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Red Carpet Royalty: The Kardashians’ Most Jaw-Dropping Outfits

Darren July 13, 2023

Everyone knows the Kardashians because they’re the most popular celebrity influencers on the planet. It’s fair to call them America’s version of the Royal Family because many members of the family are among the most popular celebrities in the US. Part of that is because they wear spectacular clothes and make amazing fashion choices. So today we’ll look at some of their most iconic outfits.

Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are some of the most fashionable people in the world. These reality TV stars know how to stand out from the crowd when they attend the biggest celebrity events. Here, we have iconic outfits that appeared in everything from Met Galas to movie premieres. Check out the Kardashians’ most dramatic and iconic outfits right here.

Ice Queen

Kendall paid tribute to Karl Lagerfeld in 2023 by wearing a shimmering bodysuit that left little to the imagination. She has incredibly long legs and she put them on show at the Met Gala. Few people command the red carpet like Kendall does as she ensured all eyes were on her (via People).


Also, check out those massive and towering platforms as well as her sleek ponytail. We’ve seen Kendall don bright colors over the years but this time she made black work. Kendall is a Met Gala veteran with almost a decade’s worth of appearances on her resumé. Each time she ensures everyone is talking about her afterward.

Kim and Paris

It’s easy to forget that Kim wasn’t always the queen of reality TV and social media. There was a time when she was Paris Hilton’s sidekick and not nearly as many people knew who she was. She worked as Hilton’s stylist before she created her empire. We can see the infamous duo together below in some of their iconic outfits (via Nicki Swift).

Photo News

This picture immediately makes everybody nostalgic for the 2000s because it encapsulates the decade. They wear oversized sunglasses and Kim dazzles in a cutout leotard with flowing trousers. She ensures that her best assets are on show as she steals Paris’s thunder. Kim was always going to be a star because she knows how to play the fashion game.

Brighter Than Sunshine

Khloe Kardashian dazzled Instagram feeds in this gorgeous neon orange dress. The slinky number clung to her toned figure as she shared it with her followers. It’s one of her most iconic outfits now because it came after her skin cancer diagnosis. She proved that she wouldn’t allow melanoma to darken her sunny personality.


Khloe wrote: “Why do oranges wear sunblock?” in a funny caption, showing her bright sense of humor. Meanwhile, her fans praised her positivity and told her she was their hero. They also said they wished they could be as beautiful as her. Most of them will have to keep dreaming because she’s incredible (via InStyle).

A True Supermodel

Some people deride the Kardashians and Jenners because they think they’re talentless. But in 2022, Kendall showed mere mortal that she’s one of the greatest fashion icons of her generation. This scandalous Prada ensemble left everybody breathless because it’s one of her most daring and iconic outfits.

David Fisher

She wore a huge black ruffled skirt but that’s not what we were talking about. Check out that sheer mesh top that leaves nothing to the imagination. It was incredibly brave because many women wouldn’t have the confidence to bare themselves to the world like this. Kendall is an inspiration to many young girls across the world as a result (via InStyle).

All That Glitters

Many fans think that Kylie has one of the most fun wardrobes. She constantly pushes boundaries and tries new things with her iconic outfits. Here we can see her en route to a private party where she shows her impeccable taste. Kylie donned a figure-hugging Magda Butrym dress that clung to her body.

Harper’s Bazaar

This dress fits so well it’s almost as if they sprayed it onto her curves. Meanwhile, she accessorized it with a petite gold Bienen-Davis Régine Minaudière bag. However, this was a limited edition and it’s unfortunately rarer than real gold. If fans want to find it, they’ll have to settle for black brocade instead (via Harper’s Bazaar).

My Fair Lady

Audrey Hepburn wore some of the most iconic outfits in fashion history. It’s fitting that Kendall would pay tribute to the legendary actress with some of her choices. In 2021, she revived memories of Hepburn’s beautiful gown and jewelry from My Fair Lady. She wore a similar style but brought it into the 21st century.

