much for her fashion reputation.

Although it’s not actually a wedding, Katniss Everdeen decides to wear a signature white dress for the awaited pre-game ceremony featured in the film.

Catching Fire - Katniss Everdeen's Over-The-Top Gown

When she does her trademark spin, we sort of dig the dress, but that still doesn’t do much around the fact that the overplayed bottom and underplayed top just don’t match together. Also, the wiry embellishments spread all over don’t add much to her style.

When the wedding day comes, Pam Beesly’s character chooses to wear a simple A-line dress designed by David’s Bridal. And while her baby bump was perfectly accommodated by the empire-waist gown, the entire wrinkled situation going on there was simply not flattering.

​The Office - Pam Beesly’s Unflattering Dress

Don’t get us wrong though, since she looks so beautifully radiant, we bet that fans can overlook this tiny detail.

So, we shouldn’t be too harsh on this one, since Blair Waldorf’s wedding gown on Gossip Girl doesn’t look so terrible. The character rocks a princess-like, beautiful, and kind of subtle wedding gown, which brings up a tiny problem – it’s so not her character’s style!

Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf's Princess Like Dress

The boring gown barely reflects her strong personality, which comes out much more in the dress she wears for her wedding with Chuck.

Okay, now that we’ve established that some movies and TV series are completely disappointing when it comes to wedding dresses, we’d like to pass on to a bit of a more positive note.

​Reign - Queen Mary Stuart's Stunning Dress
The CW

And nothing better than starting with Queen Mary Stuart’s flawless wedding dress in Reign, when she marries Prince Francis in a stunning ceremony. Now that’s what we call a Royal dress!

I mean, if this dress is not just completely dazzling, then we don’t know what is. In Outlander, Claire couldn’t have looked more magnificent than the way she looks in her highland wedding to Jamie.

​Outlander - Claire Fraser's Unforgettable Dress

The little details, the corset, and the delicate but strong sleeves really make it an unforgettable dress, in a good way. It’s as if she was made for the dress!

In season nine, the awaited wedding between Booth and Bones finally happens in the series Bones. The couples get hitched in a stunning ceremony that includes most of their loved ones witnessing the beautiful moment between the two.

​Bones - Temperance "Bones" Classic Dress

And while their nuptials don’t really go as planned, there is no doubt that her classic white wedding dress is stunning and quite memorable.

Kate Beckett’s wedding gown in Castle is undeniably stunning. The lace details and the simplicity of the dress really create the perfect gown for her wedding day.

Castle - Kate Beckett's Dreamy Dress

Sadly though, the gorgeous dress never got to make it to the altar (you’ll have to watch it to know why), but oh well, at least she did get to wear her dream dress.

Emily Thorne’s wedding dress in Revenge has everything going on for her. The character is known for always dressing to impress throughout the entire series, so obviously, her wedding day was not an exception to the rule.

Revenge - Emily Thorne's Fashionable Dress

Both her character and the groom, Daniel, looked absolutely stunning together in the wedding scene. Unfortunately, though, there was much more going on that day than just love and romance.

If you’re a part of the Grey’s Anatomy family, then you’ve probably rooted for April Kepner’s happiness at some point. Her character goes through so much (like most characters on the show) that at some point all we want is for her to have her happy ending.

Grey’s Anatomy - April Kepner's Charming Gown

And although she doesn’t actually marry Matthew in this scene, we can’t deny that she was totally rocking her wedding dress.

From the start, Charlotte York seems to have the perfect marriage when she married Trey. But sadly, their marriage wasn’t made to last. Thankfully, she gets to do the entire thing all over again while wearing a stunningly memorable gown and veil (you can see by her look that she knows she’s rocking it).

​Sex And The City - Charlotte York's Vintage-Inspired Wedding Dress

The vintage-inspired gown was a thing of beauty during her ceremony alongside Harry.

Just by taking one look at this picture, we can see how radiant and straight-up gorgeous Jane Villanueva looked at her wedding on Jane the Virgin.

Jane the Virgin - Jane Villanueva’s Traditional Dress
The CW

And if we want to get into the details of it, Jane Villanueva is probably one of the only characters on this list for whom (ahem) a traditional white wedding dress is fitting, if you know what we mean.

