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Outdated Things That Remind Us Of The ‘Good Old Days’

Darren September 1, 2023

These days, the world changes so quickly that sometimes it feels like it’s passing us by. Technology evolves and trends shift but the things that we grew up with always have a special place in our hearts. So today, we’re going to look at outdated things that remind us of the good old days and take us back to simpler times.

From different devices that we thought were cutting-edge to changing styles, the list goes on and on. These things will make you feel nostalgic for the good old days, so take a trip down memory lane with us right here.

VHS Tapes

Many families still have old VHS tapes lying around at home. There was a time when we jealously hoarded videotapes and took them out on a rainy day. We watched the same movies over and over because we had limited choices. It also made trips to Blockbuster very exciting because people had a chance to watch something new.


But then DVDs came along and suddenly made them obsolete. Then the age of streaming began and now nobody watches VHS tapes or DVDs. However, some unopened tapes fetch massive sums because they’re collector’s items. Now every garage sale seemingly has a few tapes that nobody wants (via Movie Web).

Newspaper Advertising

The majority of Americans have a Facebook account now and know that it has an online marketplace. Meanwhile, there are many other places to sell unwanted items on the Internet. EBay, Etsy, and other sites are great places to make money. But this also killed one of the most popular forms of advertising.

The Print

In the good old days, people advertise in newspapers but that’s a thing of the past. Why would they spend money on something that nobody will see? It’s free to post online and it’s easier to reach a target audience. Unfortunately, that’s bad news for newspapers because they’re slowly dying out (via The Media Ant).

Station Wagons

Watch any family movie from the 1980s and there will be a station wagon in it. These vehicles were incredibly popular for decades in the U.S. But now they’re nowhere to be seen because people’s tastes changed. The minivan came along and revolutionized the market because it offered greater fuel efficiency and more space.

Car and Driver

Now there are more economical station wagons but it’s too late. In the good old days, everybody piled into them and went on road trips. But now families want gigantic SUVs or big minivans. Station wagons – or estates as the Brits call them – remain popular on the European continent. But they’re dying out in North America (via Inside Hook).

Nintendo Game Boy

We’ve seen dozens of games consoles come and go over the years but some have a massive cultural impact. The original Game Boy is a perfect example because Nintendo sold millions across the globe. It arguably wasn’t the best handheld console of its era but it was the most popular so fans lapped up their games.


If anybody cleans out their attic or their old bedroom they might find a Game Boy or some old game cartridges. This blast from the past is a great reminder of the good old days. Nowadays we’ve got amazing graphics available on our cellphones and don’t even need consoles. But there is something special about these retro platforms (via Forbes).


One of the most romantic things that a teenage boy could do for his girlfriend was making a mix tape. In the good old days, this was a lovely gesture because it took time and thought. Making a Spotify playlist doesn’t have the same ‘wow factor.’ But sadly, they’re no longer popular because nobody uses audio cassette tapes.


Recently, some hipsters did bring them back but they remain an obscure novelty. The reality is that it’s much easier to subscribe to a streaming service. They provided unlimited music on our cellphones so it’s hard to argue with. But there’s something special about a tangible mix tape and it’s important to remember them (via Wall Street Journal).


European immigrants brought mayonnaise to the U.S. in the early 20th century. It instantly became one of the most popular condiments in the nation alongside ketchup. However, the good old days are behind us and now young people are turning their noses up at it. They think it’s disgusting and want more exciting options.

Serious Eats

That’s why they’re turning to spicy Korean gochujang or tangy Greek tzatziki. The world is changing and globalization is giving diners more options. But there’s no denying that mayonnaise is perfect on a BLT. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that it will remain a household staple shortly (via Philly Mag).

Pokemon Cards

These days children interact on Minecraft or Fortnite and spend their existence online. But it’s not so long since they were collecting Pokemon cards and playing games. Everybody knows Pokemon because it’s one of the biggest franchises in the world. It spawned dozens of video games but the cards were also very popular.


If anybody finds a box of cards in the attic they should scan carefully through them. That’s because some of them fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Collectors take them very seriously and treat them like gold. Meanwhile, some Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic The Gathering cards also have very high values as well (via Sports Illustrated).

