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These Photos Prove Why Every Woman Loves Pedro Pascal

Darren May 9, 2023

Superstar Pedro Pascal is one of the biggest stars on the screen at the moment. He’s the face of some of the most popular TV shows on the planet like The Last of Us and The Mandalorian. Meanwhile, the Chile native is one of the most lusted-after male stars online today. Many women dream of him being their ‘daddy’ and love watching him walk down the red carpet.

This is a trend online so we wanted to see what makes Pascal so special. We found many of the best pictures of the superstar that prove why almost every woman and even some men love him. The actor’s career is going from strength to strength and there are no signs of it slowing down. Check out these telling photos below.

Fashion King

Here we can see Pascal attending a photo call in London for The Mandalorian. Many women love a sharp dresser and there’s no denying that Pascal is a fashion king. He’s a macho man but that doesn’t stop him from experimenting with his style. Yes, he probably has a team picking his clothes, but he can veto them (via Fashionista).


Pascal wears a low-cut grey tank top under a waffle-stitch brown cardigan and a pair of statement red trousers. It’s a bold look but he pulls it off with aplomb because he has that level of charisma. Some men will laugh at this and think that he’s making a mistake. But Pascal is one of the most desired men in Hollywood, so he’s obviously doing something right.


Game of Thrones was a cultural phenomenon that swept across the world. Pascal played Oberyn Martell in season four of the hit show and stole scenes with his charismatic appearance. Martell was a breath of fresh air because he was a brilliant fighter and a passionate lover. He stirred feelings in the hearts of men and women before his shocking death toward the end of the season.


This was a major career milestone for Pascal because it was a breakout role. It opened the door for other major parts in shows like Narcos as well as Hollywood movies. Oberyn turned Pascal into a sex symbol and made him the object of desire for women across the world. His gruesome death rocked the show’s fans but Pascal loved it (via NME).

Red Carpet

Here we see Pascal on the Red Carpet ahead of The Mandalorian: Season Three. The Star Wars actor beams as he greets his ecstatic fans. It looks like there’s an expression of genuine joy on his face. One of the things that people like about Pascal is that he seems to be a very authentic human.


He came from relatively humble beginnings in Santiago, Chile. Then his family fled the country before making their way to the U.S. It’s a tale of adversity and these experiences had a profound impact on Pascal. Perhaps they taught him to appreciate little moments and the things that he achieved (via Elle).

Father Figure

The image below is a still of Pascal and his co-star Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us. Pascal plays Joel and undergoes a fascinating journey in the series. He begins as a begrudging protector before emerging as a father figure. Ramsey said that loved working with Pascal and that he had a profound impact on her.

BuzzFeed News

She said: “Pedro wrote a little card to me at the end, saying, ‘How interesting that something so huge and life-changing should happen so early in your life and so late in mine,'” she added. “I thought it was a really sweet observation and I just had the best time.” It’s safe to say that many women would love to swap places with her (via BuzzFeed News).

’90s Style

Narcos was a major success on Netflix but people don’t talk about it now. Pascal had a leading role in the series as Javier Pena, a cynical and disillusioned DEA agent. This was also one of Pascal’s most stylish roles because he wore fantastic outfits. We can see an example of him in the flattering ’90s style below.

Entertainment Weekly

Many women loved Pascal’s appearances in Narcos because he dressed brilliantly. The clothes suited his appearance and made him a fashion icon. Pascal also enjoyed working on Narcos because he traveled to different locations and enjoyed the dramatic story. It also showed that he had the chops to lead a hit TV show (via EW).

Vampire Diaries

Sometimes it feels as if Pascal came out of nowhere because he’s suddenly dominating our TV screens. But the Chilean actor took the long road to the top of the industry. He worked hard to become the star that he is today. Meanwhile, fans may do a double-take when they watch shows from the ’90s like Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


Pascal had a major role in season four of the iconic show when he played a college student-turned-vampire. Here’s a picture of Pascal with Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar. It’s fascinating to look back at his early career because he randomly pops up in many things. But now he can pick and choose whatever he wants (via People).

The Professor

One of the best things about Pascal is that he doesn’t care what people think about him. He wears the clothes he likes and it doesn’t faze him if some critics laugh. In the photo below we can see him attending the premiere of The Mandalorian: Season Three. He plays Din Djarin in the hit Star Wars show.


The Hollywood heartthrob made hearts stop with this outfit. He wore a banana-yellow shirt with baggy slacks. Meanwhile, he threw a mustard sweater over his shoulders as he showed his professor credentials. The star also wore a pair of chunky frames as he dazzled on the red carpet (via GQ).

The Last of Us

Pascal played Joel in the HBO TV adaptation of The Last of Us. He won acclaim for the role as he played a begrudging protector who evolved into a father figure. This was another home run for the actor after his success in Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian. Pascal had major parts in many significant sci-fi franchises but brought a sense of realism.


