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50 Perfect Photos Of Animals In Hilarious Real-Life Situations

MonicaMay 3, 2022

28. As Goth As It Gets

This is one of the funniest real-life situations involving animals we’ve ever seen. This Reddit user posted, “sure, you might THINK you’re goth, but unless you dejectedly ride the subway with your raven, you may as well hang up your black velvet frock coat and hit the beach.” They’re pretty spot on. This woman took the meaning of goth and turned it up a few notches. To a certain degree, we admire her (via GallowBoob).

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27. Pocket Kitty

This adorable photo of a cat and a vet shows just how loving animal doctors truly are. We’re not exactly sure what the circumstances are here, yet this woman is taking such good care of this small kitten that she has opted to carry it around in her scrub pocket. The cat may be in need of some care and is certainly getting it from this veterinarian (via Reddit).

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26. Tiny Birds

These tiny birds are adorable. We want to take one home and keep it as a pet. It’s beautiful when humans and animals can coexist like this, and share their drinks. This Reddit user felt like a Disney princess and shared, “I’m a Disney princess now.” It’s not every day you have several birds on the edge of your cup, sharing your drink with you (via Pirate_Redbeard).


25. Golden Bed

Dogs are known for being loyal and caring, especially to children. When we see these kinds of real-life situations, we fall more in love with our furry friends. Apparently “they never move until she falls asleep like this.” We wish we could fall asleep on top of our dogs like that too (via DJ_Einstein).


24. Big Guy On The Couch

This dog looks like it’s the size of three men. We’ve never seen a dog this big before. It looks like it mistook its human for the rest of the couch. This is one of those real-life situations that baffle us. The size of that dog is remarkable and deserves to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. This guy said to his dog, “I’ll just become a huge couch then,” (via GallowBoob).


23. Puppy Life

A stark contrast to the photo above is this incredibly tiny puppy in the middle of the floor. It’s adorable and pocket-sized. We’d love to see the giant dog play with this tiny one. That would be one of the cutest situations involving animals in the world (via GallowBoob).


22. Catching A Ride To Beg For Food

We’ve never seen anything like this. This is how this dog begs for food. We never thought we’d see a dog standing on the head of another dog to get fed. That’s unheard of, and a trick that needs to be taught to every dog out there. This is definitely one situation involving animals that needs to be shown to the world (via GallowBoob).


21. Watchtower

Similar to the dogs above, this bird uses the deer’s head as a watchtower. Maybe he’s begging for food, too. It’s one of the most adorable real-life situations we’ve seen, considering they’re different species of animal (via Reddit).


20. So Full

We’ve all been there: eaten so much we couldn’t move. It usually happens during family holiday meals, when there’s a ton of good, home-cooked food on the table. This possum is no exception. It broke into a bakery and ate so many pastries that it couldn’t move (via Z-skywalker).


19. It’s A Croc Hat

Real-life situations, like this one, make us laugh. How did that dog manage to get the croc on top of its head? This Reddit user posted, “play with crocs long enough and you become them,” (via GallowBoob). You simply can’t deny that is one hilarious real-life situation involving animals.


18. Strange Kitty Cosplay

This is one of the greatest Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen. This tigress isn’t amused at all, but she sure looks great. The owner did a great job with the makeup and costume. Let’s hope this was for something other than just a photograph (via Americanthaiguy).


17. Cracker The Cat

Count how many Cheez-it crackers are on this cat. How many do you see? We’re surprised this cat hasn’t devoured any of these crackers. A dog probably would’ve eaten them all by now (via fijistudios).


16. I Live On Your House

Not only does the Alpine Ibex on the chimney make this one of the strangest real-life situations we’ve seen, but the view is incredible. We’d sit there all day staring at this ibex if that was the view. He’s taken the concept of “chilling” to a new level (via GallowBoob).


15. Innovative Clipping Of Nails

Dogs hate getting their nails clipped. We do too, honestly. This dog owner made an incredible nail-cutting contraption that should be sold at every dog store around the world. This Reddit user said, “a pug that hates getting its nails clipped hangs on the ceiling.” These kinds of situations involving animals make us laugh (via OllyTwist).


