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Oprah’s Favorite Tech Gadgets & Gifts Of 2019

Trista December 6, 2019

Known as one of the most inspirational people of the modern era, many want to know as much as they can about Oprah Winfrey. She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. It seems that everything Oprah touches turns to gold.

Every year, Oprah creates a list of items she believes are must-haves and shares them with the world. How does she do this? She told Oprah magazine, “I go through every item, picking my favorites and narrowing the selection to my own. It’s a process. Because it’s important for me to remain as true to my original inspiration as possible. My guideline: Do I really like it enough to want to receive it myself?”

So we broke down her favorite items of the year just in time for the Holidays. Enjoy.

Softies Women’s Ultra Soft Marshmallow Hooded Lounger

We all love nice and soft clothing, especially during cold winter nights when we want to warm up with a hot cup of cocoa. Oprah understands the importance of warm sweaters as she placed the ultra-soft marshmallow hooded lounger on her list. She suggests wearing this lounger over leggings whether you are lounging at home or need to run an errand.

Softies Women’s Ultra Soft Marshmallow Hooded Lounger. Oprahmag.com.

For $99.00, you have a choice of berry, platinum, pink, or black. The marshmallow fabric is made from 51% Polyester and 49% Nylon. No matter what size you are, you will find a comfortable lounger that is suited to your needs with a kangaroo front pocket and a pull-up hood. This lounger is ranked #2 in women’s plus and petite robes.

Infused Grapeseed Oil Gift Set. Oprahmag.com

Salute Santé! Infused Grapeseed Oil Gift Set

The infused grapeseed oil gift set is the number one new release in grapeseed oils. A great way to help flavor some of your favorite dishes to Oprah’s taste, this gift set will make anyone grateful that they got you as their secret Santa. While this gift is $85.00, you can select it now and receive a coupon for 20% off the purchase price.

Grapeseed oils are great for any low-carbohydrate diet as they are filled with healthy saturated fats. Furthermore, these oils have a variety of nutrients, such as vitamin E and linoleic acid. There are several dishes these oils are excellent for everything from salad dressings to marinating meat. The flavors included in this gift set include roasted garlic, white truffle, basil, lemon, and chili.

Spice up your meal with Truff hot sauce. Oprahmag.com

Truff Hot Sauce

Do you have a friend or family member that loves spicy food? Truff hot sauce is a perfect gift for this person. Available in a 6-ounce bottle, this hot sauce is organic and limited. It includes a yummy taste of jalapeño ripe chili peppers, white truffle oil, Truff’s seasonally rare white truffle, and organic agave nectar from Mexico.

Available for a low price of $34.99, this product made Oprah’s list because of her love for tasty foods, and it is created out of ingredients typically reserved for gourmet dining experiences, fine tequilas, and delicate delicacies. Not only is this hot sauce Oprah’s choice, but it’s also Amazon’s choice.

Prepare yourself for any emergencies with this backpack. Oprahmag.com

The Prepster Emergency Backpack

Like you, Oprah is a believer in emergency preparation, and she proves this with her choice of the Prepster Emergency Backpack. This leather and natural canvas backpack is filled with 100 emergency items such as water, solar phone charger, food, and first-aid. Get prepared for any emergency or disaster, such as car trouble, flood, fire, and power outages.

The cross design on the front comes in three different colors, black, green, and white. A nice feature is this backpack doesn’t just focus on the apparent emergency items. It also has toothpaste, tea, and chocolate. For $395, you can save an extra 20% with a coupon or pay it off in six months with the Amazon store card.

Get the feel and smell of French lavender with these microwaveable slippers. Oprahmag.com

Intelex Warmies Slippers

These microwaveable slippers (yes, you read that correctly) are made from some of the highest quality of super-soft fabrics. Filled with French lavender, which is all-natural grain, these slippers not only keep your toes and feet warm but also make you feel more relaxed.

