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The 15 Best-Selling Online Products Entrepreneurs Can Find Success With

Simi January 23, 2018

The internet is one of the best gifts that the modern-day world has received. It’s a revolution and has changed the way that we live. Smartphones and portable computers have just added to this as well. We can now buy things from our living rooms via these devices. There are successful businesses that have been established online; Amazon and eBay to name a few. The way buyers and sellers interact has been forever changed.

One way that the market has changed is the top products being sold in the markets. You can get almost anything online. There are so many different categories to choose from. You can do all this while laying on your couch with your credit card armed to get what you want. You might have noticed the fluctuations of the top selling products online. The best-selling products are ever changing.

In today’s market, this is normal as different trends have kept coming and going. The bestselling product today is not necessarily going to stay up there for long. Innovation has influenced the way the market changes. A good example is the fidget spinner. It was one of the best selling for a few weeks/months and suddenly it just dropped out of favor with the market. We’re telling you this to make you aware of how volatile the market can be.

You need to be very careful what products you choose to sell online. You could make a winning, but it’s also possible to make losses. The good news is we’re here to help. We have compiled a least of the top 15 best selling products online to help you.

1. Wood Frame Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been around for a while. They are nothing new. You’ll be surprised though that the wooden frame sunglasses have been selling like hotcakes. As the name suggests, they are sunglasses with wooden frames. The internet is strange, so don’t be surprised by the products that grow a steady following (this one being one of them).

These types of sunglasses were invented fairly recently. They have taken one of the oldest construction materials and used it to refresh a fashion accessory. The product has a sense of authenticity to it as they are mostly handmade. They look great if we’re honest. Don’t take our word for it, these sunglasses have received favorable reviews in most of the online stores.

You need to keep an eye on them as they’ll be famous during the spring and summer times. A new look that is different from the norm. The wooden sunglasses sit as an environment-friendly fashion option due to their use of wood. This might propel it further because of the desire of people to be as environment-friendly as possible.

It might also gain more popularity with the hipster groups. This product comes in different shapes and sizes to cater for different tastes. Different types of woods are used and the lenses come in different colors to meet the variety of styles that people tend to have. With these sunglasses, you can be environmentally conscious, protect your eyes and look stylish altogether. A great fashion option for the coming years.

2. Beard Products

Beards have become popular among men in the modern age, no shave November anyone. The beard trend has been coming and going. Believe it or not, there was a time that having a soft face was preferred than having a beard. It’s still taboo to have a beard in certain fields of work such as in the corporate and finance world. The beard has been noticed to be more popular among younger men.

The style of beard is also not constant, it’s been quite fluid. One week, you find a man sporting a full beard and the next he has a goatee. Such is the trend with the beard. On the other hand, the mustache hasn’t really made much of a comeback. Some men sport it, but it’s not as common as the beard. The mustache is more commonly worn by older men.

The reason as to why facial hair is booming now has been attributed to many reasons. Some have claimed it’s an evolutionary trait while others have blamed to the economy. Whatever it is, beards are here to stay, for now. The best look for a beard is a well-kempt as well as groomed.

You can have a big beard just make sure it’s not scraggly looking. It’s because of this that there has been an increase in beard products being purchased online. Men are now more than ever looking for ways to keep their beard looking good. They are taking more time researching products that will provide the best results. When we say beard products we mean a whole array of goods. It encompasses products that’ll help men trim, wash and condition their facial hair.

3. Jewelry

One of the things that can work best as a gift is jewelry. It comes as no surprise to us that this is one of the best products that you can sell online. There are many reasons to partake in selling jewelry. It’s a billion-dollar marketplace, so there’s plenty of money. In addition, it appeals to both men and women, no matter the age or culture. Jewelry is also very diverse, there are many types of this product that you could choose to sell.

It could be earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets to name a few. You can choose to sell on retail or wholesale, but it can be a tricky business. Many people have been conned online when buying jewelry as there is no way to authenticate/verify the product. At first, you might find it hard to sell as people won’t trust you.

The important thing to do is to stand behind the quality of your product. As long as the jewelry you sell is top notch, then the customers will keep coming. Selling jewelry is a bit more competitive as it requires both online and offline work.

Online, you need to make sure that the pictures of the jewelry are impeccable. You should take all doubts out of the customer by providing the best (read; clear) photos. The customer should feel like they are holding the products in their hand. Offline, you need to wear your jewelry and be friendly. Anytime someone compliments you, say Thank you and hand your business card. Everyone is a potential customer.

