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People Who Beat The System In 50 Hilarious Ways You Won’t Believe

Monica April 22, 2022
Eighties Kids

30. I Am Groot

What’s the easiest way to fill out a CV and cover letter? Write the same sentence over and over again. This teacher asked their students to fill out a CV and cover letter as if they were a Marvel character. This student beat the system by choosing a Marvel character that only says, “I Am Groot.” It’s a phrase you say when you don’t know what to say next. This is brilliant. Kids definitely say the funniest things (via Eighties Kids).


29. Yearbook Quote

When you can’t say exactly what you mean, what’s the next best option? Refer to an episode of The Office, of course. This girl beat the system by referring to The Office, Season 7, Episode 19, Minute 14:45, which says, “should have burned this place down when I had the chance.” (via Daily).

My Health Gazette

28. Donuts With Dad

Bad things happen to good people. It’s just how it is. Sometimes, people figure this out later in life, while others discover it while they’re still quite young. Luckily, this doesn’t mean it has to happen to you since there are ways to beat the system. Just because this child’s dad isn’t around, doesn’t mean they can’t have a parent come to school for ‘Donuts with Dad.’ This mother dressed as a dad and came to school anyway. That’s one of the most heartwarming stories on this list (via My Health Gazette).

Scoop Whoop

27. Free Water

This restaurant can’t sell water because of the festival rules, so they found a way to beat the system. They’re having their customers buy one peanut for one dollar, shell included, so they get a free bottle of water with their purchase. That’s quite smart. Shockingly, they’re not allowed to sell water, a basic human need (via My Health Gazette).

My Health Gazette

26. 120 Degrees

If you’re operating an oven, you should know what kind of degrees the cookbook is referring to. That’s just dangerous. Let’s hope these people were playing a massive joke because even though it’s one way to beat the system, it’s a bit worrisome. Still, we’re curious about how this meal turned out (via My Health Gazette).

My Health Gazette

25. Plain Tie Or Plane Tie?

The English language is filled with homophones, which is why it can be confusing, even to native English speakers. Maybe we ran out of vowels and consonants to put together, which is why many of our words sound the same, even though they have completely different meanings. This picture epitomizes the confusion of the English language. Is it a “plain tie” or “plane tie?” We’ll never know (via My Health Gazette).

Eighties Kids

24. Technically Correct

When your employer tells you that you can only consume drinks in a cup with a straw, how do you beat the system? Put your drink into a cup… with a straw. Even though it’s literal, it still follows the rules (via Eighties Kids).

NY Daily News

23. Puppy Training

Training a puppy to learn tricks is exhausting, especially if you have tons of other things going on during the day. This four-year-old beat the system by showing his dog YouTube tutorials on new tricks. We’ll never know if this dog learned any of the tricks, but we can certainly hope he did. The dog seems incredibly intrigued, to say the least (via NY Daily News).


22. Marc with a C

We’re not sure how this barista managed to mess this one up, but they did. It’s hilarious and slightly concerning. We wouldn’t think that Marc is spelled with a C, like “Cark.” That’s not even a name. Maybe the barista was trying to beat the system and play a joke. We’ll never really know (via Reddit).


21. Photoshop In A Suit

What do you do when your new job requires you to send in a photo of you wearing a suit, and you don’t have one? Thanks to technology, there are ways to beat the system and send in a photo of you with a suit, without actually wearing it. This person decided to strategically photoshop themselves into a photo wearing a suit. It looks real, and would certainly fool us (via Reddit).

Times of Israel

20. No Girls Allowed

Gender inequality still exists in many countries around the world. When Iranian women found out they couldn’t attend a soccer game solely because they were women, they decided to beat the system and show up anyway, dressed as men. They managed to fool the guards and make it into the game anyway. Fearless fans praised them and complimented their fake beards and wigs, which they used to slip past the security guards (via Times of Israel).


19. Question Everything

As humans, we question everything. It’s necessary for our survival. This graffiti artist decided to beat the system and take this question to another level, by asking a question back. It’s simple but pretty brilliant since they’re only doing what the original graffiti said to do (via Pinterest).

My Health Gazette

18. In Between

We’ve all spent hours looking for a parking spot in a busy city or town. It’s frustrating. Feeding a meter is another story, and you end up wasting tons of cash just to make sure you don’t get a parking ticket. This biker beat the system and found a clever solution to the horrible parking system. Their bike fits perfectly in between two signs, in the only area where you’re technically permitted to park (via My Health Gazette).

My Health Gazette

17. Not Stupid

After this guy got nose surgery, the doctor told him not to put any pressure on his nose. Unfortunately, he wears glasses, and contacts were out of the question. He found a way to beat the system by creating a DIY glasses holder, using nothing but twine and a baseball cap. It beats walking around with blurry vision (via My Health Gazette).


16. Please Check

This isn’t what most of us would think when we first read “please check.” Most of us would probably look in the toilet to see if we’ve flushed it. Some decided to draw a checkmark, which led to a new trend. Regardless, it’s one way to beat the system and make sure you flushed the toilet (via Know Your Meme).

Eighties Kids

15. Dog In A Bag

In NYC, you’re only allowed dogs on the subway if they are held in a carrier, which equates to small dogs only. This guy beat the system by fitting his large dog into a bag to take him on the subway. It’s genius, and certainly a unique way to beat the system (via Eighties Kids).

