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50 Instances When Perfect Revenge Was Served Ice-Cold

MonicaMay 11, 2022

3) Mustard Doughnuts

Doughnut thieves get what’s coming for them. When you steal someone else’s doughnuts, that’s mean. You deserve punishment. When this person kept bringing fresh, delicious doughnuts to the office, one of their coworkers kept eating them without asking. To punish them, they had their perfect revenge and filled the doughnuts with mustard. We would have loved to see how this person reacted when they bit into a doughnut, thinking it was filled with sweet cream, only to find something completely different (via constative).


2) Perfect Revenge Of The Cornbread

We’re not sure what this roommate did to deserve an entire bed full of cornbread, but it certainly couldn’t have been good. At least his roommate covered his bed in nylon, so it’s a lot easier to clean. We hope they devoured that cornbread soon after this photo, so it wasn’t wasted (via constative).


1) Gym Bros

When two gym bros experience a feud, things go down. Apparently, two gym guys fought over the mirror more than once. The owner decided to do something about it and put up a sign that asks them to limit their flexing to 30 minutes at a time. That’s the perfect revenge for some embarrassing behavior (via constative).