Meanwhile, it sealed him as one of the best dads on TV. It’s incredible how this gruff Chilean brought so much sensitivity and depth to all of his jobs. Yes, he is a handsome man but they’re not unusual in Hollywood. It’s impossible to teach Pascal’s brand of quiet charisma because he does so much with so little (via GamesRadar).

Best Friends

Pascal owes a lot to his fellow actor, Sarah Paulson because she supported his early career. The pair attended the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and became close friends. However, Pascal went through adversity after his mother committed suicide. He also struggled to afford to support his burgeoning career.


“He’s talked about this publicly,” Paulson told Deadline, “but there were times when I would give him my per diem from a job I was working on so that he could have money to feed himself.” Some women may find it appealing that Pascal isn’t too proud to take help from a female. Many men would resent this but Pascal is a pragmatic person.

Daddy Time

It says a lot about Pascal’s status as the Internet’s daddy that even A-List celebrities can’t get enough of him. Salma Hayek became a figure of envy in 2023 when she met Pascal at the Oscars. The Mexican icon ran toward the Chilean star because she wanted a picture with him. Many Twitter users said that they didn’t blame her and wished that they could swap places.


They also noted how Hayek looked at Pascal with an expression of desire on her face. Pascal maintained his composure as one of the most beautiful women on the planet charged at him. The dapper actor wore a black tuxedo but opted for a band collar shirt in an unusual move. But he loves to make a fashion statement and pulled it off (via UPI).


Pascal hails from a macho culture in Chile but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about important social issues. He’s a big supporter of trans rights because of his sister Lux. The actor has nothing but admiration and respect for his sister. Many people find this attractive because he is very loyal and understands the complexity of the human condition.

Pink News

In one interview, Pascal explained his feelings toward Lux and how he thinks she is strong. “I wouldn’t want to speak on her behalf,” he said (via Pink News). “But she is and has always been one of the most powerful people and personalities I’ve ever known. My protective side is lethal, but I need her more than she needs me.”

Dare To Be Different

We’ve already talked about Pascal’s fashion prowess but this photo brings it to another level. The actor attended the Kingsman sequel premiere with the rest of the cast. Take a quick look at this image and see how long it takes to find Pascal. He instantly jumps out because he dared to be different.

Just Jared

Remember, this was just before Pascal became one of the most bankable stars on TV today. He’s standing beside icons like Colin Firth, Elton John, and Jeff Bridges who wear dull suits. His bold choice of clothing ensured that everybody saw him after Julianne Moore. But she decided to dress like a disco globe so it doesn’t count (via Just Jared).

The Mandalorian

Pascal played the main character in The Mandalorian TV series as part of the Star Wars expanded universe. No, we’re not talking about Grogu, or ‘Baby Yoda,’ but rather Din Djarin. He starts life as a bounty hunter and gun-for-hire before he finds more meaning in his life. It was a massive moment for Pascal because it changed the course of his career.


The actor also deserves immense credit because this isn’t an easy role. First, he wears heavy armor including a helmet for almost all of his scenes. Somehow he manages to show his emotions and dominate the screen even though viewers can’t see his face. Furthermore, he shares most of his scenes with a puppet but helps to bring it to life (via Parade).

Big Smile

Pascal typically plays tough hypermasculine characters and we don’t see him smile very often. He almost always wears a helmet in The Mandalorian. Joel from The Last of Us is very grumpy, while Agent Pena in Narcos is world-weary. This is a shame because Pascal has one of the warmest smiles we’ve ever seen.

Daily Star

Look at that cheesy grin in the photo above because it’s heartwarming. This shot is from Pascal’s appearance on The Graham Norton Show when fans got to see another side of the star. They noted that he’s charming, humble, and funny. No wonder nearly every woman wants to run away with him (via Daily Star).

Global Fame

Actors rarely hit global fame when they reach middle age but Pascal is an exception to the rule. These days he’s one of the most bankable and popular stars on the planet. It feels like everything he touches turns to gold because he’s never involved in a dud. Pascal is a master of picking his projects and maintaining his legend.


The actor revealed that sometimes it can be tough to handle. He said: “It can get overwhelming when I really think about it, but I love the fans. I love the connection I have with them through these shows and the passion and enthusiasm they have for the material. I’m very grateful to have played a part in such huge worlds”(via Toronto Sun).”

Two Icons

This is a very cute photo of Pascal because he is with one of his idols, Nicholas Cage. The Chilean star openly adores Cage’s wacky movies. He lived the dream when he starred opposite Cage in the meta-movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Cage played a fictional version of himself in the film. It’s lovely to see Pascal with an expression of pure joy on his face.