Matt Baron

Some critics think that Kendall cheapened the look by wearing a sheer dress. They complained that she doesn’t have the class that Hepburn exuded. But they’re missing the point because this is the modern era and women can be who they want to be. Kendall’s fans dream of wearing this Givenchy gown because it’s gorgeous and sexy all at once (via Page Six).

Best Look Yet?

A glance at the photo below shows why Harpers Bazaar said this might be Kim’s best look yet. The legendary fashion magazine acknowledged that she has one of the most beautiful and perfect bodies in Hollywood. Kim teamed up with Donatella Versace to ensure it was on full display at the 2018 Met Gala.

Harper’s Bazaar

The theme was ‘Heavenly Bodies’ but Kim made a joke of this by destroying the rest of the competition. She has more curves than a Formula One race track and she knows how to put them on show. This gleaming, golden gown emphasized her enviable frame and made her fans cry with jealousy.

Golden Girl

This glittering golden dress shows that Khloe is a fashion icon like her sisters. Her evolving style reached its pinnacle in 2022 when she attended the CFDA Fashion Awards. This bold LaQuan Smith gown clung to her stunning hourglass figure. She showed that she has curves for miles as she shimmered on the red carpet.

Us Magazine

The dress also featured a risky cutout bodice but she made it work. Wardrobe malfunctions are almost a given when it comes to this style but Khloe didn’t care. She also opted for a nude lip and nails as she allowed the gold to pop. This was one of her most iconic outfits because she looked like a queen (via Us Magazine).

Carnival Time

Everybody loves the Met Gala because our favorite celebrities show their creativity. Kendall is an icon and knows how to make everybody gasp because she’s so audacious. We never know what she’s going to wear at the famous event. In 2019, she ensured that she had all of the attention when she wore this spectacular Versace dress.

Matt Baron

Some fashionistas said that it reminded them of the flapper era. Her carefully coiffed curl certainly evokes this period but it’s also impossible not to think of Rio’s carnivals. There are more feathers on that dress than in the average aviary. This is one time when she proved that orange is the new black (via Elle).

Crimson Mermaid

This classic look was at the height of the Kardashian rise to fame. Kim is a vision of beauty as she shines in a crimson Vera Wang gown at the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards. Some folks questioned why she was presenting an award because she’s not a movie star. But they ignore the reality that she’s a cultural icon.

Film Magic

Anybody who denies Kim’s beauty is blind because she’s one of the most beautiful people in human history. According to Just Jared, Kim accessorized her dress with Arunashi earrings. She also wore a Bavna bangle because she is a big fan of the Californian brand. The topaz contrasts gloriously with her red dress.

The Couch Dress

Kim attended the Met Gala in 2013 as Kanye West’s guest. She was pregnant with their first child, North, and almost didn’t go. But she did and she wore one of her most iconic outfits, this infamous floral maternity gown. She almost went for a black version but her stylist insisted on flowers because that’s what mothers receive.

Larry Busacca

But the Internet is a cruel place and netizens instantly compared her to a floral-patterned couch. Kim told Vogue (via BuzzFeed): “I was crying the whole way home. Because I just couldn’t believe it. There were all these memes about me and this couch. And I think Robin Williams even retweeted it and said that I looked like Mrs. Doubtfire.”

Barely There

Here’s another of Kendall’s most iconic outfits as she dazzled at the 2017 Met Gala. This was one of her most controversial and polarizing outfits because she bared everything. She ‘wore’ a La Perla Haute Couture dress that didn’t hide any of her body as she shamelessly exposed it to the world.

James Gourley

Not everybody appreciates this because there are many old-fashioned folks out there. But they’re missing the point because no one should criticize body confidence when so many women doubt themselves. Meanwhile, the fabric evokes chain mail and that symbolizes her feminine strength and energy (via GQ Australia).

Skintight Suffering

Arguably only sweatshop workers suffer from fashion more than the Kardashians. Kim infamously starved herself and wore sauna suits to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic JFK dress. But that wasn’t the first time she inflicted agony upon herself in the same style. In 2022, she forced her body into this skintight Dolce & Gabbana gown.

