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People Share Cringe Stories So Bad, You’ll Want To Disappear Forever

Monica March 15, 2023

Who Smells Like Urine?

The smell of urine is strong and pungent. We notice it when we take our dogs on a walk, or when we use the toilet. There’s no getting rid of the smell, especially if we accidentally get it on our jeans like this person. When they were 15, they got drunk with their friends. They lowered their pants to pee behind a bush, and that’s when everything went wrong. Instead of aiming at the ground, they peed on themselves. It’s an honest mistake that’s happened to all of us, once or twice. Instead of going back to the party and owning up to their mistakes, they left the party and walked half an hour home smelling of urine. The night could have been more cringe-worthy, so at least it stopped then and there (via Reddit).

Excellent Town

Medium-Rare Chicken

There’s a good reason restaurants don’t serve medium-rare chicken. It increases our chances of getting salmonella and other diseases. Medium-rare steak, on the other hand, is perfectly healthy and has a great flavor. Bacteria seek refuge inside raw chicken meat, so if you do happen to consume it raw, you better be careful. This ignorant person believed they could eat chicken like they eat their raw steak. We’re not sure what happened afterward, but let’s hope someone commented on this post before they ate it, otherwise, they learned a very valuable cooking lesson. One trip to the hospital should be enough (via Excellent Town).


Keep The Change?

Miscounting happens to everyone, especially a cashier. We’re handling money all day long, so it comes as no surprise that people miscalculate here and there. When this Reddit user received, what they thought was $9, for a $7.50 bill, they asked the customer if they could keep the change. But after a few moments, he realized he’d handed him $8 and a sympathetic look. In a condescending tone, he told him to keep the change to help him through college, clearly pitying him (via Reddit).