4. Waterproof phone cases

Waterproof phone cases have been trending a lot this year. Not everyone can afford to get the more expensive flagship phones. There are many people out there that have budget phones. If you’re wondering, what does this have to do with anything? Let’s explain. The flagship phones tend to have water resistance as part of the package while budget phones don’t. As you might know, smartphones are great but are quite flimsy. They break easily.

Many phones have been lost to a drop in the pool or in water in general. In addition to that, there are many people that’d like to be able to take photos underwater. They look cool, but that’s not possible when using a budget phone. This is where the cases come in. Flagship phones with water resistance have helped popularize these cases. In terms of technology, these cases have become quite trendy this year. They help protect your phone at all times.

Some waterproof cases also have shock resistance, so double the package. These cases can help protect your phone when it falls. On top of that, you can take those cool underwater photos that you see on Instagram. With that said, you might need to test the cases you receive to ensure that your extra freedom doesn’t cost you.

All you need to do is to put some paper or towel that’s smaller than your phone in the case. Snap the open spaces on the case shut (if it requires that). The last thing is to place it under a running faucet for a few minutes. If the towel inside is wet, then that’s not good. Always inspect the case you get unless you get it from a reputable brand.

5. Eyebrow Products

Should this even be a surprise to you? The makeup industry is booming right now and with that, all the accessories are selling quite well. Eyebrow products are trending both offline and online, there is a good reason for this. The latest “it” fashion is having the eyebrows looking natural, filled up and healthy throughout the day.

Eyebrow care is not simply about removal, it also is about styling. Styling is not easy to achieve naturally, so a ton of eye products need to be used. Mascara, gels, powders, and pencils are just some of the few things needed. The products are endless. Eyebrow care is now a big part of any morning makeup routine.

Women will spend enough time on their eyebrows as they will on their face. You’ll also notice that there are many companies that sell products, so it can get a bit confusing. It’s because of this that we advise you to make sure that you know what you’re doing. Get yourself in the beauty industry and understand it. Understand what each product does and how to get the most of it.

Learn about the best brands in the market that people love. All this can help you navigate the myriad of products and pick out only the best. The good news is that there are guides/tips online that you can use to help yourself become an expert. The beauty industry is a very lucrative industry and getting a share of the revenue is not easy if you’re not an expert.

6. Music

As we said earlier, you can buy almost anything online, music is no exception. The music industry has blown up. Artists are now making millions and are one of the richest people on the planet. It’s an industry that if you can, get into. The growth of the music industry can also be attributed to the growth of the internet. The internet has allowed the music industry to get to a whole new level.

Let’s not forget to give credit to the electronic devices like the MP3 player, iPod and the smartphone. They have also made it easier to move around and listen to the music that we have. The internet has made the spreading of music so much easier. Musicians like Chance the Rapper have been able to build their music career via the internet without the use of record labels. Which was unheard of, back before the internet. Musicians have also found other ways to monetize their talents.

You could use places like Patreon or via PayPal donations to get the money you need to keep going. In fact, many artists have used this method to monetize their crafts. If you’re talented and believe that you can break through then go for it. You can use the myriad of streaming services available to you. Spotify, sound cloud, Vimeo and Youtube for videos are just some of the few free options available for you to showcase your talent.

Many of today’s big artists were found online, we’re looking at you, Justin Bieber. With that said, perseverance is needed. There are plenty of artists out there, so making your voice heard isn’t that easy. It might take years before you can make money in the industry.

7. Bluetooth Speakers

The popularity of these devices shows no sign of dissipating anytime soon. People love them and it’s a favorite for holiday travelers. These speakers allow people to carry the music with them everywhere they go. Companies like Beats by Dre have cashed in on these devices and made billions.

Our phones do have speakers, but they are not always suitable for loud music. This is because the speakers distort the audio and make the music sound terrible. Listening to music on a smartphone is best done via earphones rather than the inbuilt speakers.

Bluetooth speakers ensure that you can listen to your music on loudspeaker without losing the quality of the audio. The good audio speakers are always a joy to listen to. The way these devices work is that they connect to your device via the use of Bluetooth. They are trendy as of 2017 and it can be great if you managed to sell some of these. Like any other electronic, there are many different brands in the market. They range from super cheap to very expensive.

You need to remember that the price of the product is not always indicative of the quality that you’ll receive. As a starting point, you can never go wrong with Beats by Dre, they are some of the very best in the market. You can also take a look at some of the extra features offered. There are some that offer water resistance, voice calling, and device charging. The fundamental thing though to always look at is the battery life and the voice quality. In the end, these are the most important that will affect the consumer.

