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40 Dollar Tree Items for Frugal Weddings

ShannonApril 24, 2019

Shopping for a wedding is one of the most expensive things you will ever do in your life. Every penny counts, because it adds up to thousands of dollars once everything is said and done. So it only makes sense that so many people are trying to save money on wedding decor. There is no cheaper place to shop in the United States than Dollar Tree, where absolutely everything in the store is only $1. Keep in mind that not every Dollar Tree has the same inventory. So you can find anything you need on DollarTree.com, and it can be shipped to your nearest location, or home address. Just keep in mind that certain items might require you to buy a minimum amount before they ship it. However, if you are stocking up for your wedding, you may need tons of stuff, anyway.

DIY Seating charts made out of frames. Credit: DollarTree.com

40. DIY Picture Frame Seating Charts

When your guests arrive at the wedding reception, they will need to find out where they are sitting. On Pinterest, there are tons of seating chart ideas out there, and one of them is to repurpose picture frames, and writing on the glass using a chalkboard marker. The Dollar Tree blog has a full step-by-step tutorial on how you can make this at home.

Beautiful white stoneware for just $1 per piece. Credit: DollarTree.com

39. Classic White Stoneware

If you want your place settings to look elegant, you should make sure that all of the plates, bowls, and cups match one another. If you look at most department stores like Macy’s, you will see that stoneware sets cost quite a lot of money. Believe it or not, Dollar Tree actually sells white stoneware for $1 per piece. These plates, bowls, and cups are available at most locations. But if you need more than what the store has in stock, it may be necessary to order online and have it delivered to your local store.

These adorable boxes are great for party favors. Credit: DollarTree.com

38. Bride and Groom Favor Boxes

At the end of a wedding reception, most couples give their guests a small “thank you” gift. One of the cheapest and easiest gifts to put together is a box or a bag full of candy or mints. These bride and groom favor boxes are just $1 for a package of 10. So even if you have 100 guests, that’s still only $10 to buy the boxes, plus the cost of candy.

Tules and ribbon are all you need to make this beautiful project. Credit: DollarTree.com

37. Tule Ribbon For DIY Decor

If you have an outdoor wedding with individual chairs, it can sometimes look nice for the last row of chairs to have a bit of decoration on them. It’s not always necessary to do this on every single row (especially since it may brush into people’s knees.) But making the effort will not go unnoticed. On the Dollar Tree blog, you can find a tutorial for these beautiful tule and ribbon chair back coverings.

A closeup of the faux rose petals. Credit: DollarTree.com

36. Faux White Rose Petals

In a traditional wedding, the bridal party has a flower girl who tosses flower petals as she walks down the aisle. Real flowers are very expensive, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to tear one up just so that it can be tossed on the ground. Lucky for you, Dollar Tree sells bags of rose petals in white, pink, and read.

This boquet was made with items that can be found at Dollar Tree. Credit: DollarTree.com

35. DIY Wedding Bouquets

Dollar tree carries a variety of different faux flowers and plants, as well as burlap ribbon and all kinds of different odds and ends. Usually, if a couple cannot afford to pay for real flowers, they will give the bridesmaids, flower girl, and decor faux flowers, while the bride has the real bouquet. However, if you are the bride-to-be, you may want your wedding bouquet to last forever! So it only makes sense to try to make your own. Check out Dollar Tree’s blog post with all of their bouquet ideas, and scope out Pinterest, as well.


Every elegant wedding has wine glasses on the table. Credit: DollarTree.com

34. Wine Glasses

Many wedding venues will provide you with everything you need to serve your guests as part of a package. But if you are serving your guests a full dinner on a budget, you will still need to provide them water and/or wine glasses with their place setting. Even at stores like Ikea, wine glasses are still $2 to $5 each. But at Dollar Tree, you can get plain wine glasses in bulk for just $1 per piece.

These glass candle holders have become hugely popular in the DIY community. Credit: DollarTree.com

33. Glass Candle Holders

These glass cut candle holders from Dollar Tree have become a huge hit among crafters online. In fact, Pinterest has hundreds, if not thousands of inspirational ideas. With a bit of spray paint and other little odds and ends, you can transform these into luxurious looking decor for your wedding table centerpieces, and so much more.


