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These Animals Got Caught Being Hilarious Out Of Nowhere

Monica July 12, 2022
Life Buzz

3) French Bulldog Yoga

It’s not every day you see a French bulldog doing yoga. It looks like he’s got the upward-facing dog pose down to a science. In fact, he looks better than most humans who attempt the move. Maybe he learned yoga from the previous dog who was caught being funny while meditating with his owner. We can only imagine the reaction of his owners when they walked in and found their dog doing yoga. He may have a secret life they don’t know about (via Life Buzz).

Bored Panda

2) Watermelon Thief

It looks like this cat is wearing lipstick. It’s also too adorable to get mad about. He was caught being funny after stealing a few bites of watermelon. To be honest, he wears lipstick well. It’s a good look for him. He looks like he has big, juicy, luscious lips. In a way, he looks like he’s getting ready for his big modeling gig. His owners took the photo at the best moment. If they’d waited even a few seconds, the cat might’ve licked his lips and the watermelon would have disappeared (via Bored Panda).

Life Buzz

1) Upside Down Panda

This panda was caught being funny when he was playing around. He’s adorable and looks like he knows how to have a lot of fun. One of the best ways to entertain yourself is to roll around! We could learn a thing or two about life from this panda. He looks like the type of animal we’d love to spend the day hanging out with. He also looks like an animal that’s great at doing yoga, since he’s able to turn himself upside down in such a casual manner (via Life Buzz).