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Rare and Funny Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Famous Movies

HizkiailAugust 12, 2021

Movies and TV shows portray such convincing and powerful characters that we often completely forget that the actors are just like us behind the scenes. When the camera stops rolling, they relax and do completely normal things. That’s when behind-the-scenes photos are taken to make us laugh and admire the commitment of all the talented people behind the big screen. Read on for the funniest, most awkward, and rare behind-the-scenes photos from some of the most well-known movies. Grab your popcorn and let’s dig in!

Fans of Harry Potter would definitely love this photo. This is like when you’re bored in class, and you start talking to that one guy you really hate. Professor Albus Dumbledore probably said, “My word Voldemort! I didn’t recognize you with your nose!”

When Foes Become Friends

Did you know that Ralph Fiennes only had his Voldemort makeup applied about 60 to 70 times through all the Harry Potter films?

When The Matrix was released in 1999, it changed the way Hollywood handled action sequences. You can say without any doubt that it was a sci-fi game changer. This scene, in particular, wowed us big time.

Oh, It Makes A Lot of Sense Now

We have a question. How does a person get one of these jobs, where you dress up in green leotards and help with the special effects?

It, based on Stephen King’s novel, is a 1990 two-part miniseries that became ABC’s biggest success with about 30 million viewers for its two parts.

Scary And Sad At The Same Time

Actor Tim Curry was phenomenal as Pennywise. In this photo, he looks sad because everyone is afraid of him. Did you know that Tim Curry was/is terrified of clowns and refused to see himself in the Pennywise full makeup?

It is amazing to see the actors read the comics they depict. Take an example of Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch, a truly great actor, and a wonderful human being.

Understanding The Character

If you name some of the recent Oscar-nominated films, there’s a pretty good chance this brilliant actor has been involved in them. Not many people know that he turned down the role of Doctor Strange at first. Here’s another fun fact for you. He wore exact copies of the 60-year-old dentures that belonged to Alan Turing for The Imitation Game.

In order to pet Rocket in that scene, Drax (played by Dave Bautista) had to pet a human in reality. It must’ve been a little awkward.

Is That You, Rocket?

“How was my day? Hmm…Well, a little weird. I pretended to be a raccoon, and Dave Bautista petted me.”

Pictures like this make us respect actors’ talent even more because HOW on earth do you take a green man attacking you with a puppet seriously? However, it would also be frightening if a green man randomly attacked you on the streets with a dog puppet.

"Aaahhh! Rabid Glove Puppet Coming At Me!"

We think that I Am Legend is the best film adaptation of the book. If you haven’t watched this movie, please do.

What would happen if one of the best superheroes met South Korean singer Psy? Well, you get an iconic picture in which one serious-looking superhero finally has a smile on his face.

Oppan Wolverine Style

Is there anything that can make us not fall in love with Hugh Jackman? Literally anything he does makes us swoon.

It looks like this alien needed a breather. After all, running around killing people can be exhausting, right?

Not An Alien Sitting On A Toilet

The alien is probably thinking, “What am I doing with my life? I wanted to be a surgeon, and look at me now!”

In Pan’s Labyrinth, Doug Jones played the role of the Faun and the Pale Man. Who knows maybe he is eating at the Pale Man’s table. Pan’s Labyrinth is an amazing movie that should be on your must-watch list.

How Often You Get To See A Faun Having A Coca Cola?

We love actors’ commitment because a suit like this one takes hours to put on and yet the actors and actresses still make the best of it.

Oh, so this is how they did Sussie in The Amazing World of Gumball. Perspective matters, and we’ll never look at that the same way again.

Mystery Solved

So when Darwin called her a “chin bag” in that one episode, he was technically right. But, honestly, we always thought that was a potato for some reason.

Hey, isn’t that Taika Waititi? At first, we thought Mark Ruffalo had it tougher than all his co-stars.

Love Is In The Air

Some of you must have been thinking, “I always knew there was something more to their rivalry!” Well, it was a joke.

We didn’t realize Jack Nicholson was a Sith Lord. So many things make sense now. But, oh, we got it wrong.

Who Know The Dark Side Looked So Cool

Some of you may have thought that he looks like Colin Mochrie, an improvisational comedian who is known for the impromptu TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Moxx of Balhoon doesn’t look happy at all. We are getting some waiting for your doctor’s appointment vibes.

Just Another Day At The Office

We wonder if that actor was tempted to take that costume out in public just to mess with people – To sit on a bench in public.

This is not a photo of Steven Spielberg moments before becoming lunch. Are there any fans of Jaws here? It’s famously one of the best films of all time.

Awesome Lounge Chair!

However, we wouldn’t even sit close to this thing despite knowing that it’s fake. But it is great to see Steven Spielberg relaxing the mouth of Jaws.

Tom Holland is making this look like a pajama party. A pajama party to die for (you see what we did here). His suit just says “Spidey” across the tag, and you probably want one just like this for Christmas.

