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50 Instances When Perfect Revenge Was Served Ice-Cold

MonicaMay 11, 2022

15) Plenty Of Sticky Notes

These coworkers got their message across; “stop stealing our sticky notes.” With this perfect revenge, the stealer had to sit there and take off every sticky note. Surely this would prevent them from stealing their office supplies ever again (via constative).


14) Unfaithful Matching Tattoos

Women can have the most perfect revenge out there. This woman found out her husband was cheating on her. Instead of confronting him, she decided to take it a step further and make his payment permanent. She suggested they get matching tattoos. He went first, and after he was inked, she walked away, bare and single. We bet he was shocked (via constative).


13) Herpes Pizza

It looks like they’re both losers. One of them has herpes and didn’t get to eat their pizza, while the other person ate pizza with herpes on it. Even so, this person had the perfect revenge by licking their pizza and leaving a note for the thief that they have herpes. Maybe if this person left a herpes note in the first place, their pizza would be left untouched (via constative).


12) Vengeful Dog

Whoever said dogs couldn’t have revenge, too? This dog was left in the car by its owners, and, rightfully so, got their perfect revenge. The owner must have taken a long time because the dog pooped on the seat. What a surprise that must’ve been for the owner to see (via constative)


11) Vengeful Horse

Just like dogs, horses can apparently get revenge too. Similar to dogs, they’re lovable animals who enjoy being around humans. If you take it a step too far, though, horses can get vindictive. This horse’s owners braided its mane. Apparently, it didn’t like it because the horse ended up filling their boots with water. That’s a clever horse (via constative).


10) Graffiti Artists

Graffiti artists are some of the sneakiest people out there. They always sneak around the law and manage to beat the system by decorating the city’s streets with their art. This group seems proud of their perfect revenge when they repainted their vandalized wall with a completely different approach. At first glance, it looks real. Maybe they thought it would go unnoticed (via constative).


9) Olive Garden

When your coworker gives you a hard time, it’s difficult to be nice to them. When Stephanie, a rude coworker, mentioned she wanted “anything but Olive Garden,” this person decided to enact their perfect revenge and order exactly that: Olive Garden. You can tell from the picture that Stephanie is not happy. Maybe she’ll learn her lesson next time (via constative).


8) Ben & Jerry’s Revenge

When your roommate steals your ice cream, it’s a declaration of war. This person decided to have their perfect revenge on their roommate, who was constantly eating their Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. They mixed chili powder into the ice cream. We’re sure they were in for a spicy surprise (via constative).


7) Patience Is A Virtue

Some people deserve what they get. A woman was being rude at the grocery store, so this person had their perfect revenge by forcing the rude woman to wait in the checkout line even longer. They allowed every person to go ahead of them. We can assume she was probably angry. She needs to learn how to practice patience (via constative).


6) Creative Blockage

This car looks like it’s buried underneath a sea of shopping carts. Technically, it is, and the driver was served the perfect revenge by a shopper teaching them a lesson. When you park your car in the middle of the lot, you deserve to get blocked by a bunch of shopping carts. We can only imagine how long it took this person to get out of that lot (via constative).


5) TV Shame

Go big or go home, right? This woman certainly went big when she had her perfect revenge against her cheating partner. That cheeky smile makes it seem like she’s already over him, and is mostly just rubbing it in. Either way, he certainly deserves watching the game from the couch while he ex watches it from the field (via constative).


4) Pestering Neighbor

When this neighbor decided to listen to his pestering next-door neighbor and mow his lawn, he had something else in store. Instead of simply mowing the lawn, he took it to another level with the perfect revenge and also hilariously trimmed his bush. We’re sure that the neighbor will never ask him to mow the lawn again (via constative).


3) Mustard Doughnuts

Doughnut thieves get what’s coming for them. When you steal someone else’s doughnuts, that’s mean. You deserve punishment. When this person kept bringing fresh, delicious doughnuts to the office, one of their coworkers kept eating them without asking. To punish them, they had their perfect revenge and filled the doughnuts with mustard. We would have loved to see how this person reacted when they bit into a doughnut, thinking it was filled with sweet cream, only to find something completely different (via constative).


2) Perfect Revenge Of The Cornbread

We’re not sure what this roommate did to deserve an entire bed full of cornbread, but it certainly couldn’t have been good. At least his roommate covered his bed in nylon, so it’s a lot easier to clean. We hope they devoured that cornbread soon after this photo, so it wasn’t wasted (via constative).


1) Gym Bros

When two gym bros experience a feud, things go down. Apparently, two gym guys fought over the mirror more than once. The owner decided to do something about it and put up a sign that asks them to limit their flexing to 30 minutes at a time. That’s the perfect revenge for some embarrassing behavior (via constative).