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40+ Iconic Movie Homes That Are Actually Up For Sale

HizkiailJune 30, 2021
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Although Audrey fans will be disappointed to find out it is not for sale currently, you can still walk by the iconic home. Since the film was released, the brownstone has undergone two renovations in the ’80s and ’90s; however, the exterior has remained the same.


The lavish mansion where Will moves in with his aunt, uncle, and cousins has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a pool, and plenty of Fresh Prince memorabilia, but not in a tacky way. It really is a place fit for a prince.

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Since 1991, when the movie was made, the house has been refurbished and remodeled, but it still has the same charm. It went on the market in 2011 and sold a year later for $1,611,069. The sale gained international attention, and some lucky person gets to live out their Christmas fantasy every single day.


The home comes with a wet bar, barbecue area, and the original basketball hoop from the film. While we were disappointed to find this out, the exterior shots from the film were from a completely different house in Pasadena. However, Zillow reported that this house is still worth a cool $2.3 million.

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Throughout the years, fans have come from far and wide to see the famous home where Cameron smashed his father’s Ferarri through one of the windows in a bid to lower the mileage. In 2017, the house underwent a total renovation, and it is now worth $1.06 million.


The stunning brownstone in which Carrie’s apartment was supposed to be located was listed in 2012 for $9.65 million, and it shockingly sold for $200,000 over the asking price. The person must have really wanted to live out their Sex and the City fantasy.


Located among the homes in Martins Point Plantation, the 900-acre property features five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and lots of space, but Ryan Gosling didn’t actually build it. According to realtors, the house is estimated to be worth $1.227 million even though it is not currently for sale.


The apartment building used for the exterior shots has units for close to $3,495/month, which Rachel and Monica could probably never afford, considering they spent most of their time sitting in a coffee house rather than working.


For the 15th anniversary in 2015, about 10,000 to 15,000 fans visited the iconic home. While the 1,935 square foot home with a wrap-around porch is not for sale, Realtor.com estimates its worth at $327,400. Who wouldn’t want to live in this ’80s classic house?

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The Rosebud Motel, where the show is mainly filmed, is actually located in Ontario, Canada. Some lucky fan could be the owner because it is on the market right now for $1.6 million. The motel features six apartments as well as a manager’s unit plus 6.7 acres of land.

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Not only was it in Billy Madison, but it was also featured in X-Men and Amelia; therefore, it is not available for fans to buy, but you can visit the property and live out your favorite movie fantasy.

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The property last sold for $2 million in 2003, and because of appreciation over the years, it is now valued at $3.7 million. The actual house where the exorcism occurred was in St. Louis, Missouri, so there is no need to be afraid of this location.


Not surprisingly, the camera crew only filmed the exterior of the home located on Dunleer Drive in LA. All the interior scenes were filmed on a sound stage like most shows, but like us, you probably couldn’t tell the difference.


While the house is a little smaller than it seemed on TV, the 2,108 square foot home only has two bedrooms, but it sold in 2016 for $1.299 million. The actual home probably wouldn’t have been suitable for the Matthews family, but that’s the magic of Hollywood.


While it might be hard for most people to afford the original Golden Girls house, fans can get their fix on the Golden Girls-themed cruise. It was supposed to set sail in February 2020; however, due to you-know-what, it has been delayed and hopefully will reopen for booking soon.

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The four-bedroom, three-bathroom, and hopefully zero ghosts home was recently valued at  $786,570 by a real estate broker. Although the movie is fairly old now, it still attracts tourists to the place.

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The network purchased the home for the series A Very Brady Renovation. HGTV renovated the inside and part of the exterior to modernize it without losing the iconic flare. It’s definitely a home you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else.


The lucky buyer was the original creator of the show, Jeff Franklin. He decided to restore the four-bedroom, four-bath home to its original Full House state, including the grey exterior and red front door. Surprisingly, the home wasn’t used for the reboot, Fuller House.


The small 2,296 square-foot home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is special to fans because it is the location where Buffy fell in love with Angel, tragically lost her mom, got bitten by Dracula, and tried to save the world from vampires.


The romantic comedy was filmed on this scenic lake, but it wasn’t the only ’90s film making use of the Seattle scenery. Say Anything and Singles were also filmed in this area, and two out of the three Fifty Shades of Grey used the Emerald City.

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Most recently, the house sold in 2018 for $363,000, and fans can spend the night. The owner uses the house as an Airbnb destination for $330 per night. Fans can connect with their inner Bella Swan and live the Twilight fantasy.

