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Outdated Things That Remind Us Of The ‘Good Old Days’

Darren September 1, 2023

Phone Books

Young people these days don’t realize how easy their lives are. Now every business has a website and social media pages. They put their contact information online so it’s easy to communicate with them. but in the past, they used phone books to find this crucial information. People spent ages flicking through pages to try and find the right name.


It wasn’t very convenient but it was the most efficient system at the time. These days many people don’t even use phone numbers. Instead, they communicate with each other through social media messengers. They add each other by following accounts like on Instagram or on Facebook (via Vox).

Portable DVD Players

It’s crazy but now most laptops don’t have disc trays. That shows how far the world has come since the dawn of the VHS tape. MacBook Airs don’t even have USB ports. But in the good old days, we depended on different systems to play external media. That’s why portable DVD players were so popular.

Love to Know

Parents loved them because they were a fantastic way to keep children quiet on a long journey. It also meant that they could watch another movie if they didn’t like what was on TV. But then laptops made life easier because they didn’t need to carry two systems. Now we stream everything because it’s the easiest thing to do (via Rolling Stone).


No, we’re not talking about the fruit, but rather the old-school cellphone. Blackberries earn a special place on this list because everybody wanted one after their initial release. They had more buttons than a haberdashery and appeared to be peak technology. But then smartphones came along and swept them into obscurity.


Suddenly, everyone realized that the only thing better than loads of buttons was no buttons. The problem was the iPhone because Blackberry didn’t take them seriously. This was a big mistake because iPhones are more fun than Blackberries. The business-oriented devices failed but they’re a reminder of the good old days (via The Guardian).

Viennetta Ice Cream Cake

There was a time when Viennetta ice cream was one of the most popular desserts in the world. The classic vanilla and chocolate ice cake was a luxury and many children ate it for their birthdays. But now it’s falling into obscurity because there are so many other options. Once again, globalization means that there are more options.

Spruce Eats

People want to eat mochi ice cream or basque cheesecakes, not an ice-cream dessert from the 1980s. But the classic Viennetta reminds us of the good old days when we appreciated these things more. It brought people together on special occasions and that’s why it always has a special place in older generations’ hearts (via Unilever).

Photo Albums

One of the nicest things that a family can do together is sit down and flick through an old photo album. Sadly, this is something that we don’t do anymore because everybody has smartphones. We take pictures and save them to our cell phones’ galleries or upload them to the cloud or Google Drive (via Metro).

ART News

But we rarely remember to look at them and remember our experiences together. Photo albums are a great reminder of the good old days but they’re also a remnant of them. They don’t have to be though because we can still print photos and create albums. Maybe it’s something to consider to share our memories.