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‘High-Tech’ Movie Props That Are Actually Everyday Items

MonicaJune 2, 2022
TV Bee

10. Windows 2000

The show ‘Firefly’ takes place in the year 2517. You’d think that by then they’d have technological advancements we can’t even begin to imagine. In five hundred years, we expect to be able to teleport from one country to the next. That’s not what’s happening behind the scenes here, because the computer in front of this guy is using a Windows 2000. Now we’re cursing ourselves for throwing away our monitor. Maybe it could’ve teleported us to another dimension (via TV Bee).

TV Bee

9. Sawed-Off Nintendo Zapper

These shooting light guns are used at home for arcade games to shoot at the TV and target ducks, cowboys, and criminals. Unfortunately, we didn’t own one of these when we were younger, but that doesn’t make them any less cool. They’re an electronic light gun used by Nintendo. They’re apparently also used as movie props. In ‘Stargate,’ the weapons we see are sawed-off NES Zappers. Now we’re cursing ourselves for not thinking outside the box and realizing we could’ve created some epic fighting scenes out of our NES Zappers (via TV Bee).

TV Bee

8. Barcode Scanners

It seems like both ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’ use the most everyday items for movie props out there. It doesn’t matter what era it is; they don’t shy away from their creativity. In 2009, they used barcode scanners in the captain’s quarters. We’re not sure why they’re there. They do look impressive and otherworldly, so we give them props for their imagination (via TV Bee).


7. Coleco Bowlatronic

If you grew up in the ’80s, then you might’ve had a Coleco Bowlatronic. It’s a vintage handheld video game, advanced for its time. Apparently, that’s not its only use, since it can double for use as movie props. In ‘Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett,’ the majordomo uses this communications tablet, which is a 1980’s Coleco Bowlatronic. If you’ve never seen a Coleco Bowlatronic before, you’d never know what it was. But some of you might’ve caught on straight away (via Therealbuckles).

TV Bee

6. Handheld Video Game

We love ‘The Fifth Element,’ especially after finding out that it uses everyday items as movie props. It’s a sci-fi, action movie that’s both absurd and wonky. If you take a close look at the ZF-1 remote control, you might notice what it is. It’s a vintage handheld video game, of the Game & Watch system. All they did was paint it black. We love the innovation here ​​(via TV Bee).

TV Bee

5. Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer

We’ve seen a Gillette Razor used as movie props, but what about an ear and nose trimmer? In ‘Stargate,’ the device the doctor uses is a nose and ear trimmer. It looks like the most sophisticated, futuristic movie props are everyday items we can find in our bathroom. It’s a shame we didn’t think of doing this first. We could’ve been rich and famous by now (via TV Bee).

TV Bee

4. Fuel Injection Rails

If you work at a car repair shop, you’ll know exactly what this is. To us everyday folk, we had to look at it for several minutes, and probably search the internet for an answer. It’s seen with the Jawas in ‘The Mandalorian’ a multitude of times. They were recalled at one point, so Volkswagen probably found joy in giving them a new home with famous actors (via TV Bee).


3. Mercury Vapor Bulb

Growing up, we might’ve used mercury vapor bulbs in science class. That’s not their only use. They’re used as movie props, too. In ‘The Saint,’ a hydrogen power device is a mercury vapor bulb. We never would’ve spotted that one, so thankfully, this Reddit user pointed that out. It might even bring back horrible memories if science class was your least favorite subject. It wasn’t our favorite (via SavingsTask).


2. Scientific Calculators

In ‘Total Recall,’ Martian Security wears scientific calculators on his sleeve. They look like they’re a part of his costume and were strategically placed on his sleeves. In fact, we love the look so much, that we might consider taping our calculators to our sleeves. It gives it a futuristic look you can’t get anywhere else. Whoever thought calculators had more than one purpose? (PedroTPete).

TV Bee

1. Hair Dryer

Movies seem to use a lot of props that are found in our bathroom. We’ve seen razors and nose and ear trimmers, and now we’re seeing a hairdryer. We think that these movies might be onto something. In this ‘Z Nation’ scene, a character uses his radio. The microphone of the radio is a hairdryer’s intake lid. That’s quite clever. Honestly, we think it’s cheaper to use than an actual microphone. It’s eerie how similar they look. Maybe they were inspired by a girl using her hairdryer as a microphone (TV Bee).