So, Phoebe Buffay has probably one of the most confusing styles in the history of television. The character is unapologetically herself, and we love her endless confidence.

​Friends - Phoebe Buffay’s Snow Wedding Dress

When she marries Mike in an unconventional ceremony in the snow, everything is magical. And though her dress could have gone both ways, it certainly worked out for her in the end, she looked stunning.

In Boy Meets World, we sort of expected Topanga Lawrence to wear a stunning wedding gown, and that’s exactly what she did. She wore a stunning long-sleeved lace dress when she tied the knot with Cory, and we can easily say that the couple couldn’t have looked more adorable together!

Boy Meets World - Topanga Lawrence’s Long-Sleeved Gown

The veil really complimented her look incredibly well, it was just one of those things that were meant to be.

Penny Hofstadter and Leonard’s relationship is probably one of the most weirdly cute in television history, and we’re totally up for it!

​The Big Bang Theory - Penny Hofstadter’s Knee-Length Lacy Gown

When the couple finally decides to hold a second ceremony, after eloping and leaving all of their family and friends out of their first wedding, Penny wears the cutest knee-length dress. The gown is complemented by tiny and intricate lace details that we love!

Okay, put aside the fact that this was one of the most painful wedding scenes in the history of television. Even though Cristina Yang and Burke (thankfully) ended up not getting married, there is no doubt in this world that Yang looked so gorgeous in her dress.

​Grey’s Anatomy - Cristina Yang’s Gorgeous But Painful Dress

After being left on the altar though, she goes into the memorable scene where she rips the dress off with Meredith, and man… that was hard to watch.

There is something so fun about watching Royal weddings and the dresses the stunning brides and guests choose to wear.

​Downton Abbey - Lady Edith's Crawley’s Smashing Royal Dress

And Lady Edith Crawley from Downton Abbey really didn’t leave us hanging when she chose a smashing dress and headpiece for her happy ending with the lucky Bertie. Bertie certainly turned out really lucky, but he didn’t look so bad himself either.

For several generations now, watching Friends on repeat has become a sort of cult-like phenomenon. And who could forget the wedding dress that marked the start of one of the most successful TV series in history?

Friends - Rachel Green's Sensational Runaway Bride Dress

After deciding that she can’t marry Barry, Rachel Green runs away in her expensive wedding dress to the cafe that would eventually change her life.

If any of us ever thought that Grace Adler would never get married in Will and Grace, then we were wrong. But who could blame us, it did look like she would spend most of her thinking about her BFF Will?

Will and Grace - Grace Adler's Aesthetic Dress

Thankfully, Grace found love in the arms of Leo, although she only knew him for a short period of time. And when they eventually got the happy ending, she looked so good in her wedding dress.

Let’s face it, Game of Thrones didn’t just win costume design award after award for nothing. The show certainly had some of the most incredible pieces of clothing in TV history, and the wedding dresses were no exception.

Game of Thrones - Margaery Tyrell's Elegant Gown

When Margaery Tyrell marries the horrendous Joffrey, she couldn’t have looked more elegant and graceful. Turns out her future husband was poisoned in the reception though, but oh well, it was for the best.

In New Girl, CeCe and Schmidt seemed to be perfect for each other. Their characters were both incredibly goofy, so we all expected their wedding day to be pretty unusual and interesting.

​New Girl - CeCe Parekh's White And Golden Dress

In the end, the groom ended up missing the big party, but they got to have an intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest friends. CeCe, of course, wore a dress designed by her talented friend.

And we’re back to Friends once more because Monica Geller too got to wear a stunning dress in her so awaited wedding ceremony to Chandler.

​Friends - Monica Geller's Flawless Gown

The couple, who we might say are #couplegoals, looked so stunning together, and their radiant smiles made the entire thing even more exciting for viewers. Monica, of course, wore the flawless wedding dress to the ceremony she had dreamed of.

Grey’s Anatomy fans may remember the sweet Izzie Stevens, who like her on-screen colleagues, went through quite a bit of heartache while longing for love.

​Grey’s Anatomy - Izzie Stevens' Unique Dress

Her character was dying when Meredith and Derek decided to make the beautiful gesture of giving her their wedding day. In a beautiful ceremony, she married Alex, while wearing a memorable and unusual wedding gown that looked perfect on her.