Us Weekly

When we say that, we mean it literally because this dress almost suffocated her. She could barely walk in it and struggled to go up a flight of stairs. Then she required special assistance to enter her car. Assistants lifted our iconic queen into her vehicle but she stayed brave and continued to be an icon (via Us Magazine).

Baby Blue

Kylie is arguably the Kardashian clan’s master of daywear. She pulls off different iconic outfits with next-level sophistication and style points. The younger Jenner sister loves Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta collection and wore this outfit in 2021. The blue and burgundy combination is a winner because it is amazing.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

She wore the same textured pattern from head to toe and accessorized with matching shoes and a handbag. We love this look because it shows that she is a star. Kylie is comfortable being the center of attention and wants all eyes on her. Imagine seeing her walking down the street in this gorgeous ensemble (via Style).

Golden Girl

Everybody dreams of attending the Vanity Fair Oscars Party because it’s one of the most exclusive A-List events of the year. The Kardashians are fixtures on this special celebrity soiree because they’re massive stars. In 2023, Kendall attended the party in this glimmering Jean-Paul Gaultier gown.

Jon Kopaloff

She proved that she’s capable of oozing elegance in this gorgeous metallic gold dress. The petals add texture to the sleek shape as she stunned the entire world. Fans loved the intricate detailing because the fashion house poured their skills into designing this gown. It’s also a vintage piece from 2008 so it’s almost impossible to find now (via Footwear News).

Baby Bump

Most women have their feet up and complain about cramps during their final month of pregnancy. But they’re not Kim Kardashian as the queen proves in the photo below. She had problems with her style when she carried her first baby, North. However, everything changed when it came to her second experience.

Film Magic

She wore this see-through lace jumpsuit at the LACMA Film + Art Gala in 2020. The Givenchy number put her bump and the rest of her body on full display. She wrote on Instagram: “This time around, I know what I like — plus, I am confident and not trying to hide my bump. I actually want to accentuate it (via People).”

Make-Up Disaster

This was one of Kim’s most notorious looks because it proved she’s human too. She had a make-up disaster when she managed to get cosmetics all over her white top. Nobody wants to deal with that but luckily she has an army of stylists and minions to help her. They blow-dried it before successfully removing the makeup before they went outside.

Donatello Sardello

They hid the damage and her fans didn’t know that anything went wrong when she stepped outside. Check out that sheer Balmain skirt because it’s gorgeous and so brave. It doesn’t hide anything but we wouldn’t want it to because Kim has a perfect body. We’re so lucky that she’s willing to share it with the world (via Teen Vogue).

Free the Nipple

Kendall is the queen of lighting and finding the right angles to enhance her profile. She’s also good at flouting Instagram’s strict nudity guidelines as she proved when she wore one of her most iconic outfits. This sheer Ludovic De Saint Sernin party gown is one of the most risque pieces she’s ever worn in public.


She bares everything as she walks down the street but she does it with her head held high. Kendall has no shame in freeing the nipple and proving that the female body deserves respect. Many fans think that she is an icon for trying to change societal norms about women displaying their bodies (via W Magazine).

Power Suit

There’s nothing more inspiring and attractive than a beautiful woman in a power suit. Kim showed this when she pulled off a classy Gucci blazer and matching pants. She opted against wearing a shirt and instead allowed the shiny jacket to accentuate her assets. It was also in stark contrast to her platinum blonde hair.

Wire Image

Kim wore this outfit at the LACMA Film + Art Awards in L.A. as she proved that she’s a fashion icon. This is a timeless look that requires natural beauty and charisma. Queen Kim has both of these in abundance as she proves in this picture. It almost looks like she’s bored as everybody revels in her presence (via Glamour).

Dior Delight

Kylie took her followers’ breath away when she opted for this spectacular Dior combination in 2019. She celebrated her birthday on a yacht in the south of France in style. This is one of her most iconic outfits because she is ravishing. Kylie wears a floral Dior bikini set with a matching sarong in vintage prints.


