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40 Things You Should Always Buy At The Dollar Store

TristaJuly 2, 2021

14. Teeth Cleaning Supplies

Changing your toothbrush every three months is a good practice to keep your teeth in good condition. If you want name-brand items at a fraction of the cost of your grocery store, head to your local dollar store. They still carry name-brand items at almost a third of the cost of your grocery store. Having a large supply of toothbrushes that you can keep around your house allows you to avoid having to go to the store so frequently.

Additionally, they have toothbrushes in different types as well as toothbrushes for the children. In any case, if you are desperate to save money on your grocery bills every month, there’s no reason not to stock up on these when you can. Further, given that you’ll inevitably throw away the toothbrushes anyway, it makes sense to minimize the cost of what you’re throwing away.


13. Greeting Cards

There’s not much reason why you should spend $5 on a greeting card that the recipiant will throw away after a few days. Although these cards may look more expensive, there’s nothing wrong with getting greeting cards from the dollar store when the cards are only around a dollar or less. While these cards may not be as fancy as others, they still communicate the same message that you think of them.

There are even options for buying greeting cards in bulk to save yourself from having to worry about remembering to do it next year. Ensure the cards are stored in a dry and dark place so they don’t fade over time. When it comes to getting greeting cards for friends and family, you will find that the dollar store tends to be a much better option. You can start a new reputation of being known as the sweet person who always gives cards away. It’s a thoughtful and cheap idea.


12. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil can serve several purposes that many people are not aware of. As well as being able to cover food , you can also use it to restore the veneer edges on furniture. Aluminum foil is a great way to restore the shine to tarnished silverware lying around your home. And that’s not all you can do with this dollar store find.

If your children are stuck at home bored, have this handy tool around for them when they need a little break. No matter what you use it for, you’re more than likely to discard it after you have used it regardless of what you intend to use it for. It would be best if you could get a few rolls of foil for a low price at the dollar store because that would be the best way to stock up. For whatever project you happen to be working on at the moment, you’ll have as much as you need.


11. Sponges

You should throw away your sponges every two to three weeks because bacteria accumulate in them. There is a danger of bacteria and mold growing in them because they are always wet. Once that happens, you’ll rub it all over your dishes and cooking utensils. Considering how much sponges cost, many people aren’t keen on throwing them away as frequently as they should.

Nevertheless, if you spend about a dollar at the dollar store, you can purchase a package of six sponges for an affordable price. By doing so, you can, in turn, reduce your chances of getting sick by changing your sponges more frequently. Considering that you can buy a sponge for as little as 13 cents, you won’t feel bad about throwing them away. Furthermore, because you’re getting more sponges at lower prices, that means fewer trips to the store to get replacements.


10. Classroom Supplies

Budgeting for classroom supplies can often be a complex process. A variety of supplies are needed in class: glue, crayons, paper, markers, and pencils, among many others. The fact that you want your kids to have the best should not mean that you have to spend every last penny you have. Their teachers are going to be very appreciative of everything. It’s possible to opt to get your supplies from the dollar store if you don’t plan on emptying your purse.

In addition to the fact that the dollar store has everything listed above and so much more, they are also incredibly cheap, which means that you can buy as much equipment for your classroom as you need. Buying in bulk will ensure there is enough to go around for each student. For just a few dollars, you may be able to find large supplies. There are no reasons why you should not consider purchasing these items from the dollar store instead.


9. Sandwich Bags

You need sandwich bags to keep your food fresh in the fridge. They can cost anywhere from $3 to $7 at the store. Luckily, there are even products from popular brands such as Hefty and Glad at the dollar store, so you don’t have to look far. In addition, they are for only a third of the price. You might not get as many in the package. But that will not change how you go through them and throw them out.

There are also different sizes of sandwich bags available to use for everything from sandwiches to bags of cereal. As a result, you are no longer throwing anything out because it’s gotten stale. If you want your kids to take snacks to school with them, then choose small bags to store snacks in. The uses for sandwich bags are almost endless.


8. Balloons

There’s nothing like balloons to brighten up a party, so why not go to your dollar store to pick them up? Most local Dollar Stores have extensive selections of balloons and usually have the option to inflate them as well. No one’s going to know the difference between expensive and cheap balloons, especially if you’re getting plain-colored ones. They’re going to pop anyway, so why waste money on expensive ones?

At the dollar store, you get twice as many balloons for the same price as regular ones, too, so that means more balloons for your party, especially if you want to give them away to the kids as party favors. Save some money on balloons, birthday cards, and wrapping paper. That way, you have more to spend on the cake, toys, and more important aspects of the party.


7. Bobby Pins

The truth of the matter is that no matter what type of hair people have, they’re bound to use bobby pins at some point in their lives. But the problem with them is that they frequently fall out, and you will have to keep buying them over and over again whenever you run out, so it isn’t very convenient. Additionally, your kids might decide to play with them and bend them into different shapes.