Public Pay Phones

We may still see public phones around our cities but nobody uses them very often. Often vagrants vandalize them or homeless people take shelter in them. But they rarely serve their primary purpose anymore for one obvious reason. Everyone has cellphones now so it’s not necessary to use public phones.

ABC News

Meanwhile, fewer people carry coins so that makes them even less convenient. Another problem was that law enforcement could no longer tap them without a warrant. This made it easier for criminals to engage in deals without worrying about the police. That’s an interesting factor that opens a major can of worms (via The Atlantic).

Handwritten Letters

In the good old days, people used pens and paper to communicate with each other. They wrote official documents and romantic love notes but now handwritten letters are rare. It’s easy to instantly connect with another person online as we send direct messages in the blink of an eye.

Letter Labs

There’s something special now about receiving a handwritten letter because it’s so uncommon. We treasure it when a friend or family member takes the time to write to us because nobody does it anymore. There’s a good reason for this but it doesn’t change the fact that they provide unique memories (via Simply Noted).

Paper Maps

Maps are another casualty of the digital era and a remnant of the good old days. It’s a cliche but on every family road trip, the father would struggle to unfurl a gigantic map before trying to find the location. There’s something very charming about this but there’s no denying that Google Maps makes life easier (via The Today Show).

The Today Show

Another obvious problem is that printed maps expire very quickly. Countless people became lost because of unmarked routes on their maps. That was something that everybody took for granted back then but it’s alien to modern travelers. We don’t realize how lucky we are and many young people can’t even read maps now.

Floppy Disks

Remember when everybody had floppy disks on their computer desks? We thought that they were amazing because they contained so much information. But they became obsolete when USBs entered the picture and online storage became available. It’s crazy but the standard floppy disk only has 1.4 megabytes of memory.


However, some industries still use floppy disks. Older airplane models like the Boeing 747 require them while some medical equipment also relies on floppy disks. It shows that they’re not useless just because ordinary people don’t use them every day. But most folks don’t assign any worth to them now (via SCMP).

Fax Machines

These days fax machines are mostly obsolete but in the good old days, they were cutting-edge technology. The dawn of email made it possible to save paper and instantly transfer information online. Most industries prefer to streamline data-sharing so it’s obvious why they moved on from fax machines.

The Atlantic

But it may surprise some people to learn that some governments and intelligence industries still use fax machines. That’s because they’re concerned about sensitive information. It’s safer to send a fax than to risk sharing a document on the Internet. Faxes are more secure than emails so they’re preferable (via The Guardian).

Digital Cameras

In the good old days, every family had a camera to record their vacations and special moments. But now it’s not necessary because we’ve all got smartphones. We can instantly snap a picture and share it on Instagram or upload it to an online storage system. There’s no longer a need for personal cameras.

Amateur Photographer

We’re not talking about high-end cameras with expensive lenses because real photographers and serious enthusiasts use these. Meanwhile, film cameras remain fashionable and a high-quality Leica costs lots of money. But regular personal digital cameras are obsolete because a phone does the same job (via PC Magazine).

The World Book Series

It’s difficult to remember a time before the Internet but it’s crucial to remember that it wasn’t a big deal until the late ’90s. Before we had limitless information at our fingertips we had to use other sources. Many American children grew up with the World Book Encyclopedia series.


These books informed readers about everything from different types of animals to all of the U.S. states. They continue to run today but they’re not as popular. More serious readers also collected the Encyclopedia Brittanica. However, this series went completely online in 2012 (via North Jersey).

Lighters in Cars

Anybody who hops into an older car may experience a shock. That’s because there could be a few obsolete accessories that they don’t expect to see. These vehicles may have built-in lighters and ashtrays. In the good old days, adults thought nothing about giving their offspring lung cancer on wholesome family road trips.

Car Keys

Nowadays we realize that smoking in cars is a terrible idea. Some US states and countries even legislate against it and fine drivers who allow it. But it shows how much time has changed over the years. Meanwhile, these days it’s uncommon but some older airliners even still have ashtrays (via CBS News).

Landline Phones

We’ve reached a stage where even homeless people have cell phones. Almost everybody in the world has a smartphone with endless streams of information at their fingertips. But this is a relatively new phenomenon because it wasn’t always true. In the good old days, each house had a landline phone.

