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Money Moves: Patrick Mahomes and The Richest Athletes In The World

Darren Ryding March 6, 2023
Fox Sports

Ion Tiriac

Tiriac is one of the most obscure names on this list but he’s also one of the most successful former stars. The Romanian was a dominant tennis player during his heyday and enjoyed several victories on the ATP Tour. But most of the richest athletes make their money away from their chosen sport.

The U.S. Sun

Tiriac is no exception because he took advantage of communism’s collapse in the Eastern Bloc. He started a bank and it experienced massive growth. Now he’s one of the richest men in Romania and the nation’s first sports billionaire. It’s an amazing achievement for the former star (via Fox Sports).


Vince McMahon

Yes, we know that this is a controversial inclusion. Technically, McMahon competed and worked for a sports entertainment company. But he was still an excellent wrestler and put his body through the wringer. However, he made most of his money as an executive as he reached almost three billion dollars.


He transformed WWE into the global force that it remains today. There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical about his character but there’s no denying that he’s a great businessman. McMahon also dabbled in film production and has a hand in several other interests (via GiveMeSport).


Michael Jordan

Jordan changed the landscape for sports stars in the nineties when he rose to fame with the Bulls. Chicago enjoyed an incredible dynasty with Jordan as the franchise’s face. In 2016, he became the first billionaire in NBA history and still features in the news cycle. Forget about his career earnings because endorsements changed Jordan’s life.


His lifetime deal with Nike transformed him into the economic powerhouse that he is today. Meanwhile, his controversial Netflix series also enhanced his profile in the modern era. Jordan became the first former player to own an NBA franchise when he bought a stake in the Charlotte Hornets (via SCMP).