Spidey Has A Nice PJs

Tom Holland shared this behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Avengers: Infinity War with co-star on the set of Titan. We feel relieved knowing that it wasn’t for the “I don’t feel so good” scene.

Hugo Weaving played the role of evil-minded and enigmatic Agent Smith. He did a great job as the antagonist for Neo in The Matrix film series.

Hello, Mr. Anderson

Unfortunately, he will not reprise the role of Agent Smith in The Matrix 4. Initially, he was supposed to return, but scheduling conflicts prevented him from taking the famous role back.

Are you a die-hard fan of SpongeBob SquarePants? If yes, then you could consider bidding for this terrifying David Hasselhoff prop. At the time of auction at the start of 2021, it was going for almost $100,000.

Give Him Back His Legs. He's Clearly In Pain

Imagine being the artist that had to create a realistic copy of Hasselhoff’s torso. The artist must have stared at endless reference photos of the actor for hours to get every hair and pore correct.

Okay, this behind-the-scenes photo from Passion of the Christ is perfect meme material. Maybe Mel Gibson wants to know what Jesus would do.

Looks Like An Interesting Conversation

Although the actor and director has his fair share of controversies, he has been making good movies recently. If you like science fiction action films, you should definitely watch the movie Boss Level.

Ray Harryhausen is an absolute legend of stop-motion animation. Dynamation was so ahead of its time and his work is still visually striking so many years later.

Ray Harryhausen, An Absolute Legend

Jason and the Argonauts was a box office disappointment at the time of its release, but it later became a cult classic and critically acclaimed movie.

Helena Bonham Carter as Ari in Planet of the Apes was brilliant. The shoes she is wearing are called Buffalo shoes; they were huge in the late ’90s and early 2000s and are somehow making a comeback these days.

So That's What Cigarettes Do To You

Did you know that Mark Wahlberg was super anxious to work with Tim Burton and decided to drop out of the role of Linus in Ocean’s Eleven (2001) for this film?

The film is so intense, and it is weird seeing them laughing on set. The Silence of the Lambs won five Oscars – Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Director, and Screenplay.

"What Do You Think? With Or Without The Mask?"

Anthony Hopkins, as imprisoned Dr. Hannibal Lecter, was out of this world. Did you know that The Silence of the Lambs was released on Valentine’s Day? How romantic.

They look like a McDonalds’ toy set when they’re all together like that. Did you know that Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran both have Pingu tattoos?

Party All Night

If you ever want a good laugh, go on YouTube and look for the Pingu version of The Thing. It is brilliant!

This is so hilarious because we think the hand was auditioning for The Muppets.

Talk To The Hand

At first glance, we thought it was a shot taken from one of the episodes of Oobi. Did Oobi scare anyone else as a kid or was it just us? But, seriously, they should have kept it this way. That would have been so much fun.

As if the on-screen versions we actually see weren’t scary enough, we had to see this one. If you have any enemies or someone you really hate, show them this picture or play the Teletubbies theme song when they sleep.

Burn Them. Burn Them Now!

Not many people know that one Teletubbies episode scared children so much that it had to be banned. Makes sense to us!

We apologize for the dad joke, but we couldn’t resist the temptation. Bruce Campbell is in a league of his own. That is why there are many loyal and die-hard fans of Army of Darkness out there.

Why The Long Face?

The studio changed the original ending of the movie because they deemed it to be too negative. In that ending, Ash takes too much potion to get back to the present day and wakes up in a future, post-apocalyptic London.

After seeing this photo, there are a lot of questions and very few answers. However, we will not address any of those questions because we’d rather not go down that rabbit hole.

Frost Giants Downtime

We must admit that not a lot of people knew that Frost Giants were so chill.

The first time we watched this as a kid, we loved it! Jim Henson was fantastic at the creation of the characters, and the story was very entertaining. The effects were wonderful for the movie’s timeline, and we feel like it’s turned into a timeless classic that every adult and kid would love watching!

Looks Like Cursed Yoda

Jim Henson was such an amazingly talented man. The Netflix series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is also a good watch. We would highly recommend watching it.

Okay, let’s address the cat in the room. This looks super disturbing. Who doesn’t like Garfield, but this is a bit too much for us to handle.

When Garfield Was Demonically Possessed

He looks like that old “I’m poopin!” cat meme. It must be an early design of Garfield for the movie or something.

Wait, isn’t Shrek an animated movie? Correct us if we are wrong. This is what happened when Shrek and Donkey tried to video chat back in 2001. We love the movie but this is nightmare fuel.

Wouldn't It Be Nice If We Never Saw This

Thank goodness they were allowed to finish animating the movie; this looks like a PS1 game and a creepy one too.

Willem Dafoe is a brilliant actor with the voice of an angel. Here, he is probably saying, “you know I’m something of a fish myself.”