The Journal

14. Name The Shapes

Kids continually surprise us. When this father posted his daughter’s homework response on Twitter, he didn’t expect to get the response he did. It’s one of the best answers we’ve ever seen. When you’re asked to name the shapes, how else would you respond? Maybe she didn’t know all the actual names of the shapes, so she decided to beat the system and name the shapes. We can’t help but admit how adorable it is (via Daily Edge).


13. This Wasn’t Easy

When a Denizlispor fan in Turkey was banned from the stadium for a year, he hired a crane to watch his side play. If you can’t beat them, join them… from afar. This guy beat the system and still watched the game. Technically, he’s not breaking any rules if he’s not in the stadium (via Twitter).


12. Smart Kid

Her son isn’t allowed to have food in the living room, which makes sense. There’s nothing worse than food that spills on a carpet, which usually ends up staining the carpet or attracting ants and bugs. This boy found a way to beat the system so he could have the best of both worlds. He had food on the kitchen side while watching his tablet on the living room side. Kids are smarter than we give them credit for (via Woman’s Day).

My Health Gazette

11. Laundry Hack

When you first started doing your laundry, it was probably drilled into you that you need to separate the whites and colors or else you’ll ruin your clothes. Well, this internet user shared a secret with us. If you lump everything together, nothing bad will happen. This is certainly one way to beat the system and save money on detergent and hot water (via My Health Gazette).


10. Drawer Lock

Just because your mom installed a lock on the bottom drawer, doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to get around it. For some reason, she forgot that you can still access the bottom drawers by taking off the top drawer. This kid outsmarted her and managed to access the drawer anyway. That’s one way to beat the system (via Reddit).


9. One Side Of Paper

This Reddit user beat the system with their formula paper. They said, “when you get told you can only use one side of a piece of paper to write formulas for the final,” and showed us a photo of their ingenious way to beat the system. If you can only use one side of the paper, make sure you use every inch of that side (via Reddit).


8. Green Car

This person beat the system by using the literal meaning of the sign. How could anyone argue with that? If a sign says it’s reserved for green vehicles only, and your vehicle is a green color, then surely that means you can park there (via Imgur).


7. Great Teacher

Surprisingly, a university would ban review sessions during finals week. That’s the time you need support from your peers the most. Fortunately, there are teachers out there who don’t agree with this rule and found a way to beat the system. This user on Reddit said, “my university doesn’t allow review sessions during finals week… this was my Anatomy professor’s response.” The professor scheduled a “spontaneous” meeting between 4:15-5:15 pm. You can’t get in trouble if the meeting happens to be spontaneous (via Reddit).

Eighties Kids

6. This Couple

When your sorority doesn’t allow members of the opposite sex inside you need to figure out a way to beat the system. This couple’s imaginative idea allowed them to hang out and watch a movie, even though they were technically not breaking any rules. They’re not allowed inside, so outside doesn’t count, right?(via Eighties Kids)?

My Health Gazette

5. War Tactic

This is one of the most ingenious ways to beat the system on this list. In 1942, a warship planning to escape to Australia had to make the voyage alone and unprotected in open water. The vessel moved slowly and had very few weapons on board. If they were noticed by Japanese bombers, they’d be obliterated. They decided to turn the ship into an island and only sail at night when the Japanese bombers wouldn’t see them. During the day, they parked next to other islands and covered the exterior of the ship in twigs, leaves, and bushes, hoping to camouflage the ship. Their plan worked, and they made it to Australia (via Business Insider).

My Health Gazette

4. Uber Ambulance

Ambulances in America are notoriously known for being expensive. Why would you pay $3,000 for an ambulance, when you can pay $10 for an Uber? It takes the same amount of time and saves you thousands of dollars. It’s one way to beat the system since you’ll need that money for your hospital bills (via My Health Gazette).

My Health Gazette

3. No Eating Or Drinking

Some people choose to beat the system head-on, like this guy at the shopping mall. Some rules that exist don’t have any logical reason behind them. For some reason, you’re not allowed to eat or drink at the shopping mall, even though there’s a food court in the shopping mall. This guy decided to eat and drink anyway and ignored all the rules. That’s brave (via My Health Gazette).

My Health Gazette

2. No Rules For Me

We can’t get enough of this bad boy. He beat the system by wearing socks on the opposite foot. That’s some serious game. How can the rest of the guys on the planet compete with him? He’s breaking every simple rule about sock-wearing. We can’t even argue against him. After this guy uploaded this photo to the internet, we’re sure he made quite a few fellas jealous. He probably even received many flirty text messages from interested women (via My Health Gazette).


1. No Carved Pumpkins

When life bans pumpkins, use pineapple instead. Alex Schwarz, a 19-year-old university student found a way to beat the system when his university told him they weren’t allowed to have any pumpkin jack-o-lanterns in their dorm room. Since they didn’t mention anything about pineapples, he found a way around the rule. He said, “some higher-ups sent an email to all the RAs in my dorm and the one next to ours saying no pumpkins because they rot and might attract bugs and rats.”

He found a loophole and used a pineapple, which faced mixed messages. His own RA said it was fine, as long as he threw it away before it began to rot, but another RA down the hall banned the pineapple. They were unable to find a rule that banned pineapples, so the idea prevailed. He definitely had a Happy Halloween (via Teen Vogue).