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30 People Who Got Rich Selling NFTS For Huge Sums

Darren RydingApril 29, 2022
PR Wire India

4. Monica Rizzoli

Brazil’s Rizzoli has made over five million dollars in NFT sales. The generative artist creates images such as the one above and has achieved great popularity. Generative art sees creators write code in a specific style. Then it randomly produces images that can never be made again.

As NFTs spread in popularity, this subgenre also saw a lot of movement. Rizzoli is one of the main beneficiaries because she is earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per piece. She didn’t expect to reach this level of success so it’s fantastic for her (via The Block Crypto).

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3. Matt DesLauriers

Another generative artist, DesLauriers is one of the most high-profile figures in this artistic industry. The Toronto-based creator develops digital installations amongst other projects. He’s also earned tens of thousands of dollars from his work.

Artists like DesLauriers continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. They’re creating a new future for upcoming creators because they show that there are many avenues available. NFTs enable designers and developers to promote themselves like never before (via NFT Evening).


2. Tyler Hobbs

When people think of NFT artists, Hobbs is one of the first names that springs to mind. His Ethereum-based art collection fetched millions of dollars. The Fidenza Line is one of his most lucrative creations and many wealthy investors desire it (via India Times).

Some people don’t understand why NFTs receive such interest but the same can be said of all art. The reality is that they’re going nowhere and that they’re the future. Hobbs is one of the wealthiest NFT sellers in the world because of his outstanding success.

The Sun

1. Mike Winkelmann

Better known by his moniker ‘Beeple,’ Winkelmann is the definition of NFT success. Christie’s Auction House considers him one of the three greatest living artists on the planet. That came after they sold an NFT of his work for $69 million (via The Verge).

Beeple has a massive fanbase that helped him to make his fortune. Meanwhile, Christie’s is one of the most famous auction houses on the planet so they validated his work and the industry. It was a game-changing moment because nothing like this had happened before.