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These Behind-The-Scenes Photos Will Make You Rethink The Star Wars Movies

Darren August 19, 2022

Bar Wars

It’s nice to know that the three main Star Wars actors maintained a good relationship in real life. There are always horror stories about cast members hating each other. But that wasn’t the case in the original trilogy because they had a close connection.

Denver Post

This picture captures the trio in a canteen enjoying some downtime. It’s the eighties because there is an ashtray in front of them. Meanwhile, Ford is enjoying what appears to be a cup of coffee. If we didn’t know that they were famous we’d think they were just regular friends hanging out (via The Things).

Desert Filmmaking

We’ve spoken a lot about the challenges that the cast and crew confronted in Tunisia during A New Hope. However, the desert landscape entranced Lucas after he read Frank Herbert’s Dune. The latter held a slight resentment toward Lucas because of his success.

Original Trilogy

Lawrence of Arabia also had a profound impact on the franchise because of the stunning desert shots. In this scene, we see Alec Guinness and Mark Hamill in an early scene from the original movie. The crew is hard at work around them as they capture the perfect shot (via Inverse).

Dynamic Duo

George Lucas and Mark Hamill are the two most important figures in Star Wars history. The former created wrote and directed significant chunks of the universe. Meanwhile, Hamill played the original trilogy’s main character, Luke Skywalker in a career-defining turn.


Lucas made Hamill a star but he also depended on his actor to bring the character to life. This early photograph shows the pair on set discussing a scene. It’s a fantastic moment and a great insight into their dynamic during the filmmaking process (via The Playlist).

Jedi Masters

Alec Guinness’s screen time diminished in the latter movies of the original trilogy. But they still provided crucial moments in guiding Luke Skywalker on his journey. Here we see Guinness and Hamill in an intense conversation about the script in a behind-the-scenes photograph.


This was during Return of the Jedi when Luke returned to Dagobah after helping to rescue Han Solo. It’s an emotional moment because Yoda dies and then he reconnects with Obi-Wan Kenobi. This is a defining moment in the young Jedi knight’s life (via Digital Spy).

Ewok Actors

The Ewoks are one of the most notorious alien species in the Star Wars universe. Originally, George Lucas wanted to create a race of lizard people on Endor. However, the studio pressured him to use a more child-friendly design because they wanted to sell toys.


The cuddly bear-like aliens became a polarizing part of Episode VI. Some people love them but others think that they signaled the beginning of the franchise’s decline. Here we can see the actors who wore the Ewoks’ suits during these noteworthy scenes (via Ranker).

Falcon in Flight

Diehard fans know that Lando Calrissian owned the Millenium Falcon before he lost it to Han Solo in a game of Sabaac. Here we see Billy Dee Williams, Fisher, and another actor on the ship. Williams has one of the most famous smiles in Hollywood and here it is in full force.

The Week

We love the seats that appear as though they came from a DeLorean. It looks like Fisher is right at home as she sits in the co-pilot’s chair. Chewbacca’s presence is notably absent but we can see blue screen around the cockpit. It’s a great insight into life on this iconic starship (via Fascinations).