William DaOceanman

If you haven’t watched The Lighthouse, this picture might spoil the film for you. But then again, it is kind of a weird gothic psychological horror movie, and you might need the help of the internet to understand the ending.

How many times have you cried watching Titanic? this scene breaks our hearts every single time. There was plenty of space for not one person, but two or even three for sure. Jack could have lived!

They Just Wanted To Kill Jack

James Cameron said about this on Mythbusters that it doesn’t matter if he could fit; the script called for Jack to die.

We are about to say, “Oh Peter, not in public, ” but let’s clear one thing before it escalates; this is not what you are thinking.

Get A Room!

So it seems like Spider-Man is always in action (if you know what we mean). Let’s stop talking about it before it gets awkward.

The wildest thing about this movie is that off-camera, all the apes (REAL ONES) congregated with their own kind for meals and such. It wasn’t required or forced; it just happened. It is still surprising how they trained apes to act so naturally. The media will try to make you believe that there were human actors in the movie, but don’t fall for it.

Oooh, Help Us Dr. Zaius!

We love behind-the-scenes pictures of the Planet of the Apes. It always looks like margarita time. The makeup was so labor-intensive, it couldn’t be removed between takes. They had to use straws, so their meals were blended. And they often used mirrors so they wouldn’t mess things up with the straw!

How many of you knew that it was Deep Roy under Yoda’s suit? We didn’t, and now we are surprised. Yes, he was the Oompa-Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too.

Is That You, Deep Roy?

Maybe Deep Roy was the one who said, “No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.” Or maybe it was Bane.

After years of being in front of the camera, we now have our first zombie director. Massive respect for this zombie director as he finally decided he wasn’t going to be killed off so easily. This is an actual photo of someone working on the show for more than 10 years.

When They Wake You Up For Makeup

FYI, that is Greg Nicotero and he specializes in effects make-up but also acts and directs.

We always wondered how they did this part. Not many people know that the first voice of E.T. was Steven Spielberg himself. He acted out the voice parts during shooting and uttered some famous phrases like “E.T. phone home.” His voice was later replaced with the voice of actress Debra Winger.

Low Tech Solutions

They were also going to use M&Ms as E.T.’s favorite candy. However, Universal Studios legally barred the company from seeing the final script. That’s how they lost an amazing promotional opportunity.

When you have to destroy the world, you need to be physically fit. We didn’t know Godzilla wore Japanese Asics.

Godzilla Doing Squats

We didn’t know they used models or costumes. We thought it was done entirely in CGI. At that time, using CGI was a big deal. So it was massive news when Star Wars used CGI characters.

The reason why the animation in The Mitchells vs. The Machines is so good is that they used human souls trapped in effigies to animate the models.

Oh, No Way

We really liked this movie! If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, do watch it.

It is so sad to see Sir Ian McKellen crying because he has to act by himself. The other actors aren’t even on the set. That’s what CGI does. The great actor felt isolated and ‘pretty miserable’ during the shooting of the film.

Now We Know Why Sir Ian McKellen Cried

“It was so distressing and off-putting and difficult that I thought ‘I don’t want to make this film if this is what I’m going to have to do’,” he said in an interview.

This movie is so freakin’ good. It was professional wrestler Jesse Ventura’s first film.

Back When Movies Just Had Fun

Not many people know that they were going to title it Hunter and later changed it to Predator after production.

American Psycho took eight years to finally make it to the big screen. Jared Leto played the role of Paul Allen.

Can Jared Leto Look Bad Just Once?

Leonardo Dicaprio was offered the lead role in the movie without the knowledge of Director Mary Harron. He didn’t even meet with DiCaprio as he thought the actor was not the right choice for the cast. When Christian Bale took the role, he was advised that the part would be career suicide. Guess what? It wasn’t.

Someone was sure enjoying a good blasting that day! Blastoise’s shell looks like a weapon from the future here.

Blastoise Looking So Different

Now that we have seen how Blastoise looked behind the scenes, we have to see other Pokémon characters in real life.

This is scary stuff. This is straight-up nightmare fuel. Seriously, it looks like the cover of the book on The Evil Dead movies.

The Progression Of Thomas' Face

Has anyone played the Thomas The Tank Engine game? Thomas got his own computer game like most popular characters in the ’80s.

Oh look, Knuckles finally has a body rather than being head jammed to the pole. Oops, we’re sorry for spoiling that Knuckles is in the movie.

Poor Sonic

Do you remember the backlash the first part’s trailer received? Honestly, we’re super excited because Jim Carrey is reprising his role in the second part.

We didn’t know that Quentin Tarantino was into Muppets. You cannot blame him because Miss Piggy looks stunning. Maybe he is asking to see her feet.

Muppet Love

At least she could karate chop him. A Muppet Tarantino movie would be super, super wild. We just hope it happens because we seriously need something to uplift us in 2021.