Don’t worry about going back to the store or to the beauty salon to get more; you can get plenty of supplies at your local dollar store. You get 72 of them for a dollar, and that’s more than enough bobby pins for a very long time! Consider adding them to your shopping list the next time you’re in a dollar store, and you’ll be thankful that you’ll have a bevy of bobby pins to use when the time is right. Go ahead and grab some extra hair ties too. Everyone knows those things go missing just as fast as bobby pins. It’s always better to have more than less for the right price.


6. Cheap Bread

Bread is a standard grocery item that people often purchase. In your pantry, you’ll always be able to find fresh bread, whether you are making sandwiches or toast. However, you may find that it is more expensive to get bread from the grocery store because it will be marked up accordingly. At the same time, you can find much cheaper bread at the dollar store. It means that you can stock up on more bags.

It’s nice to always to have bread on hand at all times. That would mean you can make your kids more sandwiches. You can skip going to the store whenever they get hungry. Along with bread, there are other everyday grocery items you may be able to find at the dollar store too that are nicer on your budget. Go ahead and pick up some juice, peanut butter, or crackers. You can reduce your grocery bill by quite a bit.


5. Puzzles and Board Games

Is your child bored whenever they can’t go outside? Have you thought about going to your local dollar store for some puzzles and board games?  In addition to jigsaw puzzles, dollar store puzzles make great gift options for kids. Why? Because they won’t use jigsaw puzzles very often. Afterward, you can always put them up for sale during your next garage sale so someone else can use them. Not only are you being generous, but you finally get to clean out your closet. That’s a win-win.

Also, you will always get your money’s worth when you get board games from a dollar store since you will always get what you pay for. Even if you have spent a lot of money on them, your children will eventually get bored with them. You won’t feel guilty about putting them up in the closet for when their friends come over. It is also a great way to get rid of stuff at your next garage sale.


4. Cheap Flip-Flops

Are you looking for a pair of flip-flops to wear to the pool or beach? The dollar store has a wide selection of flip-flops in all sizes In addition, it’s likely that as soon as your child grows up, they will grow out of their flip-flops in a brief period. Because they’re so cheap, you won’t feel bad about donating two of them to a friend or family member who might have use for them.

Despite how cheap a pair of flip flops might be, you can expect them to last quite a while as long as you don’t treat them too roughly. You can get several different colors for just $1, so you can get several pairs without spending too much. Obviously, you won’t find any fancy designs or colors in this pack, but they’re still quite functional for only a dollar. That goes double if you have an accident one day while you are out and about.


3. Permanent Markers

If you’re a creative person, it would be great to use permanent markers on your labels or art projects. You should consider having these on hand for your children to use for their school projects too. They can dry out fairly quickly when they are used often. So why not go to the dollar store and purchase several packs for a low cost?

We know you can get a lot of the same name brands at the dollar store. However, this one might not apply. Are you willing to give up name-brand markers? In that case, you can get four permanent markers at a dollar store for the price of one. Then you will have more writing supplies in your drawers. Maybe you or your kiddos love to draw with markers. Always have some handy thanks to the dollar store. You can buy them in bulk and they’re just as effective as name-brand markers as well. Therefore, there’s no reason to spend more other than getting unique colors.


2. Coffee Filters

Getting a cup of morning Joe ready is such a routine habit that you could probably do it in your sleep. However, do you have to spend more on coffee filters that do the same job? There’s no reason to go to the store and pick up a pack that costs more than 10 dollars when you can get double the number of coffee filters for only one dollar. Are they going to be perfect? No, but what filter is? They’ll keep your coffee grounds from getting into your morning coffee.

Besides, you’re going just to throw the filters out. Often, dollar store items such as coffee filters are stocked because they might have old packaging or some other aesthetic blemish. However, a small bump doesn’t affect the quality of the product! That being said, it’s better to throw out less money than sacrifice your wallet for a “better” taste. After all, if you drink coffee every day and need filters, you should stop wasting your money. That is a math problem that has a better solution: the dollar store.


1. Brooms

When it comes to keeping your home clean, you have to have the right tools to get the task done. Vacuum cleaners are great at getting hair and crumbs out of your carpets, but it doesn’t do as good a job on bare floors. Using a broom and dustpan also reduces the amount of electricity you’re using to keep your home clean. People make a mistake when they go to their local favorite store to get a broom and dustpan for their needs.

Why? Because the dollar store has them for a dollar each when they could cost $15 at any other store. There’s no reason to spend extra money on a cleaning product you’re going to use maybe twice a week and shove into a closet. There’s no real cleaning difference between a cheap or expensive broom either, so why not save money instead? It might be a good idea to consider your local dollar store for most of your grocery needs from now on. They have everything your grocery store has but at a more affordable price. The cheaper items may not feel as “high-quality” as what you’re used to, but when you’re trying to save money, you can get used to the difference.