You can make this succulent centerpiece entirely out of Dollar Tree items. Credit: DollarTree.com

32. DIY Succulent Centerpieces

Succulents are very trendy nowadays. If you are trying to incorporate them into your wedding theme, consider this DIY project that is featured on Dollar Tree’s blog. The mirrors, rocks, moss, succulents, and candle that you need to make this project are all items that you can find on Dollar Tree, which makes the total cost less than $10 per centerpiece.

Your guests won’t be able to break these plastic champagne flutes. Credit: DollarTree.com

31. Plastic Champagne Flutes

It is tradition to congratulate the bride and groom with a drink of champagne at the reception. Many times, the venue will provide wine glasses. But if you are planning to throw your own wedding, you will have to make a decision about champagne flutes. Do you really care about having two different glasses for wine and champagne? If the answer is “yes”, you may want to consider Dollar Tree’s plastic flutes, which come in a 2-pack for $1. They cost just 50 cents each, and can be recycled at the end of the night.

Credit: DollarTree.com

30. Silver Plastic Ice Bucket

If you have champagne, then you need an ice bucket to keep the drink cool! Normally, silver ice buckets are very expensive. And after the wedding is over, you might say to yourself, “Where do I put this thing?!” Because of that, it may be best to opt for a cheap faux silver plastic bucket. At just $1 each, you will be able to buy multiples, if needed.

Credit: DollarTree.com

29. DIY Mini Frame Table Numbers

Your guests will need to be able to identify which table corresponds to each number. There are a lot of ways to do that, but one simple and easy idea is to buy small silver picture frames, and place the table number inside. Check out the Dollar Tree blog for their post explaining how to put this project together.

Square class tea light holder. Credit: DollarTree.com

28. Square Glass Candle Holders

These candle holders are simple and versatile. They can be filled with glass marbles, or kept empty with just a simple white tea light to sit in the center of a dining table. Of course, just like everything else on this list, they are just $1.

These wine glasses are an adorable souvenir for the bachelorette party. Credit: DollarTree.com

27. Bachelorette Party Stemless Wine Glasses

Thinking of having a Bachelorette bash? If you are the sort of person who enjoys some fun occasion-themed decorations, check out these stemless wine glasses. As an added bonus, each of your guests can leave with one glass as a gift. Just remember to order at least an extra glass or two, in case the party gets a bit too wild.

Beautiful flower pots made from Dollar Tree items. Credit: DollarTree.com

26. DIY Flower Arrangements

Almost every wedding has flower arrangements scattered throughout the grounds of the ceremony and reception. As you can imagine, this can seriously add up. If you want to save money, go for faux flowers in inexpensive (but cute) vases.

These silver frames can be used for a variety of different projects. Credit: DollarTree.com

25. Silver Toned Picture Frames 

We mentioned these tiny silver-toned picture frames in an earlier DIY project, but they are worth mentioning again. You don’t necessarily have to use them for table place holders. A lot of people love to leave out photographs of the bride and groom, and this can be an elegant way to accomplish that, as well. They are also a great budget-friendly gift to give to your friends during your wedding shower.

These faux silver platters look real, but for a fraction of the price. Credit: DollarTree.com

24. Silver Toned Platters

Most people bust out their silver for special occasions. But what if you don’t have grandma’s silver platter in the first place? That’s fine, though, because Dollar Tree sells imitation platters for just $1 each. Considering that everyone is just going to pick up their snacks and walk away, no one would really care enough to check if the silver is real (Unless they’re Scrooge McDuck.)

You may want to set up a photo booth for your guests. Credit: DollarTree.com

23. DIY Photo Booth Background

People love to take pictures at weddings. After all, they usually get their hair and makeup done, and they are wearing outfits that make them look amazing. It is also often a time when family and friends gather together. It may be the one and only opportunity to get pictures taken with people they only see once a year. So it’s very thoughtful to set up some kind of designated photo booth area. Dollar Tree has this idea using paper flowers and garland, shown in the image above. But there are also tons of other DIY backdrop ideas on Pinterest, as well.

