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40 Images That Prove Why Mother Nature Will Always Rule Humans

Monica April 6, 2022
My Health Gazette

5. Grill Ended Up In The Pool

You’d expect a grill to end up in the pool after a crazy party, not a storm. It’s surprising that the grill moved, meanwhile the patio furniture stayed in place. These homeowners won’t be using their grill or pool anytime soon (via My Health Gazette).


4. The Power Of A Storm

We’ve seen many different outcomes from a hurricane. Somehow, this piece of wood ended up directly in the middle of this tree trunk somehow. This is a phenomenon we’ll never have an answer for (via Jitse).

My Health Gazette

3. Ash Covered Motorist

This motorist managed to get caught in the ash fall of an erupting volcano. It seems like it was a pretty intense journey, considering how thick the layer of ash is all over their body. At least their phone managed to stay clean (via My Health Gazette).


2. Fallen Apples After Hurricane

After Hurricane Ophelia in Ireland, it appears to have rained apples. None of these apples survived the wrath of the hurricane. Hopefully these apples were picked up from the ground and eaten (via Shwarznegger).

My Health Gazette

1. So Hot This Lamp Melted

In some parts of the continent, summer is notoriously hot. Even inanimate objects can’t deal with the insanely high temperatures, like this melted lamp. It turns out that it’s not protected against the summer heat. At least this person managed to take a photo and preserve the memory (via My Health Gazette).