At $30.99, you can choose between grey, snowy, cream, or flirt-tawny. While these slippers are not part of Amazon Prime, they are ranked as #62 in women’s slippers. Once they are heated up, these slippers give off their warm heat for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you continue wanting the warm heat, simply place them back in the microwave and relax a little more.

Add a little jewelry to your style with these bracelets. Oprahmag.com.

Blue Lace, Sunstone, and Pearl Bracelet Stacks

Many people like to add a little jewelry to their outfits. You can either wear these bracelets stacked together or individually, giving you a lot of choices when it comes to showing off your style. If you don’t like moonstone, you can get the chocolate, dalmatian, sunstone, or Vitrail.

The price is right for $156, and your choice of paying it through installments over six months. These bracelets are made of natural, semi-precious gemstones united with a micro-pave CZ. They are created in Texas through the Heather Ford Team and are handcrafted. No two stones are alike, making your bracelet unique in every way.

Decorate a Christmas tree with these ornaments. Oprahmag.com

The Clementine Hunter Collection-Collectible Christmas Ornaments

There’s nothing like looking at a Christmas tree with hand-painted ornaments. It gives the tree a unique look that everyone who comes to celebrate with you enjoys. They also make a great conversation starter, as they are undeniably gorgeous decorations.

These ornaments depict plantation life in America. Because they are handmade, each ornament is different in its own way. While some people might feel the price is a little much for a Christmas ornament at $46.39, this item is one-of-a-kind to you and your family. You can also give back with a purchase as some of the proceeds go toward the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of the Clementine Hunter House at Melrose Plantation, which is a National Historic Landmark.

Don’t worry about your plastic bags ripping and grocery items falling all over the road with these reusable shopping bags. Oprahmag.com

Baggu Standard Reusable Shopping Bag

We all love our reusable shopping bags. They limit the stress of recycling plastic bags and allow us to easily carry in our items without the worry of the bag breaking. Oprah is on the same page as she lists these standard reusable shopping bags on her list. There are a variety of containers to choose from, such as big blue check, recycles black, thank you rose, and apple tree.

You can purchase three bags for $36 and save an extra 20% at Amazon’s checkout with a coupon. These bags are great for carrying small grocery items or purchases from other stores as you can hand carry the bags or take them over your shoulder. Either way, the wider straps make for comfort, even when carrying a bag of cans from the grocery store.

Get your coffee and espresso in style every morning with this pick. Oprahmag.com

De’Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine TrueBrew

If you enjoy ice coffee, you want to look into this TrueBrew machine. Originally priced at $888.48, it is on sale for $719.95. If you would rather have hot coffee, heat the machine as it only takes 40 seconds, and you are good to go.

You can choose one of 13 settings for your bean to brewed coffee. The machine has its own steel grinder, giving you the enjoyment of fresh coffee every morning. Are you worried about cleaning the TrueBrew? No worries! It comes apart easily with a tray that is dishwasher safe.

Help your family members make some of their best meals by gifting this steel electric skillet. Oprahmag.com

Wolf Gourmet Stainless Steel Electric Griddle with Vented Lid

We all want to eat healthier and find ways to make meals quickly. The Steel electric griddle can help you in your kitchen by giving you healthy and great tasting food in a shorter time frame. Put this grill on your list now and share it with your family as they can purchase the skillet for $549.95 and receive 20% off with Amazon’s coupon.

The griddle’s nonstick surface allows for even cooking and is smaller in size so that it won’t take up all of your counter space. It is easily stored in a cupboard or pantry for a quick grab. One of the most significant factors that set this griddle apart from others is its vented lid that eases your cooking process.

Help your friend speed up their meals with this instant pressure cooker. Oprahmag.com

Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package Instant Programmable Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart

Get nine appliances in one with this instant programmable pressure cooker. Not only does it work like an Instant Pot, where you can make meals in minutes or cut your time in half, but it is also a slow cooker. There are several options on this pressure cooker, allowing you to saute, steam, make yogurt, make cakes, and cook rice.