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The home used for Richie Rich was the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. The 250-room mansion is the largest private residence in the United States and has 8,000 acres of land. There are restaurants and hotels on the grounds to support tourists who want to view the estate, and it is owned by America’s wealthiest family, the Vanderbilts.

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As fans of the teenage classic, the home was the setting where everyone forgot Samantha’s sixteenth birthday, which set off a chain of events full of teenage angst. The perfectly manicured lawn and spacious yard would be the perfect place for a party.


In 2012, some brave soul snatched up this home for $2.1 million. The quaint house features three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a pool, and a guest house. If you aren’t too afraid of Freddy Kruger, it seems like a nice place to live.

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Because of the film’s huge success, the owner tried to add a premium to the estate’s price and listed it for $35 million in 2014. However, they couldn’t find any takers for the ridiculous price, and it ended up selling for $12 million a year after it was listed.

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According to Realtor.com, it is worth an estimated $535,700. Visitors can find high-end furnishings and vintage pieces as well as plenty of Steel Magnolias’ memorabilia. Most people who visit are mothers and their daughters according to the owner, Dan Dyess.

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Even for expensive Malibu standards, the typical house price in this area is $3-4 million. However, the property last sold in 2006 for $15 million, but it is estimated to be worth $10 million in recent years. It is still a mystery how they got such a high price for the home.


Not only was the estate used in AHS, but it may also look familiar to viewers because it was featured in Grey’s AnatomyCalifornication, and The Mentalist. With its beautiful high ceilings, stained glass windows, and six fireplaces, it’s no wonder that it is a popular filming home.

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The house has been renovated recently, so it has an updated kitchen and new windows. Although there was a Roseanne spin-off, The Connors, it was not filmed anywhere near this house, but rather on a sound stage in California.


The modest Victorian home is worth about $1.49 million, and it was built in 1905. The five-bedroom, two-bath house is currently owned by the founder of the Filipino Federation of America, and not by a family running a funeral home.

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Imagine walking into the same kitchen where the star-studded cast belted out a rendition of The Temptations “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.” Just being in the same home where Jeff Goldblum stood is enough to make us want to take out a loan and purchase this home.

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The B&B was built in 1895 and operates as a cute little inn in Woodstock, Illinois. Whether you are looking to buy a piece of movie history or you want to turn the place into a family home, it will cost you around $645,000, according to a recent listing.

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The home used for the film looks much more pristine and it is not under construction. Zillow had it listed for $4.5 million even though it looks like it should be worth much more because it has a six-car garage and 5.5 acres of land.


In 1995, the house was last sold for just $422,000, but today it is valued at $2.962 million. We aren’t sure what the house is being used for now or if the people who bought it in 1995 are still living out their Happy Days fantasy, but fans can walk by the home to feel some nostalgia.

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The Amityville house hit the market in 2016 for $850,000. It features five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and possible spirits from the other side. One anonymous brave buyer ended up buying it for $200,000 under the asking price, and we wonder how many ghosts they have encountered since moving in.

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The spacious home was put on the market back in 2011 with an asking price of $2.29 million, but it sold for $1.59 million a year later. We are sure they had to replace a few things in the home like the rug from that famous first scene in the film.


The Victorian manor that was used as their home is actually not in Massachusetts like the show said, but in Freehold, New Jersey. It just happens to be the same neighborhood where Bruce Springsteen grew up. Today, the home serves as an office space for a lawyer and a chiropractor.

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The spacious 6,000 square foot home features the original woodwork and hardwood floors, as well as five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a finished basement. The real selling point is the wrap-around porch where Julia Stiles’ character hangs out.

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Depending on how you look at it, the best or worst part of the house is the 298 acres of property with no neighbors in sight. Luckily for the owners, the estate is in demand for weddings and parties, so rarely are they alone on the property.


Surprisingly, the owners of the home are incredibly private, and they put the house up for sale in 2019 for $3.4 million. They owned it since 1987, but it seems they had enough of people driving by and disturbing their peace and quiet.

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Although it is supposed to be set in the fictional town of Dillon, Texas, home of the nation’s best football team, the home is actually in Austin, Texas. This is one of the most iconic sports titles, but it doesn’t look very out of the ordinary.

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The 2,740 square foot home located in Seattle, Washington, has four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. According to Zillow, the house is valued at $1.9 million, which seems about right for a TV doctor that was supposed to be paying off student loans.

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The 10,200 square foot home includes nine bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a game room, a wine cellar, office spaces, and a library. The house’s exterior is just as gorgeous, with a swimming pool, tennis court, koi pond, and well-groomed gardens.