Meanwhile, she pulled on a pair of oversized white Dior shades that match her beautiful nails. This was a playful and colorful look that flattered her figure in the best possible way. The only bad thing that we can say about it is that it probably made all of her followers feel inadequate because she embodies perfection (via PopSugar).

Pink Pantsuit

Kendall unleashed her inner Barbie when she wore this stunning pink pantsuit in 2020. She opted for a hot pink crop top, pants, and thong combo that showed her cheeky side. This was a look that came straight from the 2000s and made some fans think of Daphne from Scooby Doo (via Cosmopolitan).

James Delaney

Fans loved her shiny shoes and all of the straps in a simmering combination. This was during Oscar week but Kendall didn’t bother going to the big parties because she is too cool. Instead, she brought the celebrations to New York City as she showed the world why she’s the queen of the streets as well as the red carpet.

Back To The ’90s

In 2019, Kim went backward to go forward with one of her most iconic outfits ever. She wore this dramatic Thierry Mugler dress that came from the designer’s 1998 collection. This dress drew gasps when she stepped out at the Hollywood Beauty Awards because it was so audacious. It could have gone badly wrong but she pulled it off as only Kim can.

Star Max

She loves vintage fashion and showed why when she wore this daring gown. It barely covered her body and exposed her best assets to the world. We’re sure that the other female celebrities hated her because she ensured that everybody had their eyes on her. Kim knew what she was doing when she agreed to wear this one (via Harper’s Bazaar).

Purple Rain

Everybody knows that the Met Gala is the perfect opportunity to take risks and try something unusual. Kylie pulled off one of her most iconic looks in 2019 when she didn’t hold back. She dyed her hair purple as she transformed into a mermaid in a dazzling Versace gown. The dramatic purple sleeves and train made this one of her most eye-catching fashion choices.

Dimitrios Kabouris

This could have been terrible if she didn’t go all-in. But she showed off her confidence and it was sensational. Nobody could take their eyes off her because she made a spectacular fashion statement. Some people think that she even blew Kendall out of the water because lavender is her color (via Refinery 29).

Beautiful Illusion

Some of Kim’s best collaborations and most iconic outfits were with Thierry Mugler. In 2019, she attracted plenty of controversy when she wore this dress to the Met Gala. It’s not because the dress wasn’t good but because some critics thought it didn’t fit the theme of ‘Camp.’ Nonetheless, Kim made this work as nobody else can because she took our breath away.

Film Magic

Designers allegedly spent eight months designing this intricate dress that made it look like Kim was dripping wet on the carpet. Her stylists chose a similar wet hairstyle and she completed the look with transparent shoes. The gown’s main material was latex that stuck to her breathtaking curves in mouthwatering fashion (via W Magazine).

Suits You

Sometimes it feels like the Kardashians hate each other and want to outdo each other every time they step outside. Of course, we know that they’re loving sisters and would never feel this way. However, there’s no denying that Kendall’s shirtless suit look was as good as Kim’s if not better.


She went for a full white blazer that she tied lazily in front of her. Meanwhile, she paired the slacks and jacket with a pair of bright orange mules. A single golden choker capped off one of her most iconic outfits. This was sexy and elegant in equal measure. It’s not easy to pull off this combination but Kendall can do anything (via PopSugar).

Breaking the Rules

When we think about the Kardashians we usually assume they’re in various states of undress. It’s common to see them flaunting their beautiful bodies but Kim broke the rules with one of her most iconic outfits. She wore this remarkable Balenciaga effort to the 2021 Met Gala and shocked the entire fashion world.

Mike Coppola

Nobody can say that Kardashian is afraid to take risks or break the mold. This isn’t what anybody expected but that’s the joy of the Met Gala. Celebrities have a unique opportunity to do something remarkable and Kim embraced this challenge. It’s simple but incredibly effective and she was the talk of the world (via TODAY).

Timeless Beauty

Kylie wants her sisters to know that anything they can do she can do better. Once again, Thierry Mugler and the Kardashian clan had an astonishing collaboration. Jenner wore this gorgeous gown at the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2022 and instantly turned heads. It made her appear to be a timeless Hollywood beauty because it was so stunning.

