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People Who Beat The System In 50 Hilarious Ways You Won’t Believe

Monica April 22, 2022

7. Great Teacher

Surprisingly, a university would ban review sessions during finals week. That’s the time you need support from your peers the most. Fortunately, there are teachers out there who don’t agree with this rule and found a way to beat the system. This user on Reddit said, “my university doesn’t allow review sessions during finals week… this was my Anatomy professor’s response.” The professor scheduled a “spontaneous” meeting between 4:15-5:15 pm. You can’t get in trouble if the meeting happens to be spontaneous (via Reddit).

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6. This Couple

When your sorority doesn’t allow members of the opposite sex inside you need to figure out a way to beat the system. This couple’s imaginative idea allowed them to hang out and watch a movie, even though they were technically not breaking any rules. They’re not allowed inside, so outside doesn’t count, right?(via Eighties Kids)?

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5. War Tactic

This is one of the most ingenious ways to beat the system on this list. In 1942, a warship planning to escape to Australia had to make the voyage alone and unprotected in open water. The vessel moved slowly and had very few weapons on board. If they were noticed by Japanese bombers, they’d be obliterated. They decided to turn the ship into an island and only sail at night when the Japanese bombers wouldn’t see them. During the day, they parked next to other islands and covered the exterior of the ship in twigs, leaves, and bushes, hoping to camouflage the ship. Their plan worked, and they made it to Australia (via Business Insider).

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4. Uber Ambulance

Ambulances in America are notoriously known for being expensive. Why would you pay $3,000 for an ambulance, when you can pay $10 for an Uber? It takes the same amount of time and saves you thousands of dollars. It’s one way to beat the system since you’ll need that money for your hospital bills (via My Health Gazette).

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3. No Eating Or Drinking

Some people choose to beat the system head-on, like this guy at the shopping mall. Some rules that exist don’t have any logical reason behind them. For some reason, you’re not allowed to eat or drink at the shopping mall, even though there’s a food court in the shopping mall. This guy decided to eat and drink anyway and ignored all the rules. That’s brave (via My Health Gazette).

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2. No Rules For Me

We can’t get enough of this bad boy. He beat the system by wearing socks on the opposite foot. That’s some serious game. How can the rest of the guys on the planet compete with him? He’s breaking every simple rule about sock-wearing. We can’t even argue against him. After this guy uploaded this photo to the internet, we’re sure he made quite a few fellas jealous. He probably even received many flirty text messages from interested women (via My Health Gazette).


1. No Carved Pumpkins

When life bans pumpkins, use pineapple instead. Alex Schwarz, a 19-year-old university student found a way to beat the system when his university told him they weren’t allowed to have any pumpkin jack-o-lanterns in their dorm room. Since they didn’t mention anything about pineapples, he found a way around the rule. He said, “some higher-ups sent an email to all the RAs in my dorm and the one next to ours saying no pumpkins because they rot and might attract bugs and rats.”

He found a loophole and used a pineapple, which faced mixed messages. His own RA said it was fine, as long as he threw it away before it began to rot, but another RA down the hall banned the pineapple. They were unable to find a rule that banned pineapples, so the idea prevailed. He definitely had a Happy Halloween (via Teen Vogue).