Known as cooking the “perfect meals” under pressure, this kit also includes several additions, such as cooking mitts, two egg racks, ladle, rice paddle, stainless steel steaming basket, measuring cup, and an inner cooking pot. Another plus is this kit includes a recipe book. It sounds like the perfect gift for only $78.27.

Keep water cold for a little longer with this colorful water bottle. Oprahmag.com

VIP DW-Insulated Stainless Steel 17oz/500ml Water Bottle

Whether you want love rainbow, joy metallic rainbow, or a happy yellow and black smiles design, this insulated stainless steel water bottle is an excellent choice for keeping your water cold. The silicone seal ring will keep your beverage from spilling all over you when you take a drink and is made from food-grade stainless steel.

While the price is $19.99, you can save 20% by using the Amazon coupon at checkout. Another benefit of this water bottle is you can keep your hot drinks hotter for a more extended time. You can put your coffee in it during the morning, hand wash the bottle, and fill it up with water or juice for the afternoon.

You will not lose sight of your dog with this bandana. Oprahmag.com

SPOT THE DOG! Easy Fastening Dog Bandana, High Visibility, Reflective

From xx-small to and x-large dog, these bandanas will help ensure that you can see your dog during the day or night, whether you are inside or outside. They will help keep your dog out of any danger zones as you can easily spot your dog with this reflective bandana.

For the price of $24.99, you can choose orange, orange, and red plaid, or fluorescent yellow and orange. You will not struggle to put these around your dog’s neck as they have Velcro fasteners and are comfortable for your dogs. In fact, they will barely notice they are wearing the bandanas. Easily wash these bandanas by hand and allow them to air dry.

It doesn’t matter if you want to blend the soup or a smoothie; this gadget can help. Oprahmag.com

Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cook Hot Soups, Sauces and Dips Blender

It is always nice to have a kitchen gadget that you can use to blend hot or cold food. This Ninja Foodi is designed to help you make sauces, soups, or smoothies. While you will not want to make this all at once, you can make them within the same day and always have an easy clean-up.

The 64 oz. glass pitcher can hold up to 56 oz. of liquid. The motor and blades are equipped for chopping ice, vegetables, fruit, and meat. Ranked #1 for countertop blenders, you will not be disappointed by this highspeed blender. If you are planning on purchasing it as a gift, now is a great time because it is marked down to $99.99 from $169.99.

Get to know more about where your dog goes and their activity with this dog collar. Oprahmag.com

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

It seems that no matter what, there are all types of gadgets that come out for you and your furry companions. One of the most significant stresses of having a dog is that you need to ensure they are staying active. Yet, you do not want them running all over town because you cannot find them easily. If this sounds similar, you want to look into this AKC smart collar.

On sale for $89.99, you can choose a collar for an extra small, small, medium, large, or extra-large dog. The colors come in brown or black and can include a one-year service plan. If you are in the middle of training your dog, this collar can help with that as it comes with a remote, making training a breeze.

Help your friends bring great taste to their friend’s night with this gift. Oprahmag.com

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

Make the perfect cocktail creations with this machine. Do you want to have a night with your friends without going to the bar? This machine can help you get the taste of your favorite margarita and cocktail without leaving your home. With your choice of seven cocktail mixes or choose a variety pack, you can wow your guests with your best favor.

This $349.99 machine gives you an easy clean-up with fresh mixing capsules that are recyclable. The only addition you need to worry about is getting the alcohol for your drinks, as it is not included in the capsule cocktail mix. This also means that you can make a non-alcoholic drink for anyone who is driving.

Limit garbage with these reusable travel cups. Oprahmag.com

Ecoffee Reusable Cup

We all enjoy the travel mugs for our coffee or other drinks. The trouble is, most of them, you need to discard after use. In fact, only 1% out of 300 million cups are recycled annually. While they are a sturdy cup, they are only meant for one use. The Ecoffee reusable cup allows you to use the container as many times as you like.