Wire Image

The dress featured a velvet skirt with a slit that dangerously ran up her leg. Meanwhile, it had a sheer bodice that left enough to the imagination. Instantly, her fans called her one of the most perfect beings that ever walked the earth. We can see why because this is a ravishing outfit (via E!).

Kylie Jenner or Minogue?

The Kardashians and Jenners love their vintage pieces and reference other fashion icons. One of Kylie’s favorite inspirations is her namesake, the legendary singer, Kylie Minogue. In 2001, Minogue memorably wore a similar outfit to the one below in her music video for Can’t Get You Out of My Head.


However, she wore a white cowl instead of Kylie’s silver chainmail. Nonetheless, it was similar enough for fans to understand the reference. Kylie was going for a night out with her boyfriend, Travis Scott as she showed her distinct style. This is a fun look that shows how she’s willing to experiment (via Houston Style Magazine).


We already saw Kim’s shocking Met Gala dress that she wore in 2021. But she changed into another amazing black Balenciaga outfit before she attended the afterparty. It had a similar style but it allowed us to see her face and that’s why we’ve put it higher on the list. Kim invoked Catwoman as she exuded feline menace in front of the cameras.

NBC Universal

The tight Balenciaga dress featured lingerie detailing and a long train. She also wore dark shades that made everybody think of Catwoman or ‘The Matrix’. This was one of the most dramatic nights of Kim’s life because she went in a completely different direction. She wore game-changing and iconic outfits that changed everything (via Insider).

Optical Illusion

John Galliano designed one of Kylie’s most iconic outfits that she wore in 2022 at the Vanity Fair Oscars Afterparty. It was the perfect outfit for one of society’s favorite events. The beautiful entrepreneur showed why she’s a red carpet fixture as she dazzled the peasants with her divine beauty (via Footwear News).

Wire Image

She exudes elegance in this black, grey, and white dress that worked together to create an optical illusion. Furthermore, a bow wraps around her bodice to give a luxurious look. None of her fans could understand how such a perfect human being exists. We don’t know what else we can say about this because words don’t do her justice.

Pretty In Pearls

Kim was always going to have a wardrobe malfunction when she wore this dazzling pearl dress. It’s not shocking that she had one on the streets of the Big Apple as she lost some stones. This Schiaparelli Haute Couture design featured 50,000 pearls as she shone like a diamond on the red carpet.

Mike Coppola

In the end, North West was the MVP because she saved her mom’s blushes. Kim informed the media: “Some pearls popped on the way. I told my daughter to grab them all. They’re real pearls, and she was putting them all in her purse (via Page Six).” In the end, it didn’t matter because she stunned everybody.

Red vs. Blue

In 2023, Kylie returned to the Met Gala and ensured that everybody saw her. Haider Ackermann designed this vibrant red gown for Jean-Paul Gaultier’s fashion house. It also had a shimmering electric blue lining that made the scarlet pop. This dress could have been too much on another person but Kylie is borderline perfect (via ET).

Dimitrios Kabouris

She even teamed it with a matching robe that gave her a regal appearance. That’s fitting because Kylie is a queen and the only thing she’s missing is a crown. Arguably, this was the most restrained of the Kardashian dresses at the Met Gala but it works so well. Everyone loved this one and we can’t wait to see what she chooses next.

Iconic or Disrespectful?

This remains easily the most controversial outfit that Kim ever wore because it was a piece of history. Marilyn Monroe famously serenaded John F. Kennedy on his 45th birthday in the same gown. Kim had the opportunity to wear it at the Met Gala in 2022 but she couldn’t make alterations. She embraced a brutal diet and even wore a sauna suit twice a day to fit into it.

Jamie McCarthy

However, some Monre experts accused her of damaging the beautiful dress. Some people think that she defiled the garment by removing it from its temperature-controlled environment. Others believe that a social media influencer cheapened it but Kim’s fans vehemently disagree with this (via The Guardian).