Just Jared

Pascal explained why he enjoyed working with Cage. He said: “There was almost something about, I don’t know, reawakening the things that you care about and why you got into it in the first place, because he’s still challenging himself, he’s super prepared, he’s coming up with new ideas, and, honestly, it was an incredible challenge (via Just Jared).”

Classic Movie Star

The Mandalorian’s creator Jon Favreau believes there’s a good reason why Pascal is a success. “He feels very much like a classic movie star in his charm and his delivery,” Favreau said (via Variety). “And he’s somebody who takes his craft very seriously.” There’s no denying his work rate because he came from nothing to claim everything.


Arguably, The Mandalorian was a gamble because Pascal barely shows his face. There aren’t many stars who would be happy to headline a series knowing that nobody gets to see them. Pascal was pragmatic about the situation and now he’s reaping the rewards. Let’s hope that he continues to live long and prosper.

Influential Person

It says a lot about Pascal’s rapid rise that he’s one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in 2023. The actor has a massive reach and has barely put a foot wrong. Firstly, he’s a very good actor and always puts in a great on-screen performance. Then there are his good looks combined with his warm personality.

LMT Online

People like that he’s very secure in himself and isn’t afraid to take risks. Check out the image above and admire his amazing fashion sense. Maybe it’s not what someone would wear to the mall in Omaha, Nebraska. But Pascal pulls it off as he does with everything he touches these days (via LMT Online).

Hard as Nails

There’s no doubt that Pascal is having a moment because he isn’t a young man. He was 48 when the first season of The Last of Us came out on TV. However, there’s no doubt that this is part of the attraction for some fans. They have a father fantasy about the star and that’s why they can’t get enough of him. Spanish director Pedro Almodovar loves Pascal for his versatility.


The pair worked together on a movie called Strange Way of Life. “I asked Pedro to play someone solid, emotional, crafty, a cheat if necessary, warmhearted,” Almovodar said (via Esquire). “And he played all those nuances with incredible ease. He can be adorably sentimental and hard as nails. He’s a great comic actor, and he can also be impenetrable if necessary.”

Agent Whiskey

Pascal had a supporting role in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. He played Agent Whiskey in the entertaining hit and wore a cowboy hat with aplomb. Luckily, it seems like Pascal is much nicer in real life than his character. But there’s no denying that Agent Whiskey was a snappy dresser as we can see below.


We think that Pascal took this role because he wanted an excuse to wear this hat. Even if that’s not the case it was worth the price of admission. Here we can see that he gazes into the distance with an intense expression on his face. It’s no wonder that one of his looks can melt a woman’s heart (via Collider).


It’s amazing now but there was initially a backlash when Pascal won the role of Joel in The Last of Us. Many game fans wanted the dream pair of Josh Brolin and Elliot Page. But years passed by before HBO finally made the show. Some people complained about Pascal’s casting because they didn’t think he could grow a full beard.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet

This is one of the dumbest complaints ever and Pascal’s performance showed that there are more important things. He brought a level of intensity to Joel that proved his status as one of the best actors today. Here we see the handsome Chilean in a white suit on the red carpet as he stops hearts again (via IndieWire).

Baby Yoda

These fans can’t believe their luck because Pascal took a selfie with them on the red carpet. They attended another season premiere of The Mandalorian and enjoyed meeting the show’s biggest human star. Arguably, Grogu, the baby alien, stole the show but Pascal led the way with his powerful presence.

NRT Mexico

Meanwhile, we must give him credit for his sophisticated appearance. Pascal wears a sequined suit jacket over a burgundy shirt as he clutches a knitted Grogu. There’s unmitigated joy and excitement on the fans’ faces because they’re meeting one of their heroes. Pascal is a good sport and indulges them because he understands their importance (via NRT Mexico).

Fine Wine

Here’s a shot of a much younger Pascal in NYPD Blue. Yes, he was a late bloomer in terms of his career but there’s no denying that he was always a handsome man. If he broke out now it might be a different story because he has an eye-catching look. That intense gaze and all those chains make for a terrifying but hot character.


Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that Pascal wouldn’t change a thing about his professional career. He is living his best life and is now the face of sci-fi because he leads several franchises. Amazingly, he is going from strength to strength because he overcame adversity and stayed strong (via EW).

Daddy Mode

Pascal battled with Oscar Isaac to be the Internet’s ‘Daddy.’ But he is the undisputed titleholder after his runaway TV successes. Many women openly lust over the Chilean star in a way that makes their husbands slightly uncomfortable. Being a ‘daddy figure’ is a combination of positive authority, handsome looks, and kindness.


Classic examples include Phil in Modern Family and Isaac’s character, Duke Leto Atreides in Dune. Isaac learned that his Taiwanese fans call him ‘Daddy’ and the Internet ran away with it. But now Pascal has stolen the label and is owning it. On The Last of Us red carpet, Pascal said: “I am your cool, slutty daddy (via Vox).”