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40 Images That Prove Why Mother Nature Will Always Rule Humans

Monica April 6, 2022

Mother Nature always wins no matter what. It goes without saying that we need Mother Nature, but Mother Nature definitely doesn’t need us. Witnessing a natural disaster first hand just proves to us that nature will always rule humans. Sometimes, these unbelievable moments are captured on camera. Read on ahead to see some images of volcanic lightning, intense floods, lava, wildfires, and beautiful displays of light and color.

When you realize how much damage nature can cause, you might think twice about driving around in the middle of a storm, and respect the fact that nature can destroy everything in its path.

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40. Volcanic Lightning

This volcanic lightning looks like an electricity-filled spiderweb upon first glance. Mother Nature is powerful, and it’s proven that with this apocalyptic-looking phenomenon. This occurred in a volcanic plume when a column of ash spewed into the sky. It occurs when densely packed particles rub against each other, which electrically charges them. When the positively and negatively charged particles separate, lightning tears through the plume that connects them (via The Travel).

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39. Ice-Covered Bus

We’ve all seen an icicle. Maybe we’ve even seen hundreds, dangling from the side of our house. But have you ever seen an ice-covered bus? It looks like no one’s getting a ride on that bus anytime soon. Thanks to Mother Nature, we can see the extent to which a little bit of frozen ice can go (via My Health Gazette).

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38. Tree In The House

This 80-foot locust tree couldn’t stand up any more and decided to take a nap on this person’s roof. Let’s hope no one was home when this tree landed on their roof. It just goes to show that when Mother Nature decides your time is up, then it is up. In the case of this fallen tree, it doesn’t matter if there’s an entire house in the way ​​(via My Health Gazette).

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37. Tumbleweed Covered The House

It’s not every day you see a suburban house buried in tumbleweeds. Imagine coming home from work to see this? Good luck trying to find your front door. How would you begin moving the tumbleweeds? Surely it would take days. This is the work of Mother Nature at her finest (via My Health Gazette).


36. Trees After Storm Xavier

From this perspective, it doesn’t really look like anything is wrong. Once you realize that these trees have fallen over in Storm Xavier, then you’ll realize just how wrong it truly went here. The storm caused such an impact, that it uprooted these trees. Mother Nature is powerful (via Twitter).

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35. Not What He Meant

With winter comes short days, long nights, and freezing temperatures. Even though winter can feel cozy, we usually daydream of warmer days to come. This guy posted about how he couldn’t wait for double-digit temperatures to return. It seems his wish came true, but it was most likely double digits in the other direction. It seems that Mother Nature played a cruel bad joke on him (via My Health Gazette).

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34. Mailbox Blown Away By Lightning

Unfortunately, mailboxes cannot run and hide when lightning strikes. This poor mailbox succumbed to Mother Nature’s wrath when it was struck by lightning. At least it wasn’t the mailman (via My Health Gazette).


33. A Sloth During A Hurricane

This is, in fact, a sloth holding on for dear life after Hurricane Otto hit Costa Rica. We can probably relate with this sloth and we can sympathize for the animals who have to survive a natural disaster as they probably have no idea what’s going on (which we observe in our dogs when a thunderstorm passes by). Honestly, we’d do the same as this sloth in a hurricane (via Reddit).


32. Somewhere In Australia

Imagine hearing noises on your roof, walking outside, and finding this? That poor bird! It looks like the snake has a tasty dinner this evening. That’s just the cycle of life and something from Mother Nature that we can’t mess with (via Reddit).


31. Rainbow And Lightning

This is a beautiful display, put on by Mother Nature. Sometimes, she blesses us with incredible sights, which we can see with this rainbow and lightning. This is just your typical Monday night in Texas (via neogrinch).

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30. So Close!

Imagine walking outside after a storm, only to find one of your patio chairs stuck in the side of your house? It looks like someone got into a really bad fight, but nope, it’s just the power of Mother Nature. Luckily it didn’t fly straight into the glass door or window of the house (via My Health Gazette).

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29. Unexpected Rain

You wouldn’t expect to get into your jeep in the sunshine and end up getting drenched by a spontaneous storm. This girl and her dog started their journey with smiles on their faces only to end up soaked by the end of their trip (via My Health Gazette).