These props are adorable for a wedding photo booth. Credit: DollarTeee.com

22. Photo Booth Props

If you have already gone through the trouble of building that DIY photo booth, your guests will need props, of course! These masks and phrases are just $1 for 7 individual pieces. You may also want to add feather boas, toys, and so many other props that could be found at the dollar store.

These vase looks like crystal, but it’s really just plastic. Credit: DollarTree.com

21. Plastic Cut Edge Vase

Just like silver, fine crystal glassware is usually reserved for special occasions. However, it is usually very expensive when you buy it from somewhere like Macy’s. If you buy this plastic cut edge vase, your guests will think you’re super fancy, and they will never know that you only spent $1.

These plastic cut edge bowls look like they are made out of crystal. Credit: DollarTree.com

20. Plastic Cut Edge Serving Bowls and Plates

You want your serving plates to look fancy on your wedding day, right? Lucky for you, Dollar Tree sells all kinds of plastic cut bowls and plates that look like crystal.

Adorable “welcome” bags for your guests in their hotel rooms. Credit: DollarTree.com

19. DIY Welcome Gift Bags

If you are booking a hotel ball room for your wedding, a lot of people will choose to stay in the rooms so that they can go upstairs immediately after a long night of drinking and partying. You can work together with the hotel staff to leave your friends and family adorable gift bags on their beds. A great idea is to give them

A plastic punch bowl that looks like cut glass. Credit: DollarTree.com

18. Crystal Cut Catering Bowls

If you already picked up the vases and the serving platters, don’t forget the punch bowl, too! Basically, get everything to match. If you are going for the imitation crystal, then carry on that theme with all of the pieces on your catering table.

These pint jar tea light holders are amazing for centerpieces. Credit: DollarTree.com

16. Pint Jar Tea Light Holder

These pint jars are equipped with tea light holders, which make them perfect for a dinner table, or even on a walkway. If you plan to put them on the ground, consider using battery powered tea lights, though! The last thing you want on your wedding day is a fire. Scroll down to #13 if you want to see an example of how these tea light holders are used as part of a centerpiece.

This adorable mason jar is filled with limoncello. Credit: DollarTree.com

15. DIY Mason Jar Thank You Gift

If you are handy in the kitchen, you may want to consider giving your wedding guests a home made treat to take home with them. In the photo above, we see a jar with limoncello, and a little “thank you” tag attached. It’s simple, cheap, delicious, and seems way more luxurious than candy, if we are being honest.

These packs of mini bubbles are 6 for $1 at Dollar Tree. Credit: DollarTree.com

14. Mini Wedding Bubbles 

When the bride and groom are ready to leave the ceremony, it is tradition to have a “send off” as they exit the church steps. There are all kinds of ways that people plan to celebrate the send off, whether it be with confetti, streamers, and more. Another popular option are mini bubbles, which are great for multiple reasons. If there are kids at the wedding, they will absolutely adore having bubbles. And there will be no need to clean up confetti that falls to the ground.

Credit: DollarTree

13. Glass Cylinder Vase for Centerpieces

Glass cylinder vases, like the one pictured above, are amazing for wedding centerpieces. There are so many examples on Pinterest, that you could spend hours scrolling to your heart’s content in order to get inspired on how to use these. And, of course, it would not be complete without a little candle in the center. Pro tip: When you are choosing candles for your wedding tables, do NOT pick scented candles. Just like a fine restaurant, you want your guests to be able to taste the food, not the candle.

This DIY flower centerpiece is made entirely from Dollar Tree products. Credit: DollarTree.com

12. DIY Flower Centerpieces

Most weddings have floral centerpieces on the tables. If you are trying to save money, it only makes sense to skip the fresh flowers. The centerpiece in the photo above was made out of a glass candle holder, and a bunch of faux roses, which have been hot glued together.

Clever idea to give your guests free flip flops. Credit: DollarTree.com

11. FlipFlops For Your Tired Guests

After a long day of wearing high heels, there are some people who will be dying to take their shoes off after a long day of partying. While it’s not totally necessary, some people having a summer wedding lay out a basket of free flip flops for their guests.

