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29 Ways Middle-Class Families Can Become Fully Independent

Trista September 2, 2020
Reaching financial goals is very fulfilling; just make a list and get started. Shutterstock

2. Keep Personal Values Central To Planning

Again, making a budget and planning your financial future to escape the middle class, at its heart, is really about values and prioritizing the most critical things in your life. If being able to get out and spend time with friends is essential to you, make that part of your financial plan. Perhaps traveling and seeing the world is important, so plan a budget that allows you to continue doing so.

If you don’t care about being able to make regular visits to Disneyland, then don’t bother making those kinds of things part of your financial planning. Stick with what is important to you, and then you are more likely to stick with the program. When you have your own plan laid out, you can begin to build towards leaving the middle class.

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No matter how much you earn, you should find ways to donate your time, items, and even money to those who are less fortunate. Shutterstock

1. Give Generously Even While In The Middle Class

In keeping with your values, give to charities and programs that bring you joy. Giving away part of your income is about more than being able to get a tax deduction at the end of the year; it is about using your money in a way that is particularly meaningful to you. That way, you can get more joy and fulfillment out of your financial plan.

Maybe there is a local charity that you believe in, like a nearby chapter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. If you cannot commit to making regular financial gifts, look for other ways to give, such as becoming a mentor to one of the children in its program. Or maybe volunteer at your local food bank or senior center. Because remember, your finances are really about your values, so make sure that you keep the most critical things central.