14. A Crashed Snow Owl

“Snow owls sleep like they just got back from a night of heavy drinking and missed the bed.”  We’ve all had a night (or more) out where we mistook our floor for a bed. Snow owls are no exception. This snow owl face planted onto the ground. At least he looks like he’s sound asleep (via GallowBoob).


13. Pot Full Of Kitty Plants

These cute kittens decided to make this pot their home. When kittens innocently do real-life situations like this, it warms our hearts. They’re all comfortably cuddled up against one another. If they could talk, they’d probably say, “we’re a plant now” (via GallowBoob).


12. Looter Boy

This dog won the lottery, much like the ducks who discovered the dumpster full of bread. This Reddit user calls the dog ‘Looter Boy’ since he’s carrying a bag of loot down the street. They said, “LOOTER BOY – This dog was photographed after the hurricane hit, looting a big bag of dog food and embracing the life of survival.” These kinds of real-life situations are unheard of, which makes them so hilarious when they do happen (via GallowBoob).

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11. Bird Dog

This dog is sitting in the fountain with its tongue out enjoying the water just like a bird would. It needs to befriend the kittens who think they’re a plant. If this dog could talk, it would say, “I’m a bird dog now.” We also want to join the bird dog in the bath – it looks enjoyable and refreshing. These kinds of situations don’t happen very often, considering we never really find a dog inside a fountain (via Reddit).


10. No Moving Now

Rules are rules and we must stick to them. This kitten decided to make a no-moving rule on its human. Animal law declares that once you’re asleep, you can’t move. It’s one of the cutest real-life situations on this list; we’d love to be in that girl’s position. This Reddit user posted, “I can’t move because it’s against animal law, rules are rules” (via Neckland).


9. Best Buds

These cute little kittens are cuddled up next to each other. They’re furry babies enjoying the day. We would love to get on that cushion and join them. Next time we see one of these kinds of situations involving animals, we’re going to do just that (via Instagram).


8. Rotisserie Dog

We’ve all been too hot, where we felt like we were roasting on a barbecue. This dog looks like a rotisserie chicken, and if he could talk, he’d say he’s “turning into a rotisserie chicken.” These kinds of situations involving animals are strange optical illusions that make us look twice, maybe even three times (via loIll).


7. Kitty Advertising

If we saw a cat wandering around our neighborhood with a garage sale sign hanging off its back, we’d probably follow it to whatever sale he was advertising. This is the best way to advertise your garage sale. Who wouldn’t follow this cat? Unfortunately, these kinds of situations happen less than they should (via GallowBoob).


6. Hail The Cat

They look like they’re up to no good, and having a secret meeting. Maybe they’re planning their escape. Or maybe they’re planning to overrule their human. We’ll never really know. Luckily, real-life situations like this happen rarely… or more often than we think, it’s just done in secrecy. This Reddit user posted, “Charlie meets with his sheeple” (via b12ftw).


5. Playground

This cat is pushing the dog on a swing in the snow. It’s not something you see very often, or ever, so kudos to the Reddit user who managed to snap this photo. They said, “two pals hang out on the playground” (via Orange_Jacket).


4. Beautiful Friendship

What are they on the lookout for? The neighborhood dogs? Maybe they’re also planning their escape, like the sheep and cat. Again, it’s something we’ll never really have an answer to. When this Reddit user spotted them, they said, “pup decided to join kitty on lookout,” (via me_colin).


3. Cat Among Ducks

These ducks are worshiping this cat. In the second picture, the cat looks slightly terrified and unsure if it should move. It’s probably wondering that if it stays perfectly still, the ducks will disappear. By the fourth photo, it looks like it reached a blissful, enlightened state, which is when the “cat accepts duck religion.” Maybe we should all start to accept duck religion, too (via JaqishHampi).


2. Cat With A Turtle

This is quite an unusual friendship and not something we’d expect to see, which is why strange real-life situations are the most interesting. This cat seems perfectly content with the turtle climbing on its back (via ybroufx).


1. He Accepted His Fate

We can’t tell if this man is happy or stressed out. Firstly, how did the dog even manage to get up on his head? We have so many questions. Not only that, but he also has a dog on his lap. It’s a lot of furry love at the same time, that’s for sure (via mcpat21).