28. Boardwalk Damaged By A Hurricane

Even though this boardwalk is completely damaged, it’s still beautiful to look at. This hurricane showed no mercy when it tore through this beachside town, destroying the boardwalk (via aryeh95).

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27. Escaping Fire

Fires are very dangerous. At first, it looks like this Subaru Outback has succumbed to a bad paint job. But when you look a bit closer, you can see that the paint has melted off the back of the car. You can see the car’s metal body underneath. This just goes to show you how dangerous Mother Nature can be. Wildfires are no joke (via My Health Gazette).


26. Swimming Pool Untouched By Dirty Flood Waters

This swimming pool was miraculously spared from being filled with dirty flood water. It still looks pristine and swimmable. Maybe the homeowners decided to jump in their pool anyway, since everything else was destroyed. Might as well keep on enjoying life if you can, even in a natural disaster (via Goal1).

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25. Incredible Lava Flow

Volcanic eruptions are one of Mother Nature’s most chaotic events. They wreak havoc on everything around them, even places located miles and miles away. In 2018, Kilauea erupted on Hawaii’s Big Island. Lava spewed hundreds of feet into the air. It was reported by the US Geological Survey that the lava was initially traveling at a rate of 100 cubic meters per second. It covered more than 12 square miles of land and obliterated more than 700 homes (via The Travel).

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24. Storm Aftermath

Sometimes, the aftermath of a storm is worse than the storm itself. During this storm in particular, a huge piece of hail broke through the sunroof of a car, causing the window to shatter inward. It then somehow created a precarious teardrop. Mother Nature can create some beautiful artwork sometimes (via My Health Gazette).

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23. Wall Of Dust

This sandstorm was no joke. In 2018, a giant wall of sand engulfed the city of Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. It came from the desert and was almost a mile high and 230 feet wide. The weather services issued warnings advising people not to travel. Considering there was zero visibility, this is pretty good advice. Mother Nature simply took charge that day (via The Travel).

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22. Salar De Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is the world’s largest salt flat. It has an ethereal, dream-like beauty. Mother Nature doesn’t always have to be disastrous, as she has many beautiful moments like the one seen here. It covers about 10,000 square kilometers, and is composed of tightly compacted, crackling salt crystals (via The Travel ).

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21. Intense Flood

Witnessing an intense flood is one thing. But the most terrifying part is that the only thing separating the deluge from the photographer is a thin sheet of glass and a windowpane. One small crack, and that flood will be inside that person’s house (via My Health Gazette).

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20. Volcano Ash Clouds

Despite the beauty of this monstrosity, it’s quite deadly. Depending on the size of the ash cloud, it can cause a major worldwide disruption. Volcanic ash is a combination of splintered rock that’s shattered by the explosion, and frozen liquid magma. Ash clouds consist of very fine particles, and can reflect sunlight back into space. They’re deadly to aircraft because of their fine composition, and their reflective quality cools the planet, having adverse effects. 1815 was the “year without a summer,” triggered by the ash cloud from Indonesia’s Mt. Tambora (via The Travel).

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19. English Summer

We associate summer with sunshine, warm air, and bright days. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for England. In some parts of the country, summer doesn’t even exist, proven by this photo. Sometimes, it seems Mother Nature decides to punish us (via My Health Gazette).

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18. Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights are one of the most spectacular phenomenons in the world. They appear like bright, dancing lights in the sky. In order to see the Northern Lights, you have to head to countries like Iceland, Norway, and Finland. The conditions have to be perfect, there can’t be any cloud coverage or light pollution. The light is created by charged particles smashing into the earth’s atmosphere to create this magical display of color. The Aurora Borealis is definitely a gift from Mother Nature (via The Travel).

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17. Lightning Storm

In 2018, a spectacular storm swept across South Australia in summertime. There were over 63,000 lightning strikes in one 24-hour period. Almost 17,000 homes lost power throughout the state. Several days of extreme heat followed the storm, with temperatures soaring to 42.2 degrees Celsius (via The Travel).

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16. Spectacular View?

We’ve all put in effort to see a beautiful view or sunrise. Unfortunately for this person, they woke up in the early hours of the morning and drove two hours to the top of Haleakala Crater in Hawaii. We’d all probably be pretty disappointed (via My Health Gazette).


