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These Photos Prove Why Every Woman Loves Pedro Pascal

Darren Ryding May 9, 2023

Baby Yoda

These fans can’t believe their luck because Pascal took a selfie with them on the red carpet. They attended another season premiere of The Mandalorian and enjoyed meeting the show’s biggest human star. Arguably, Grogu, the baby alien, stole the show but Pascal led the way with his powerful presence.

NRT Mexico

Meanwhile, we must give him credit for his sophisticated appearance. Pascal wears a sequined suit jacket over a burgundy shirt as he clutches a knitted Grogu. There’s unmitigated joy and excitement on the fans’ faces because they’re meeting one of their heroes. Pascal is a good sport and indulges them because he understands their importance (via NRT Mexico).

Fine Wine

Here’s a shot of a much younger Pascal in NYPD Blue. Yes, he was a late bloomer in terms of his career but there’s no denying that he was always a handsome man. If he broke out now it might be a different story because he has an eye-catching look. That intense gaze and all those chains make for a terrifying but hot character.


Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that Pascal wouldn’t change a thing about his professional career. He is living his best life and is now the face of sci-fi because he leads several franchises. Amazingly, he is going from strength to strength because he overcame adversity and stayed strong (via EW).

Daddy Mode

Pascal battled with Oscar Isaac to be the Internet’s ‘Daddy.’ But he is the undisputed titleholder after his runaway TV successes. Many women openly lust over the Chilean star in a way that makes their husbands slightly uncomfortable. Being a ‘daddy figure’ is a combination of positive authority, handsome looks, and kindness.


Classic examples include Phil in Modern Family and Isaac’s character, Duke Leto Atreides in Dune. Isaac learned that his Taiwanese fans call him ‘Daddy’ and the Internet ran away with it. But now Pascal has stolen the label and is owning it. On The Last of Us red carpet, Pascal said: “I am your cool, slutty daddy (via Vox).”