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How HBO Can Save (Or Trash) Game Of Thrones With ‘House Of The Dragon’

Darren September 2, 2022
Winter is Coming

Incest Taboo

Incest was a surprising feature of the original Game of Thrones. We saw the relationship between Jaime and Cersei Lannister in the first episode of the show. Then a connection developed between Jon Snow and Dany. It’s safe to say the directors weren’t squeamish about sharing this taboo subject.

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But the new show is all about the Targaryens and this means even more incest. A little bit is tolerable but it’s not something that anybody wants to normalize. It’s a touchy subject but one that fans are going to see a lot of in House of the Dragon (via The Atlantic).


Visual Splendor

House of the Dragon has a massive budget but it’s still significantly less than The Rings of Power. However, HBO is brilliant at streamlining shows and using its resources to produce beautiful products. People may complain about Game of Thrones and Westworld’s storylines, but not the visual appeal.

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The new show is no exception because it appears to have stunning visual effects. Meanwhile, the costumes are magnificent even if the platinum blonde wigs are jarring. It isn’t enough for a show to be pretty in 2022 because viewers expect a brilliant and consistent storyline (via Forbes).

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Falling Subscribers

HBO partnered with Duolingo as they tried to find innovative ways to promote their new show. The problem is that they’re facing an uphill battle to retain subscribers. There are so many streaming services out there today that it’s difficult to keep people invested in one. Who can afford to pay for everything?

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According to Screenrant, HBO’s key audience dropped by more than 50% after Game of Thrones ended. It’s clear why they’re desperate to make House of the Dragon a success. They want to bring these people back because they won’t be able to produce high-quality products without their money.

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The Rings of Power

A massive reason why the show may fail is because of an immediate competitor. HBO made the fateful decision to go head-to-head with another mega-budget fantasy series. House of the Dragon has one-third of the budget for the new Amazon Prime show but HBO has more experience.

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HBO decided to release their new series two weeks before The Rings of Power. This makes sense because they want invested fans before their rival kicks off. Nonetheless, if the Amazon behemoth is a hit it will make the lives of HBO’s executives more difficult (via Quartz).

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Great Showrunners

It will come as a relief to Game of Thrones fans that the new show has superb showrunners. The controversial duo of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have nothing to do with House of the Dragon. They ruined the original series so nobody wants them to touch it.

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This may seem harsh because they were also behind the original success. However, the dynamic Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik control the spin-off. The latterly famously directed one of the show’s greatest battle scenes in series six of Game of Thrones (via Entertainment Weekly).


No Bran Stark

Bran Stark almost made Game of Thrones unbearable by himself. We don’t blame Isaac Hempstead-Wright because he didn’t write the character. However, his dull storyline and the ridiculous ending made him one of the most hateful figures in TV history (via Den of Geek).


It’s funny that Game of Thrones had rotten villains including Prince Joffrey and Ramsey Snow. They committed horrendous crimes but fans still hate Bran more. House of the Dragon is instantly superior because it doesn’t try to make us care about this waste of oxygen.


Been There, Done That

The main reason why this show should succeed is that HBO has so much experience. They’ve made fantasy worlds including Westworld as well as Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, they made mistakes in the latter GOT series, which taught them many lessons (via Bloomberg).


They received a learning curve as they discovered what works and what fans won’t expect. This new series will have a significant influence on their credibility as a network moving forward. If they don’t succeed they may fall too far behind Amazon and Netflix to be viable in the future.


Fan Ambivalence

The main reason why the new show may fail is because of fan ambivalence. Game of Thrones had one of the worst endings in TV history. Fans resented everything about it because they committed to the journey and expected a great payoff. Instead, it felt as though a child wrote the final episode (via Collider).

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That’s why many fans may not tune into the show. It’s difficult to invest in something that isn’t trustworthy; unfortunately, that’s how many of them feel right now. House of the Dragon has a lot to prove from the very beginning. However, it’s the ending that’s the problem and that’s what people worry about.