15. Ice Leaf

Mother Nature gifts us with beautiful creations, like this ice leaf after an ice storm in St. Louis. Too bad you can’t hang this up on your wall! (via Thund3rbolt).

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14. Cruise Ship Riding A Wave

After looking at this picture, we may never want to go on a cruise ship again. This cruise ship is battling massive waves in the North Sea. Mother Nature shows no mercy. Imagine being on this cruise ship. Everyone on board was probably holding on for dear life like the sloth we pictured earlier in this list was after the hurricane. During the winter months, storms and mammoth waves frequently occur in this region of the Atlantic Ocean. Rogue waves can happen anywhere, even though they’re quite rare. In 2004, rogue waves were finally recognized after researchers from the European Space Agency (ESA) used satellite data to show that these waves do occur (via The Travel).


13. The Calm After The Storm In Yosemite

The calm after a storm can be quite beautiful, despite the treacherous aftermath. In Yosemite, this was the calm after the storm. It looks like something from a fairytale land. Mother Nature is a beautiful disaster (via Reddit).

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12. Inside Of This Door

This door looks apocalyptic. We wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of snow zombies were waiting on the other side of the door. And if this is the inside of the door, we can only imagine what the outside looks like (via My Health Gazette).

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11. Highway To Hell

Despite the raging wildfires, the sky was a miraculous display of vivid reds and oranges because of the flames and smoke. Even though Mother Nature causes destruction, she can also create incredible displays of beauty (via My Health Gazette).

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10. Pillar Of Fire In Australia

Bushfires create an insane weather phenomenon that includes dry lightning, black hail, and fire tornadoes. This fire tornado was more than 10,000 meters high and 200-300 meters wide. It traveled more than 20 kilometers. Everything in its path was destroyed. Its winds can reach up to 99 miles per hour and temperatures more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (via The Travel).

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9. When A Tsunami Hit Japan

March 2011 marked a day of drastic change for Japan. A 9 magnitude earthquake caused a tsunami that destroyed the lives of many Japanese people. More than 120,000 buildings were destroyed. The financial damage caused by the tsunami was about $199 billion dollars. To this very day, tsunami debris continues to wash up on beaches in North America (via The Travel).

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8. Umbrella That Flew Off

Things went downhill when they opened their umbrella. Instead of keeping them dry, Mother Nature had other plans in store for them. It’s definitely an untrustworthy umbrella, and apparently wanted to break free (via My Health Gazette).

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7. Sinkhole

Sinkholes, despite their seemingly complex nature, are quite simple. According to National Geographic, there are two types of sinkhole. When the roof of a cave collapses into an underground cavern, it turns into a sinkhole. The second kind of sinkhole happens when water dissolves a layer of underlying rock. This, in turn, creates an underground cavity. Because there is no rock to support it, the layer of soil on top collapses. Regardless, we’d like to stay far away from them, to avoid being swallowed by Mother Nature (via The Travel).


6. A Tower After A Storm

We’ve seen an ice-covered bus. What about an iced up tower? Now, we’ve seen it all. At least the man looks like he’s having fun (via ErrorlessGnome).

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5. Grill Ended Up In The Pool

You’d expect a grill to end up in the pool after a crazy party, not a storm. It’s surprising that the grill moved, meanwhile the patio furniture stayed in place. These homeowners won’t be using their grill or pool anytime soon (via My Health Gazette).


4. The Power Of A Storm

We’ve seen many different outcomes from a hurricane. Somehow, this piece of wood ended up directly in the middle of this tree trunk somehow. This is a phenomenon we’ll never have an answer for (via Jitse).

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3. Ash Covered Motorist

This motorist managed to get caught in the ash fall of an erupting volcano. It seems like it was a pretty intense journey, considering how thick the layer of ash is all over their body. At least their phone managed to stay clean (via My Health Gazette).


2. Fallen Apples After Hurricane

After Hurricane Ophelia in Ireland, it appears to have rained apples. None of these apples survived the wrath of the hurricane. Hopefully these apples were picked up from the ground and eaten (via Shwarznegger).

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1. So Hot This Lamp Melted

In some parts of the continent, summer is notoriously hot. Even inanimate objects can’t deal with the insanely high temperatures, like this melted lamp. It turns out that it’s not protected against the summer heat. At least this person managed to take a photo and preserve the memory (via My Health Gazette).