8. Balayage Products

In order to be successful with what you sell online, you need to keep an eye out on the trends in the market. For instance, in the beauty industry, Balayage products are the in thing now. These products are used for the Balayage technique of hair coloring. Balayage is a method of styling hair. It’s a freehand air coloring technique. This means only the hands are used, there is no need for foil or anything of the sorts. Balayage makes the hair look natural with stylish highlights and volume as well.

The word “Balayage” is French for “sweep” or “to paint”. The technique is meant to make the transition of hair color almost seamless and fluid. With this technique, you can’t know where the highs or low start. The reason for its popularity can be attributed to many factors. It’s easy to maintain, you don’t need to go to the salon every other week. On top of that, it works for all hair types and lengths.

Let’s not forget that it provides a natural color look to your hair. Most celebrities have recently used it and they look great, so it’s no surprise that this technique has become more popular. There are plenty of Balayage products such as lighteners, toners, and brushes to name a few. You have a lot to choose from if you choose to sell these products. The accessories we mentioned previously are just for coloring the hair.

You could choose to sell the hair care products instead such as shampoos, masks, and conditioners. The hair care products in this category are different as their main purpose it helps maintain the Balayage effect.

9. Fairy Lights

These small lights are a great option when it comes to products that you should sell online. They are loved by many and are mostly used to decorate the tree during Christmas. Fans of interior design also adore fairy lights. This is because these lights can be used in a variety of ways to help make an indoor space or outdoor space feel cozy. Fairly lights are white, small LED bulbs and are used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

These lights are popular because of their prices. Fairy lights tend to be quite cheap and offer an affordable option to decorate the house. They are more popular during the holiday season especially Christmas but can be used all year round. There is a lot of love for these lights because of the flexibility they offer.

You can utilize these lights in so many different ways in your house. A simple Pinterest search can show you all the different ways you can make your house better by using fairy lights. You can’t really go wrong when dealing in fairy lights. They are mostly easy to make and there are many suppliers. It’s important to know some features of the lights you buy.

For example, a majority of the ones being sold now tend to be LED, but you can find some incandescent lights every once in a while. Some of these lights blink while others not. These features can affect the battery time as well as the amount of power used. Knowledge of these things can help you keep your customer properly informed, which they’ll appreciate.

10. Gold Sandals

Now to footwear, who would have known that sandals would be a good product to sell online? You’d be surprised at how popular sandals have been, especially gold sandals. We aren’t talking about actual gold-plated sandals here, nope! These are just sandals with gold color. Nothing more special than that. These sandals have grown in popularity because they can be worn by anyone and with any outfit. They offer a good change from the color black (it’s a universal color as well).

Let’s not forget that there is a certain level of prestige with the color gold, so there’s no surprise that it’s popular. This is seen as a trend by many, so the sooner you capitalize on it, the better. Trends can last, but they fluctuate a lot. Instagram, as well as fashion bloggers, can be thanked for the growth of this trend. Whatever goes popular with the two normally blows up to become something everyone wants.

Gold sandals come in plenty of designs to match people’s tastes. These sandals can help add a luxurious twist to your everyday look. The sandals can differ in terms of strap design, width, tone as well as the materials. There are plenty to pick from. With the vast designs, we’d advise you to go with the one that seems to be sold more often on the e-commerce websites. This will at least guarantee you some success.

You can simply hop on Amazon and see the best seller in this category and emulate that. Gold sandals might be here to stay. They are stylish, make you look your best and come in different designs. It’s a great option for a product to sell online.

11. Video Games

Video games have been available for quite some time. They span close to 3 decades probably more. Video games started gaining popularity in the 80s and it’s now a mainstay in modern popular culture. No matter where in the world you visit, you’re bound to find gamers. Gaming is a popular form of entertainment in the modern age. Games have been getting more complex from their earlier days. There are plenty of formats too for you to choose from. Video games are a great product to sell online. You can make good money from it.

The sales normally peak during the holiday season as people look for gifts to give to others. Selling video games is too broad of a category. If you can afford to sell video games as a whole, then go for it. You can narrow it down to specific categories. As a seller, you could go for consoles or for the games themselves.

You can also narrow it down and sell a specific category of games say sports or adventure or First-person shooter. The gaming industry is big and online sales are expected to go up every year. This is attributed to the ease of accessibility of online games. Online games have gotten cheaper and they are easier to obtain as you don’t need a physical product to enjoy it. We also advise you to get into game developing if possible.

There is a host of indie companies that have made millions in the industry. There has been a nostalgic trend where people want the old school games. You don’t need to make a complex game with real-life physics. It’s definitely something interesting to consider.

