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50 Creepy Signs That Will Send Shudders Down Your Spine

MonicaMay 16, 2022
Bored Panda

6) Horses May Bite

This sign looks like something straight out of a horror movie. Creepy signs that forewarn about aggressive animals are frightening enough, but when you see the actual animal standing behind it with its eyes glowing in the dark, is something that would make us back up and sprint in the opposite direction (via Bored Panda).

Bored Panda

5) Don’t Grab Hamish By The Horns

This sign says, “do not grab Hamish by the horns.” We’re not sure who’d grab the Hamish by the horns, considering that he looks strong and aggressive. From a distance, the Hamish seems friendly, and we can admire him from afar (via Bored Panda). But of course, there are probably several foolish people who did decide to grab Hamish by the horns, creating the need for this sign in the first place.

Bored Panda

4) Dental Signs

This is a sad sign to read at a dentist’s office. They must’ve had trouble in the past if they needed to put this sign up. It says, “if you use meth, disclose it to us because the dental anesthetic will kill you.” Hopefully, people reading this sign will consider that and be open and honest with the dentist. It’s always better safe than sorry (via Bored Panda).

Bored Panda

3) Food Recall At The Stadium

Imagine you’re licking your fingers clean from a sandwich you just ate at a ball game only to look up and see this warning? It says, “if you purchased sandwiches or wraps at the stadium, please bring them back immediately.” Creepy signs like this that warn us about what’s to come is something that would make our stomach churn, food poisoning or not. We wonder how many people got sick that evening (via Bored Panda). This obviously isn’t what fans want to see when they spend their money on food at a stadium.

Bored Panda

2) Lava Falls At The Grand Canyon

A lot of us are fit and adventurous, so reading this sign would make us think. It’s one of those creepy signs that warn us about what’s to come. It says that many heat related deaths occurred 15 minutes from the top. It’s a sign that would cause you to drink a lot of water and listen to the warning signs of heat stroke in your body, like fatigue and headache (via Bored Panda).

Bored Panda

1) Saying Goodbye

As creepy as this is, it’s also sad. It says, “when the light is on, speak softly, because someone is saying goodbye.” If we saw that light on, it might even make us tear up. It’s a good sign to have, though, to make sure people in the room are respecting those who are passing on (via Bored Panda).