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30+ Brutally Honest Illustrations That Show What’s Wrong With Today’s Society

TristaOctober 7, 2021
Gerhard Harderer

7. Pen Mightier Than Guns?

Have you ever heard the saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword?” If so, then this picture could mean that together we could overtake guns.

Maybe it could even be profound in the sense that education is one of the best tools to combat terrorism and violence in the world.

Gerhard Harderer

6. Blinded By Luxury

Haderer reveals this brutal illustration that is prone to different interpretations, once again. Alternatively, we could be looking at a couple enjoying their life of luxury on a float while those who are not so fortunate approach them.

This oversized couple is indulging too much while people try to swim to safety from a harsh reality.

Gerhard Harderer

5. Reality Of Chicken Farming

If you have gone down the lane of educating yourself with the way food, particularly the meat and poultry industries, work, then this one may be hard to look at.

In this illustration, Haderer seems to be referencing the battery of farmed chickens in today’s society. We put them through atrocities to give us eggs and chicken. 

Gerhard Harderer

4. Talking Via Text Is Not Better

Haderer may have chosen an exaggeration here to illustrate the modern dating habits in today’s society. With this picture, he may not be too far off from the truth. For all we know, this couple could be on their first date.

Instead of getting to know each other, they are choosing to be on their phones rather. They are probably even tweeting or texting their friends how awkward of a date they are on. 

Gerhard Harderer

3. A Better Car Means Little

Many of us spend countless hours commuting in traffic. Time is wasted away, without taking a second thought of it. Like this guy, we may continue to dream about the things that we can’t have.

However, the irony of this illustration is that he dreams about driving a sports car that he wouldn’t even be able to use in that sort of traffic jam.

Gerhard Harderer

2. Privacy Means Little

You would never tolerate someone jumping over the fence of your house and start taking pictures of you, would you? If not, then this drawing is a harsh reminder that drones may as well do just that.

Though the debate in today’s society may be around the use of drones which has been intense and controversial, something about this illustration reminds us of the movie “The Truman Show.”

Gerhard Harderer

1. Taking Work Everywhere

Another illustration that may bring up everything wrong with the work culture that we have created all around us in today’s society is this.

People nowadays work overtime and do what they are told and don’t have any breaks. We live to work. It seems, not work to live as we should. In this drawing, the men precisely depict that they can’t even have a bathroom break without sending that email and working on their laptops.