Along with the no-drip lid, you can get several bright colors for your enjoyment. If you don’t want the regular gray or black, you can get red, orange, pink, or yellow. For only $11.99, these cups are made out of corn starch, natural fiber, and resin.

Decrease your headaches with these blue light filtering glasses. Oprahmag.com

Women’s Limelight Blue Light Filtering Reading Glasses

You spend a lot of time in front of a screen. You have a smartphone, work in front of a computer, look at a television in the evening, or spend time on your laptop. Too much screen time can damage your eyes, but in a world run by technology and screens everywhere, it is hard to get away.

Thankfully, you now have the invention of blue light filtering glasses. Wear these glasses when you are in front of a screen with blue light and keep your eyes healthy. They are known to decrease headaches and help aid migraines or other problems occurring from too much screen time.

Remove your lint with this handy device. Oprahmag.com

Pilo Fabric Shaver/Lint Remover

Do you enjoy wool sweaters, but find they don’t last long? Do they get dirty, or do you notice your pet’s fur never coming out, no matter how many lint rollers you use? This is a problem that many people have and one that can be solved with these lint removers.

Small enough to carry in your purse, backpack, or keep in your car, these lint removers are useful for when you find your sweater is a bit too dirty in the office or if you are trying to remove the lint from your clothing at home. They are twice as powerful as most electric shavers but do not need batteries.

Don’t continue to struggle with opening the wine bottle, especially after a long day when you just need to relax. Oprahmag.com.

RBT Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener

How many times have you wanted a glass of wine but couldn’t find your corkscrew? This will make you feel frustrated, especially when you tried to relax after a stressful and busy day. Even when you see the corkscrew, trying to remove the cork from the wine is not easy. Luckily, there is an electric corkscrew that can save you from further frustration.

This modern corkscrew effortlessly removes the wine cork from the bottle. This corkscrew works on all corks and can hold its charge for over 30 uses. To charge, all you need to do is use its wall charger, just like you do for a cell phone. As a bonus, you also receive an anti-rotation bottle coaster.

Keep up to date with the time and other options on the latest Apple watch. Oprahmag.com

Apple Watch Series 5

From Fitbit to the Apple Watch, it seems like everyone has this item on their list. People want to know how active they are, track their steps, heart rate, and receive a notification when someone texts or calls them when their phone is not next to them.

While the price for the Apple Watch starts at $799, Oprah has nothing but praises for this watch. The latest model gives people reminders that they need to stand up and move after sitting for some time. You will also receive notifications when the noise surrounding you can damage your hearing. Of course, there are tons of other noteworthy qualities for the Apple Watch Series 5.

Get a little extra beat with these Bluetooth speakers. Oprahmag.com

Sony XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Even Oprah likes to hear a bit extra bass coming from her favorite music from time to time. If this sounds like you, check out the additional bass portable Bluetooth speakers that you can receive from Best Buy or Amazon for under $50.

There are a variety of colors to choose from, such as green, white, black, red, and blue. A device from Sony, this company states that the battery life goes up to 16 hours, which makes for a perfect day filled with your favorite music. Another benefit is these speakers are waterproof and can be submerged for about half an hour.

Enjoy your music everywhere you go with these wireless earbuds. Oprahmag.com

Beats Powerbeats Pro

These wireless earphones come in four different colors, such as ivory, black, moss, and navy. You can use these earphones to listen to music without their charging case for nine hours or 24 hours with the charging case. Because they are adjustable, the earphones are a one size fits all set.

You don’t need to worry about any sweat or water getting into the earphones during your heavy workouts because they are designed to resist sweat. Each earbud has its volume controls and allows you to play or pause your music. Get a great balanced sound that is perfect for your ears with these earphones.

