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Millennials Are Putting An End To These 40 Brands

TristaAugust 17, 2019
Credit: Simply Recipes

38. Smuckers Marmalade

As you can see from this list, millennials are not kind to condiments. Another victim of millennial shopping habits is orange marmalade. Since 2013, companies like Smuckers have seen a steady decline in sales, particularly among consumers under the age of twenty-eight.

Only one in one hundred marmalade purchases are made by someone under age twenty-eight. Experts believe that marmalade is not a popular choice because of its sweet and sour flavor. Most millennials would rather put sweet jam or creamy hazelnut spread on their toast in the morning. Orange marmalade tends to be a breakfast choice for the older generations.

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39. Olay Anti-Aging Cream

The anti-aging industry has been hard at work for many years selling products promising to smooth wrinkles and other facial imperfections. Products like Olay Anti-Aging Cream have been traded as a part of the anti-aging movement. Thanks to millennials, anti-aging is not the hot trend it used to be.

Thanks to social media, anti-aging products are not a staple in the makeup bag of millennials. With filters and face editing apps, looking younger in photos has never been easier. Instead of applying anti-aging products, Generation Y can fix imperfections in a few swipes. Younger people are okay with wearing some moisturizer and lip balm instead of a full face of anti-aging skincare products.

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40. Men’s Wearhouse

A few decades ago, it was basically a requirement for professionals to wear suits to work. Dress codes were strict, and attending formal occasions demanded fancy attire. In today’s society, the scope of the workplace wardrobe as dramatically shifted.

Because millennials don’t work the typical 9 to 5 job, suits are no longer the most common uniform. A lot of younger people work in open offices that allow casual attire like jeans and button-down shirts. For millennials who work from home, they can wear whatever they want, even pajamas! This has led to companies like Men’s Wearhouse losing a lot of customers and a lot of sales.