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Awkward Celebrity Encounters So Bad, You’ll Look At These Stars Differently

MonicaNovember 8, 2022
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Cursed At by David Hasselhoff

This is seriously one of the most uncomfortable celebrity encounters on this list. Not only did David Hasselhoff curse out someone, but he cursed out a little kid. This Redditor spotted Hasselhoff on Redondo Beach at the height of Baywatch’s popularity. When he asked for an autograph, he got something a bit different than a simple signature. We get the annoyance of having people constantly approach you for a signature, but this took it a bit too far. Hasselhoff could’ve just said no, but he had to go so far as to curse and yell at this innocent child, telling him to “beat it” and to “f**ck off” (via World Travelling). 

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Samuel L. Jackson’s Sneeze

As one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors, Samuel L. Jackson is nothing short of famous. He starred in Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained, to name a few. Though, working on set for these movies still hasn’t taught him table manners. He sneezed on this poor Redditor’s sleeve, who had to pretend a “chunk of phlegm” wasn’t on his arm. Let’s hope Jackson didn’t mean to do that and didn’t even realize what he’d done. It’s quite respectful of the Redditor to pretend nothing happened and silently sneak away to the back of the restaurant to clean off his sleeve. He certainly saved a lot of embarrassment on Jackson’s end (via World Travelling). 

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Buy Mike Myers A Drink

When we see someone famous, it feels like an honor to give something back to them. After all, they’ve given us so much entertainment through their movies and TV shows. But this Redditor shared one of their awkward celebrity experiences when they offered to buy Mike Myers a drink. Myers starred in a myriad of movies, including Shrek and Austin Powers, so you’d think he’s a friendly dude. Instead of politely declining the drink offering, he reacted rudely, and told the Redditor to “save his money for my next movie”. This response changed our perception of him, and it’s unlikely that this Redditor will go and see his next movie after this encounter. Maybe grumpy Shrek is a decent portrayal of what he’s like in real life (via World Travelling). 

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Fighting Brad Renfro

This Redditor’s experience is ironic, considering Brad Renfro portrayed a tough teen in “The Client” and is acting tough and picking fights in real life. When this Redditor and his brother came across Renfro, who was picking on the Redditor’s little brother, it wasn’t a friendly interaction. The two got into a fistfight, as the Redditor tried to stick up for his brother. Unfortunately, an actor would go so far as to try and pick a fight with this poor kid. He must have a lot of issues underneath the surface if that’s how he spends his time (via World Travelling). 

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Stomped On By Kerry Kittles

Former basketball player Kerry Kittles played for the New Jersey Nets. This poor Redditor tried to shake his hand and ended up getting stampeded by the player. It’s beyond rude, and it could’ve ended horribly if the player had stepped on him the wrong way. Kittles didn’t even look back or show any remorse for what he’d done. It’s possible he was having a bad day, but the guy could’ve at least apologized (via World Travelling). 

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Blame Her

Bill Cosby wanted someone to blame, and he wouldn’t let anyone forget it. Instead of accepting the mistake and moving forward, he pointed fingers at this poor woman. It’s one of those awkward celebrity encounters that makes you despise someone, in this case, Bill Cosby. Nothing about this interaction makes us like him anymore, in fact, he’s lost quite a few fans after reading this. Since this post, Cosby has faced serious sexual abuse claims and has even gone to jail. This post validates his horrible characteristics. Overall, he isn’t a good person (via World Travelling). 

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Gross Shia LaBeouf

Unfortunately, this Redditor’s experience aligns with the charges made against Shia LaBeouf by FKA Twigs, a singer. As a child, LaBeouf became one of the most popular actors, mainly from Even Stevens and Holes. This Redditor shares one of the grossest celebrity encounters on this list. Not only was LaBeouf causing a commotion at the airport, but he dared to look down a woman’s shirt and feel no remorse. LaBeouf has not always been nice to people, and how he treated this poor woman is quite clear. It’s apparent he’s let his fame get in the way of treating people nicely (via World Travelling). 

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An Old Tale 

American radio and television journalist Andy Rooney was beaten up by this Redditor’s grandfather. Yes, you read that correctly. We have so many questions, but all we know is that this grandpa wanted to go on a date with Judy Garland and took intense measures to make sure he got on that date. Kids back then definitely took measures into their own hands, even if it was violently. At the very least, this Redditor has a good story to tell (via World Travelling). 

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Revenge On Marilyn Manson

This Redditor’s story turned violent pretty quickly. We did not expect it to end in a headlock of Manson’s bodyguard, let alone with Marilyn Manson cowering in the corner. That’s a story to tell. Manson is a shock rock performer known for his theatrics and eccentric image. In this post, he flat-out dismissed the guy. He didn’t want to let Manson get away with it, so instead of ignoring the denial, he politely taps him on the shoulder. When that ends up in a wrestle between Manson and the bodyguard, the guy puts the bodyguard in a headlock and forces Manson to sign the paper. He ends up ripping the thing and walking away. It sounds like celebrity encounters can turn violent quickly. You never want to anger a fan (via World Travelling). 

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Johnny Depp’s Meal 

Johnny Depp makes yet another appearance on this list. It sounds like these celebrity encounters with this star aren’t too friendly, which makes us rethink everything we ever thought about him. When Depp was still dating Amber Heard, they went out to eat at a restaurant. Their relationship was toxic. Heard was rude to Depp, while Depp was trying to engage and have a friendly conversation. He even thanked the entire staff when he left and Heard just walked out. Luckily, the two are broken up now (via World Travelling).

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Pauly Shore Mustard

Pauly Shore has appeared in movies like Encino Man, Son In Law, and In the Army Now. He’s also directed and produced his semi-autobiographical mockumentary. It’s safe to say, it’s pretty funny. This Redditor had a chance to serve the comedian and wait at his table. When he accidentally spilled mustard on the table, Shore said, “duuuuude, you spilled the mustard.” It’s quite a simple response, but funny nonetheless (via World Travelling).

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Out Of The Way

Jamie Foxx is one of the most well-known actors out there. While recording Law Abiding Citizen, this Redditor rammed into Foxx and proceeded to shout, “outta my way, Jamie Foxx!” It’s hilarious and one of the funniest celebrity encounters out there, considering this guy said something opposite of what anyone else would’ve set. At least he got to quickly touch him as he plowed his way through the crowd (via World Travelling). 

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George R. R. Martin’s Revenge

This Redditor had one of the luckiest celebrity encounters on this list. He sat next to George R. R. Martin, the creator and author of Game of Thrones. This is a dream come true for anyone who’s a fan. Not only did he have time to have a conversation, but there were no other people around fighting for his attention. They learned a lot about each other and discovered they were rival football fans. When this Redditor asked for Martin’s signature, he got something different than expected. Instead of a signature, he got a “GO JETS!” message. Even though that’s not what he was asking for, it’s still hilarious that he has a message from George R. R. Martin himself (via World Travelling).