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Hidden Movie Details That Will Change How You View Your Favorite Films

Darren Ryding May 19, 2022

11. Meet The Riddler

‘The Batman’ became the latest installment of the saga in 2022. The caped hero remains one of the most popular superheroes and is very lucrative. This new movie saw Batman take on one of his creepiest foes, ‘The Riddler.’ Paul Dano had a great performance as the disturbed villain.

Unlike the Marvel movies, ‘The Batman’ didn’t have a post-credits end scene. However, it did provide the opportunity for bonus material. A URL features at the end of the movie. If fans follow it they access the Riddler’s website with some interesting content (via Games Radar).

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10. Silent Django

Quentin Tarantino made his first foray into Westerns with ‘Django Unchained.’ This saw an escaped slave take his revenge in a gripping and tense action thriller. Meanwhile, he drew influences from the original Django (1996), which was one of the most violent films of its era (via Hollywood Reporter).

Tarantino revered Sergio Corbucci’s masterpiece and wanted to have an Easter egg in his movie. We see Jamie Foxx’s Django sitting beside another man in a saloon. This was Franco Nero who played the original Django in Corbucci’s classic western. He doesn’t speak but it’s a great moment.


9. Strong Focus

Sometimes movies make dumb in-jokes that make people roll their eyes. One of these occurred in ‘Spiderman 2’ with Toby McGuire. He delivers a cheesy line about needing a strong focus before jumping off a building. Then he soars off the side of the tower onto a vehicle below.

But the wild part is that he lands on a Ford Focus car. Furthermore, he doesn’t damage it despite the heavy impact. It’s a funny detail as well as a cheesy pun that most people wouldn’t register. This one requires viewers to pay a lot of attention or they’d miss it (via iFunny).


8. EVA Pod

George Lucas loves making references to Steven Spielberg’s movies. However, he also includes Easter eggs from other big hits. One of these included the iconic 2001: A Space Odyssey. This film was a true masterpiece and changed the landscape for science-fiction in cinema.

Keen-eyed fans will notice that an EVA pod sits in a junkyard in ‘The Phantom Menace.’ Lucas paid tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s feature by including the machine. It’s a nice touch but one that many viewers are oblivious about. But those who know about it love this special detail (via Digital Spy).


7. Cars Canyon

Pixar always knocks it out of the park and Cars was no exception. This brilliant animated movie saw a charming story about a bunch of cars and their dreams. The best thing about this film was the level of detail because of everything related to automobiles and vehicles (via Inside The Magic).

Even the surrounding landscapes had a mechanical influence. One of the hidden movie details that some fans may not have caught was the Cars Canyon. All of the rock formations were in the form of old, classic vehicles. It’s a nice touch that adds a little extra to the experience.


6. Corn Field

Christopher Nolan is one of the most innovative auteur directors on the planet. He seems obsessed with achieving high levels of detail and realism. His movie, Interstellar is a great case study because most of the science is accurate. He consulted physicians and astronomers because he wanted it to feel authentic.

Furthermore, Nolan refused to compromise on mundane aspects of the movie. In one scene, a car drives through a cornfield that he planted specifically for the film. After they finished, Nolan sold the cornfield and even made a profit. It’s one of the most lucrative hidden movie details in this guide (via Cinema Blend).


5. Lone Pine Mall

Some people thought that they saw a mistake toward the end of the original ‘Back to the Future.’ They saw an example of brilliant continuity. Marty’s adventures begin beside the Twin Pines Mall in his hometown. However, when he returned it was now the Lone Pine Mall.

But this is a subtle nod to the fact that he crashed into a farmer’s tree during his time travels. It’s easy to forget about but the writers remembered. This is one of those great hidden movie details that make fans appreciate how much effort is put into filmmaking (via Joe UK).

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4. Broken Toe

Viggo Mortensen went to extreme lengths to ensure that audiences believed his depiction of Aragorn in ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ The Danish actor slept in stables and carried his sword everywhere because he wanted to capture a weather-beaten look (via Den of Geek).

In one scene, he kicks an orc’s helmet and yells in agonized frustration. However, viewers didn’t realize that his pain was genuine. Mortensen thought that it was a foam helmet but it was metal. He broke his toe in the process but the director kept the shot because of his sacrifice.


3. 30 Minutes

‘Fargo’ was one of the best American movies ever. This quirky classic saw an all-star cast deliver phenomenal performances. Despite the dark humor, it was also very intelligent with some great moments. One of these came in the 30th minute of the film (via The Guardian).

There were exactly 30 minutes left in the movies when Steve Buscemi delivered a classic line. He said: “30 minutes Jerry, we wrap this thing up.” The timing was brilliant because it was perfectly on point. There were plenty of smart references and hidden movie details.

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2. Tarantino’s Hands

‘Inglorious Basterds’ was one of Quentin Tarantino’s wildest films. It provided an alternative history of Nazi Germany with some surreal moments. In one scene, Christoph Waltz chokes Diane Kruger with his bare hands. However, there’s more to this than meets the eye (via NME).

That’s because Waltz’s efforts didn’t satisfy Tarantino. Instead, the director decided to step in and choked the German actress with his hands. In the film, viewers witness Tarantino’s hands and not Waltz’s because that’s what he went with. It was creepy but she consented to the situation.

Star Wars

1. Purple Lightsaber

Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu became one of the most popular and recognizable Stars Wars characters. That’s because he was the only Jedi with a purple lightsaber. Furthermore, Samuel L. Jackson played him with his customary swagger. But there’s more to that lightsaber than just its color.

Jackson requested the unique color because he wanted to stand out on the battlefield. George Lucas obliged and they came up with his trademark purple. Meanwhile, Jackson asked the props people to customize it with a special message: “Bad Motherf***er.”