Stay organized and let your creative side loose with this smartpen. Oprahmag.com

Neolab Convergence Neo Smartpen M1 and Notebook

The days of needing to sit at a meeting or watch your child struggle to take notes in class are over. The Neo Smartpen and notebook combination will transfer any notes from your notebook into your device. It doesn’t matter if you want to use your phone, iPad, or laptop. Any device will work with this Smartpen.

How this works is the Smartpen takes your handwriting and saves it in its app. It is then transferred to the device of your choosing. It doesn’t matter if it is a drawing or a grocery list. Another benefit is this is the lightest Smartpen around, giving you a comfortable grip when it comes to writing.

Stay stylish and keep your valuables secure with a handy bag. Oprahmag.com

Rae Phone Crossbody

Even though smartphones are a little more durable from when they first came out, you always want to be careful when it comes to them. It is expensive to replace a cracked or broken screen; much less try to fix your phone and realize you need a new one. Oprah understands that a phone needs a case, and her pick is this crossbody case.

Available in four different colors on Amazon, this case is made of vegan PU leather. Are you preparing for a night out with friends but don’t want to bring your big bag? Put all your cards and cash in your phone case as there are 10 card slots.

Give the gift of an echo dot for your child. Oprahmag.com

Echo Dots Kids Edition

Oprah is worried about what your children can hear from an Echo just like you are. Of course, this does not stop your child from asking for the device. Give them the best echo possible with a kid’s edition of the Echo Dot. Set your child’s limits, create a list that allows your children to call their friends, and play any approved music that you allow.

Your child can also gain access to over 1,000 audiobooks, games, and music as this echo comes with Freetime Unlimited. Another blessing from this device is cheaper than most people think, retailing at only $70 on Amazon.

Everyone will want this gift as they learn why it is called magic hands. Oprahmag.com

Magic Hands Neck and Back Massagers

Get the realistic feeling of a neck and back massage in the comfort of your own home without having to pay for someone to make a home visit. Magic Hands is a great device to help soothe your ache and sore muscles after a long day or an injury.

Magic Hands comes with four different settings and an adjustable arm strap. You can even use the heat function to help soothe your muscles. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a massage when you can purchase magic hands for $199. You also have the choice of green, blue, and orange.

Fall in love with this high-tech mirror. Oprahmag.com

Riki Skinny Mirror

How many times have you applied makeup to a mirror that doesn’t give good light? Have you had to put on makeup while you were riding in the car? Many people are rushed to apply their cosmetics, and this mirror can help you.

Weighing a little over one pound, this mirror has led lights surrounding it for your best makeup experience. It is also a great mirror that you can use when you want to take a selfie. Place the mirror in your backpack or purse for easy and quick access.

Make sure you can always get in touch with your family members with this gift. Oprahmag.com

Courant Catch: 2 Multi-device Wireless Charger

That moment that everyone dreads – finding yourself with a low battery. The biggest problem is you need the charger, and so does your child. Another common situation is you are heading out on a family vacation and find that you each have different cell phone chargers that are needed.

The multi-device wireless charger is an excellent gift for the whole family because you can charge two devices at once. On top of this, the wireless charger will work with any device that your family has, from iPhones to Pixels. Don’t worry about forgetting a charger and needing to buy a replacement quickly. Instead, purchase the multi-device wireless charger for about $150 on Amazon and allow your whole family to use it.

Gift the power to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle with this home bike. Oprahmag.com

Flywheel Home Bike and Built-In Tablet

Oprah doesn’t just believe that you should have a gym membership. She also thinks that you can find the favorites at your local gym and place them in the comfort of your home. The flywheel home bike is excellent for people who want to work out at home, especially if they have small children, can’t escape their home, or it is too cold outside to head to the gym. They are also suitable for that early morning or late-night workouts, where a local gym is not open.

Available on Amazon, these bikes are over $1,500 and a great deal. Not only do you get a built-in tablet, but you also get a lot of great features. For instance, the bike will track your stats and allow you to compete against yourself.

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