12. Coconut Oil

In this category, we’d like to put anything that’s considered natural. Many people have been gravitating towards getting more natural products. It’s been spurred on by people getting more informed and the recent news about the dangers of global warming. People want their products to be ethically sourced. They shouldn’t be from war zones or places where workers/children are exploited. Most importantly, the product should be environment-friendly. People want their products to be good for the environment.

Coconut oil most of all has seen a resurgence because of this. It’s natural and organic and can be used for a whole host of things. This oil is the definition of multipurpose. It can be used on the skin, for cooking, for shaving, for treating bites made by bugs, and as a makeup remover. It’s no surprise that people want this oil and that it sells well online. It’s important to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market.

There have been complaints from consumers about the products they receive. Some have gotten coconut oil that’s diluted. You need to make sure that you back your products with quality. Always make sure to get the real stuff and don’t even once sell a cheap knock-off product. This can quickly kill your business by eliminating trust with your customers. Some of the few ways to tell the difference is via the packaging.

Glass packaging is good as it indicates quality while plastic packaging indicates low quality. On top of that plastic isn’t good for the oil in the wrong run. You could also check the consistency and smell of the product. Coconut oil should, of course, smell like coconut. Keep an eye on these things to make sure you get quality goods.

13. VR Headsets

VR is the next big thing in the technology world. It’s right up there with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Facebook purchasing Oculus was a sign to the world that tech companies were taking VR seriously. If you don’t know VR (Virtual Reality) uses computer technology to create a simulated environment.

The VR headsets allow you to experience these virtual realities. If you need any more proof of how big this is, look at the iPhone X. The camera on the smartphone has been equipped with a software that allows you to augment reality. You can place various things in the photos or videos you take. Just go have a look and see.

We’ll admit that there isn’t much now in terms of software and games to support VR headsets, but that is changing. There are many tech giants such as HTC, Microsoft, and Samsung to name a few that are investing heavily in the technology. On top of that, more and more developers are adapting their games and software to be used with the headsets. Sooner rather than later, VR related tech will be everywhere. For now, you can sell VR headsets as consumers are looking to get a taste of the virtual world.

The good news is also that you could sell them to a wide range of people. This is because VR is applicable to more than just gaming. The technology is being used in hospitals, schools, and many more places. Investing in selling these products isn’t quite a bad idea as they are soon going to take the market by storm.

14. Apparel

The cloth industry is booming especially men’s apparel. You won’t believe this but it’s larger than the gaming market. You can make good money from the sales of men’s clothing. The same can’t be said about women’s clothing as the market has seen a bit of a decline in recent times. You need to understand that these products are not easy to sell and you’ll not make a killing overnight. There are some few things that you need to understand before you start selling apparel.

First and foremost is that you need to put in the work. Like any other business, it’s not going to be easy. You need to source the products from a reliable place. You need to put in the time to take good photos to properly show the product you’re selling. On top of that, you need to make the website look good. About the website, optimization is key if you’re to make a killing selling online.

There are many others like you, so you need to push your potential customer to buy from your website. In addition to that, you need to work on the delivery times. It can make or break your business. Deliver clothes on the time you think it’s possible. Of course, the quicker, the better. You also need to consider your refund and delivery policy when selling apparel online.

There are people that might want to return/exchange their clothes because they don’t fit them right. The truth is there’s no one answer fits all for this, so you’re going to need to experiment and see what’ll work best for your business.

15. Power Banks

It doesn’t surprise us that power banks are selling well online. You must have interacted with one by now especially if you have a smartphone. Power banks are devices that allow you to charge your smartphone on the go. They are basically a giant battery that you can carry with you. They have grown in popularity due to the weak battery life of smartphones. It’s a fact that smartphones don’t last as long as their non-smart counterparts. It’s understandable considering what the devices can do.

We use our smartphones every day, so there was a need for all day charging. This is where power banks step in. Power banks have flooded the markets recently. You can get them in different battery ranges depending on the needs of your phone. In fact, some have such a high capacity that you can use them to charge your PCs and other electronic devices. It’s no surprise that power banks have grown in popularity. They are easy to move around with you and some even have multiple ports to charge more than one device.

As said earlier, the market is flooded, so it’s important that you get the right kind of power banks. Some power banks are defective, so they can bring harm to the device being charged or the owner. If this happens, no one would want to buy from you. There have also power banks that have false advertising by overstating the battery capacities, so keep an eye on this too. The best way to tell the authenticity of power banks is via the reviews provided by customers. It’s the best way to tell. You could also choose to buy from trusted brands only.

These are just some of the few best products that you could sell online. There are a lot of factors that’ll determine whether you’ll succeed or not. The recipes for success are good customer service, understanding your market and some good old hard work. Best of luck as you endeavor in your new online business.