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Former Contestants Reveal The Dirty Secrets Behind Your Favorite Game Shows

Monica July 1, 2022
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5) Big Brother Canada

In the show “Big Brother Canada,” 15 people all live together in an isolated home, as they try to not get evicted by their housemates. It feels like it’d be an uncomfortable show to watch. Someone on Reddit told us some dirty secrets about the show. Firstly, in the audience, there’s the “hot row,” where people who are most aesthetically pleasing are chosen to sit.

Also, they said, “I had a friend who worked in production for Big Brother Canada who got a group of us tickets to a live eviction. The live eviction is not actually live and took probably a good two to three hours to film. None of what we saw from the contestants was re-filmed, but there were moments that we had to redo if we didn’t cheer/clap loud enough after commercial breaks.” (via Buzzfeed).

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4) Game Show Prizes

If you’re a contestant on a game show, you can win anything from a lifetime supply of WD-40 to millions of dollars. These prizes range in quality. Most of the time, we’d wish for tons of cash even though that’s usually not the case. Some game shows are full of dirty secrets and give away ridiculous prizes. On “High Rollers, “a game show from the 70s, a contestant won a $10,000 fishbowl. Another time, a woman in a wheelchair won a treadmill on “The Price is Right.” That seems like a cruel joke. On another game show, someone won a lifetime supply of Butterfinger candy, which was two big cases. Sometimes, it doesn’t even seem worth being on television for these ridiculous prizes (via Just Starz).

Legends of the Hidden Temple': 10 Fun Facts About Nick's Infamous Game Show
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3) Dirty Secrets Of Legends Of The Hidden Temple

In the 1990s, one of the most popular kid’s game shows was ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple.’ Kids used swimming moats, ropes, and different teams to retrieve a hidden artifact. It was extremely fun to watch as a kid, especially since it was full of spontaneous twists and turns. They had to do a variety of physical stunts and answer several trivia questions. As the kids performed on stage, the audience roared and applauded – an audience we never actually saw. There was no audience, only speakers and sound effects that made it seem like there was one (via Just Starz)


2) Too Hard To Pronounce

If your name is too hard to pronounce, then good luck getting on a game show. A former contestant told us about this dirty secret behind ‘The Price is Right.’ They said, “I went to a taping of The Price Is Right, and during the interview process, they ask you how you pronounce your first and last name. Unfortunately, if you have a first or a last name that is difficult to pronounce, your chances of being chosen to ‘come on down’ are basically 0%! Same thing if you happen to have the exact same first and last name as another contestant in the audience.” (via Buzzfeed).

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1. Family Feud Moves

Steve Harvey is known for his role on ‘Family Feud.’ It wouldn’t be ‘Family Feud’ without him. At one point, he was too busy filming his morning show in Atlanta, so Family Feud moved their studio from California to Florida so Harvey could easily commute to work. Then, since Harvey didn’t want to commute to the next state, he convinced the studio to move to Atlanta, so he’d have an even easier commute. He’s certainly a powerful figure on ‘Family Feud’ (via Just Starz).