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These Airbnb Horror Stories Prove Why You Should Never Use It

MonicaNovember 11, 2022
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Secret Airbnb

Many tenants around the world sublet their apartments unbeknownst to their landlords. We get it, it’s another way to make income and it gives us a cheap place to stay. But is the trouble worth the cost? This host wanted their guests to be quiet, lie to the landlord, clean up after themselves, and sleep on a pullout couch. If it was only one of those things it’s understandable, but the fact that it’s all those things combined makes it horrible. It’s not worth the trouble at all (via 5D Wallpaper). 

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These Airbnb hosts expect their guests to be superhuman. Not only do they want them to clean the bedsheets on their last morning, but they also expected one roll of toilet paper to last eight people a week. Do they think each person only uses one square? These people are on the agenda since they needed to leave at 5 a.m. It’s fair to ask guests to keep the space clean, but ridiculous to think they can clean sheets and be out of the place by 5 a.m. At the very least, these hosts need to leave their guests more toilet paper (via 5D Wallpaper). 

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The Review Scam

This person’s experience makes Airbnb sound like a complete scam. How can we trust the reviews at all now? It can put someone in danger if they stay in a place that only has fake reviews. How could you trust your host? It’s alarming that Airbnb removes the bad reviews and that critical reviews are being deleted. Now, we wonder how often this happens and if we can trust the platform. A hotel is looking like a much better option after reading all these horror stories (via 5D Wallpaper). 

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Cleaning Before Checkout

Understandably, Airbnb hosts ask people to start their laundry earlier than the cleaning people come in. But, in all honesty, it’s ridiculous that they go so far as to ask their guests to do that. They should have another set of sheets and a duvet ready for the next guest so the previous one doesn’t have to do their chores for them. They’re paying to stay there, not getting paid to be a housemaid. These hosts need to get their act together and stop confusing paying guests with housemaids (via 5D Wallpaper). 

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Steep Fee

It’s no surprise that we’re reading about yet another Airbnb experience about a guest having to pay money for a cleaning fee. This person was scammed for $140, although we’re only hearing one side of the story. It’s entirely possible that they left the house a mess and didn’t clean up anything. Being tidy to one person can mean something different to another person. This one is a bit muddled, as we’d have to see the place to make a judgment on the host’s charge (via 5D Wallpaper). 

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Sneaky Hosts

These hosts sound more like spies than friendly Airbnb hosts. First of all, how is this person affording to spend almost $20k on a 10-day rental home? Regardless, the hosts should’ve been more open and honest about the hidden cameras around the house. It’s a breach of privacy to watch a stranger when they’re not expecting it. This lack of privacy, plus a hefty price to stay there just makes for trouble. There’s nothing worse than feeling you’re being watched. These guests couldn’t even walk around the property naked, for fear of being on camera. And if there were cameras in those places, there’s no saying where other cameras were tucked away (via 5D Wallpaper). 

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Capture And Rescue Mission

If this woman’s cat was on the loose, why isn’t she at home? Wouldn’t you think she’d stay there to try and find her cat, not ask a stranger, who’s paying to stay at her home nonetheless, to catch her cat for her? This is a ridiculous story that’s borderline hilarious. This person was not only expected to house sit but to capture a missing cat and then catsit it. What if they were allergic to cats? Even worse, what if this cat was aggressive and tried to scratch the person when they attempted to rescue it? There’s no way of telling what could happen. At least this person was sensible and rejected the entire idea. It’s time to get out of that place and into a hotel (via 5D Wallpaper).