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You’ll Be Up All Night After Reading These Disturbing Personal Stories

MonicaOctober 28, 2022

Concrete City

This internet user described their visit to Concrete City as a concrete playground “for young adults to smoke up, tag the walls, and play paintball.” The name Concrete City is enough to make us want to run the other way. That, and the fact that it’s completely abandoned makes us question why anyone in their right mind would ever go there. When you’re a teenager, it probably sounds appealing, but once you get a sense how dangerous the world could be, it sounds like a place you want to stay away from. 

As they wandered around, they came up to a parked car with two people scrambling inside. At first, they thought it was two people screwing around, but then they noticed it was two big dudes. They’re “staring us the f**k down, sitting stock still and looking shady as f**k. Still, we all just keep going and at this point, I’m just glad we’re in a group of five and still kind of worried we’re about to get f**ked. As in, chopped to bits and spread around in piles.”


That seems like an appropriate fear, considering two creepy, massive dudes are staring you down. “We’re all right up alongside the car now, and I can’t help but glance in the back window. An open cooler filled with bloody ice, a second, closed cooler, probably filled with the same, and a pile of clear plastic bags. I keep my mouth shut and keep walking. When we’re just passed the car, the engine revs up and those two dudes tear out of there.” He wasn’t sure if they were poachers, organ thieves, or murderers, but it could’ve been any one of those. At least they got out alive (via Playbuzz). 


Found A Body 

This person shared one of their horrible personal stories when they were 14 and hiking along the Grand River. As he went to go play by the river, he found what he thought was a mannequin. “The mannequin’s hand was holding onto a branch and it was laying face down in the mud wearing jeans and a hoodie with the hood up, there was a gun on the ground (I thought it was fake) and an empty pack of Scooby Doo fruit gummies. I decided to kick the thing but when my foot connected with its thigh I instantly knew it was a person.” 

When you’re a young teenager, the last thing you expect to find is a dead person. They sprinted out of there and told their dad, who went to investigate the situation. He immediately knew it was a body and called the police.


“Later we found out the guy had killed himself (bullet to the roof of the mouth) but he slightly misfired and probably lived for around 30 seconds after the shot. The police were very surprised we didn’t hear a gunshot because it was that recent. The reason why I thought it was a mannequin was because his hand was elevated, this caused all of the blood to drain out and pool in his body which made his hand look snow white like a mannequin’s hand would.” As sad as that story is, it’s a good thing he didn’t see the guy’s face (via Playbuzz). 


Medical Hierarchy 

This story is one of the saddest on this list. Not only is it horrifying to think that the medical doctors we trust could harm us, but a girl died because of it. A teenage girl came in with bacterial meningitis, showing symptoms of fever, stiff neck, sensitivity to light, and a severe headache. It’s a medical emergency and can kill a person within 72 hours. To test for the bacteria, doctors must perform a lumbar puncture, as long as there are no signs of increased intracranial pressure.

If there are signs of intracranial pressure, then “making an opening in the spinal column, even with a needle, can have the effect of opening a window on an airplane, and parts of the brain can actually be sucked through the bottom of the skull and herniate into the spinal column, resulting in death.” That sounds horrible. The good news is that treatment can begin with broad-spectrum antibiotics without doing a lumbar puncture.


With this patient in particular, “the ER resident did a quick physical exam and noticed signs of increased intracranial pressure in the teenager. He reported this to the attending physician along with his treatment plan which he planned on starting immediately. The attending physician ordered him to perform a lumbar puncture. He wavered a bit, but ultimately wanted to keep a good relationship with his attending, so he documented what he had found in the patient’s chart and then performed the lumbar puncture.”

Without any regard for the patient’s health, he went against what he was supposed to do. It ended horrendously, and the patient died all because the performing physician wanted to keep his hierarchy and in the medical field. The independently practicing physician even stated, “and guess who wasn’t included in the lawsuit brought against the hospital by the girl’s parents because of his excellent documentation?” All in all, there are tons of medical errors made every year because someone didn’t want to speak up or ruin their reputation (via Playbuzz). 


Being Watched

We can feel it when we’re being watched. It’s like we have a sixth sense when people’s eyes are locked on us. We feel a an uncomfortable feeling we can’t shake off. This story will make you want to shut your curtains and set up cameras around your entire house. This family’s neighbor, who’s an old lady, knew a little bit too much about their personal life. It started with comments about a painting, their dog, and a new sofa. At first, it seemed harmless, but the more she commented, the more they noticed something was off. 

“As I was taking the dog outside, I happened to glance over and see her staring at me through the window. She lowers the blinds when she sees that I saw her, but is peeking through them watching me. Later, I go to the kitchen and see her again watching me very intently through the window. Then upstairs in my parent’s room, I see her again as I’m replacing the towels, watching.” Their house was being watched constantly.


This woman needs a new hobby because constantly stalking someone’s house is downright creepy. “The more I looked for her, the more I saw: she was watching basically all the time. Not only from her window- she sits in her car and watches us from the street. She sits on her porch and watches. She slowly walks down the street and watches us- literally all hours of the day. And she does it to her other neighbors, and she did it to the people who had our house before us- everyone knew to keep your blinds and curtains shut at all times, otherwise, you can guarantee she watches you.”

These kinds of stories make us want to hide away without any neighbors. It’s quite sad this is happening since this woman is probably just sad and lonely. But there’s no excuse for constantly stalking people.