Adorable craft for bride and groom wine glasses. Credit: DollarTree.com

10. DIY Bride and Groom Wine Glasses

How cute are these bride and groom wine glasses?! Lucky for you, everything you need to make these- from the paint to the white tule- is all available at Dollar Tree. This might be a great present to give to your guests at your wedding shower, or even to give to a friend who is getting married, as well.

These tea light holders are gorgeous. Credit: DollarTree.com

9. Tea Light Candle Holders 

These tea light candle holders are tall and elegant. It’s truly hard to believe that they are from Dollar Tree. Some people even spray paint them gold, to make them even more luxurious. Keep in mind that these candle holders are so incredibly popular, that they are currently on backorder on the website at the time this article was written. If you want to have them at your wedding, make sure you get them ahead of time.

Save money on flowers by purchasing faux florals. Credit: DollarTree.com

8. DIY Bridesmaid Corsages

Some brides would like to give each of their bridesmaids a small bouquet, while others would rather stick to a more simple wrist corsage.  Or, you may want to give one to the mothers of the bride and groom. However, fresh flower corsages will range from $15 to $45. (Yikes!) If you have several bridesmaids, this can seriously add up. Instead of using fresh flowers, you can create your own faux flower corsages, like the image seen above, for a fraction of the price.

These gold rimmed plates look far more expensive than just $1. Credit: DollarTree.com

7. Gold Rim Stoneware Plates

Usually, gold rimmed plates are a sign that you really invested in an expensive set. In reality, these gold-rimmed stoneware plates from Dollar Tree might eventually flake after being run through the dishwasher a dozen times, but your wedding guests will never know the difference! Not every location will carry these, so you may have to order them online.

These plaques are great for your wedding. Credit: DollarTree.com

6. Wedding Plaques

These wedding plaques are great to decorate your house, but it’s also perfect for bachelorette parties and a reception, as well. They are just $1 each, and come with various phrases. If the one you really want is not in your local store, check out DollarTree.com.

A lot of people like to use these paper pom poms in their wedding decor. Credit: DollarTree.com

5. Hanging Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Tons of people love these tissue paper pom poms either for school dances, or during a spring themed wedding. You can buy two for just $1 at Dollar Tree. Keep in mind that you’re probably going to want tons of them, though! It’s also possible to make your own paper flowers, and Dollar Tree also has pretty much any color tissue paper could ever need. For more inspiration on tissue paper flowers, check out Pinterest.

These adorable pail wedding favors are easy to make. Credit: DollarTree.com

4. DIY Tin Pail Wedding Favors

There are so many ideas out there for “thank you” gifts, and there is a lot you can do with these small tin pails. In the image above, you see that they filled it with wrapped candies, but it could be almost anything. The pails can even help hold down the bundles of balloons, as well.

Lucky for you, it’s cheap to buy balloons at Dollar Tree. Credit: Shutterstock

3. White Latex Balloons

Dollar Tree sells white latex balloons in bags of 15 for $1. Or, you can buy their mylar balloons, as well. You can show up and have them fill the balloons with helium for you, as well. If you plan on having a lot of balloons filled on the day of the wedding, seriously consider calling ahead of time to let the manager know that you will need help filling the balloons. Arrive soon after the store opens, so that you can get all of the balloons ready to go for the big day.

These faux succulent plants are adorable and affordable. Credit: DollarTree.com

2. Faux Succulent Plants 

Succulents are very on-trend right now. So it would not be surprising at all if you found some adorable ideas on Pinterest that incorporate these plants into your wedding decor. Lucky for you, they are just $1 per faux plant, and they come in a variety of different colors and styles.

These custom candles are an adorable thank you gift. Credit: DollarTree.com

1. DIY “Thank You” Candles

“Thank you” gifts are great when they are customized. These mini dollar tree candles are available at dollar tree in various scents and sizes. Obviously, the custom stickers are a whole other thing. You can find several people on Etsy that will make custom stickers for you, or you can buy a kit from an office supply store, like Staples.