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40 Troublemakers Share Their Stories Of Being Banned For Life

MonicaApril 28, 2022

14. Banned From Town Center

This Reddit user admits they got a 24-hour ban for starting a fight and then trying to sneak back in over a fence. That’s pretty brave. Of course, with alcohol confidence, anything seems possible. It seems that this experience was a turning point for this Reddit user. He changed his drinking habits (via wdlp).


13. Banned For Quitting

This seems pretty harsh. How does someone get banned from somewhere for quitting? Not only is that not fair, but it’s just plain cruel. It seems that the landlord had something against this person. They’re better off with the ban anyway (via redreadyredress). 


12. 21st Birthday

What a way to go – go hard or go home, right? This guy certainly went hard before the bar banned him. The bar kicked him out for shouting at a barmaid. He then snuck back in, was kicked out again, and then tried to sneak back in and ended up falling through the ceiling. At least he got away, unharmed (via SonOfARemington). 


11. Village Pub

It seems this village pub doesn’t like outsiders and had something against the company. It’s probably something they’ll never have the answer to. Since the landlord gave up the tenancy after a year, he was probably already struggling with something. Maybe it’s a good thing they never went into that pub (via newnortherner21). 


10. Mom Banned From High School?

There’s so much going on in this post. Firstly, this Reddit user’s mom was banned from their high school. Not only that, but the school banned her for barging into class and cursing and yelling at the wrong table of girls. How terrifying! Watching their mother get escorted out of class by the principal and police officer is mortifying. It’s something everyone in that high school talked about for weeks after. While it was a stressful situation back then, at least it seems like they can laugh at it now (via inmuah). 


9. Banned From Russia

We’d ban ourselves from Russia too if this happened to us. The government contacted this Reddit user with a £20k fine. Not going back to Russia is worth saving the tens of thousands of pounds (via acidus1).


8. Working Men’s Club

This men’s club does seem pretty strict, but they also seem quite reasonable. Getting banned for making too much noise, cursing, swearing, and mocking the committee seems like a valid reason to ban someone from entering a men’s club (via LumpyCamera1826). 


7. DVD Store

Getting banned for an accident seems harsh. We’ve all tripped and knocked things over. We’re human, after all. The DVD store banned this Reddit for life because of it. It seems that Karma got this DVD store, as they ended up closing a few years later (via ambiguous_teacup). 


6. Banned But Coming Back

It looks like bans from stores are temporary. Typically, stores use them as a warning. People keep going back despite the ban and usually succeed at getting in as a result. Unfortunately for this Reddit user, the store banned them after a mental breakdown. Luckily, they’ve henceforth managed to sneak back in many times since (via maisiieeee). 


5. Toothbrush

This is a moment where we’d have to take the blame for our kid because they didn’t know any better. This kid got his payback, however. His mother got in trouble for stealing a toothbrush even though it wasn’t her fault. Consequently, she had to take the blame and was banned from the store (via stitchmidda2). 


4. Aggressive Dancing

This is one of those times where the ban actually stuck. Six years later, the club still rejects this Reddit user because of what they did. It makes sense, though, considering they tried to aggressively dance and do a cheerleader stand on their mate’s shoulders. We would’ve loved to see that (via mitcheg3k). 


3. Trying Out Bowling Bowls

It seems like common sense that you can’t try out bowling balls at a store because of the potential damage. How would that even work? It’s not a bowling alley. We’re not even surprised the store banned this Reddit user for trying out bowling balls as a result. It is a good story though (via sid32). 


2. Wet Floor

This is a hilarious way to get banned and worth the ban as a result. The creativity and wittiness of this person’s roommate are wonderful. If we saw this display next to the wet floor sign, we’d be in hysterics because it’s hilarious. It’s almost too good to get banned (via ChillInChernobyl). 


1. Snoring In Germany

Random people can ban you from a country. This Reddit user shares their experience snoring in a hostel in Germany. A random person was then banned from the country. Honestly, we wouldn’t want to sleep in the same room as that person anyway because of this, so hopefully, this Reddit user left and found accommodation elsewhere (via Kokobwarewolf).