New York Times

This phone had a cable connection and restricted people’s mobility. The signal was also more dependable than standard cellphone networks. But these days, there’s very little difference and most young people never think of getting a landline. Some homes still have them but they’re falling into obscurity (via Dallas Observer).


Hasbro released Furbies into the wild at the tail end of the 1990s to widespread acclaim. They became one of the most sought-after toys in the world and almost every household had one. There’s something about their expressive eyes and ridiculous voices that made them appealing (via Business Wire).


But everything comes in and out of fashion and Furbies were no exception. They’ve had several revivals over the years but they represent a cultural moment. If anybody goes through their garage they may come across an old Furby toy. It will bring back fond memories because they were a part of many childhoods.

Cartoon Network

Many people grew up watching Cartoon Network. Characters like Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and Courage the Cowardly Dog were childhood staples. But there’s no pretending that Cartoon Network is the same anymore. Nonetheless, it carries a lot of nostalgia and everybody over 25 probably loves it.

Fox 29

These days children are watching Netflix shows and YouTubers doing weird things. They don’t have the same wholesome experience as their parents did. It’s a shame because there was something very special about Cartoon Network during its heyday. Nothing stands still forever but we’ll never forget it (via Animated Times).

Bootcut Jeans

In truth, we could have chosen any number of fashion items for this list but we went for bootcut jeans. That’s because this nineties staple reminds us of simpler times. Maybe we shouldn’t love them because it’s very hard to pull them off. But there’s a reason why young people still keep them in their wardrobes.

The Mom Edit

The ’90s was the age before the Internet took off. It was the time of Rachel Green, Sex and the City, and other cultural staples. That’s why we can’t get enough of bootcut jeans and what they represent. No, they probably don’t suit anybody but we’re happy to try and make them work (via GQ Magazine).

Phone Books

Young people these days don’t realize how easy their lives are. Now every business has a website and social media pages. They put their contact information online so it’s easy to communicate with them. but in the past, they used phone books to find this crucial information. People spent ages flicking through pages to try and find the right name.


It wasn’t very convenient but it was the most efficient system at the time. These days many people don’t even use phone numbers. Instead, they communicate with each other through social media messengers. They add each other by following accounts like on Instagram or on Facebook (via Vox).

Portable DVD Players

It’s crazy but now most laptops don’t have disc trays. That shows how far the world has come since the dawn of the VHS tape. MacBook Airs don’t even have USB ports. But in the good old days, we depended on different systems to play external media. That’s why portable DVD players were so popular.

Love to Know

Parents loved them because they were a fantastic way to keep children quiet on a long journey. It also meant that they could watch another movie if they didn’t like what was on TV. But then laptops made life easier because they didn’t need to carry two systems. Now we stream everything because it’s the easiest thing to do (via Rolling Stone).


No, we’re not talking about the fruit, but rather the old-school cellphone. Blackberries earn a special place on this list because everybody wanted one after their initial release. They had more buttons than a haberdashery and appeared to be peak technology. But then smartphones came along and swept them into obscurity.


Suddenly, everyone realized that the only thing better than loads of buttons was no buttons. The problem was the iPhone because Blackberry didn’t take them seriously. This was a big mistake because iPhones are more fun than Blackberries. The business-oriented devices failed but they’re a reminder of the good old days (via The Guardian).

Viennetta Ice Cream Cake

There was a time when Viennetta ice cream was one of the most popular desserts in the world. The classic vanilla and chocolate ice cake was a luxury and many children ate it for their birthdays. But now it’s falling into obscurity because there are so many other options. Once again, globalization means that there are more options.

Spruce Eats

People want to eat mochi ice cream or basque cheesecakes, not an ice-cream dessert from the 1980s. But the classic Viennetta reminds us of the good old days when we appreciated these things more. It brought people together on special occasions and that’s why it always has a special place in older generations’ hearts (via Unilever).

Photo Albums

One of the nicest things that a family can do together is sit down and flick through an old photo album. Sadly, this is something that we don’t do anymore because everybody has smartphones. We take pictures and save them to our cell phones’ galleries or upload them to the cloud or Google Drive (via Metro).

ART News

But we rarely remember to look at them and remember our experiences together. Photo albums are a great reminder of the good old days but they’re also a remnant of them. They don’t have to be though because we can still print photos and create albums. Maybe it’s something to consider to share our memories.