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These People’s Days Started Off Way Worse Than Yours

Monica January 26, 2024

Allergic To Cats

Allergies aren’t fun. They’re the most frustrating, annoying things that happen to us. You need to actively avoid certain things at all times so it doesn’t trigger your allergies, and need to constantly be on guard. But sometimes, coming into contact with something that triggers your allergies is unavoidable. This Reddit user is allergic to cats. You’d think they’d avoid cats at all costs. Unfortunately, they accidentally slept near a cat and woke up with a swollen and puffy face. Luckily, it wasn’t serious, just more of a nuisance (via Reddit).


The Wrong Pair Of Shoes

It’s not often you leave your house with a pair of shoes and return later in the day with another person’s pair of shoes. That’s exactly what happened to this person, who spent the day at a trampoline park. When they finished jumping around, they put on what they thought were their pair of shoes. It seemed like the same color and the same size. But when they got back home later in the day, they realized they had the wrong pair of shoes and accidentally stole someone else’s. We’re not sure if they went back and tried to return the shoes or just kept them (via Reddit).


Up In Flames

This person spent two years chopping firewood in the hopes of storing it and using it for a very long time. When they reached their goal, they felt proud of themselves. But after those two years of hard work, all of it went up in flames and destroyed everything in a matter of seconds. The entire barn burned down. It makes sense, since wood burns and it’s a very flammable situation. There’s no worse way to start your day than with everything you’ve worked towards going up in flames (via Reddit).


Castle In The Clouds

Hiking to a beautiful view is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It’s one of the best parts about traveling. Besides, you get to see something that not many people get to see in an entire lifetime. But when this person went on a long hike to find a view of a castle, they were met with a wall of clouds. The castle is there, behind the clouds, but they can’t see anything. There’s nothing worse than doing something strenuous only to be met with bad weather. Hopefully, they can hike on a day when it’s not as cloudy (via Reddit).


Infested With Spiders

Buying secondhand items comes with risks and rewards. You end up saving tons of money, but you risk buying broken or dirty items. This person bought a new van. They thought they scored an incredible deal, it came at a cost. They kept finding spider webs in the car, so they decided to get it checked for bugs. The worst-case scenario happened. The entire van was infested with Black Widow spiders. At least it was the car shop that found the spider before it was too late (via Reddit).


Ripped Pants

On someone’s wedding day, you want to look as fashionable as possible. It’s the one day where all of your friends and family are gathered around together, watching you on the biggest day of your life. Unfortunately, this man had the unfortunate experience of ripping his pants during the big day. To top it all off, he chose to go commando that day. The entire party saw more than they expected to (via Reddit).


Exploding Can Of Soda

When below-freezing temperatures come around, strange things happen. One of those things includes exploding cans of soda, as this Reddit user experienced. Imagine opening up your car on your way to work, only to see this sticky substance frozen at the door of your car. There’s no saying if you should leave it or not since it’s going to be a mess no matter what (via Reddit).


30 Flat Tires

Imagine driving down the highway and getting a flat tire. While that’s stressful enough, imagine 29 other cars also getting a flat tire at the same time. That’s exactly what happened to this highway when one small box of nails flew out of another car and landed on the highway. It’s funny that one box of nails could cause so many flat tires, but it might even seem like more of a business scheme for tire replacements. But those who had to deal with the flat tires didn’t think it was funny at all. Let’s hope no one was in a rush that day (via Reddit).


Stove Is Occupied

Fixing up your home is standard practice. You’ll want a new bathroom, new floors, and new kitchen appliances at some point. But when this Reddit user decided to fix up their house and get a new stove, they realized they had to wait. There was a family of animals already nestled inside. They had to postpone the renovations until they could figure out where to relocate the little animals, who looked so cozy and happy inside. Technically, they were there first, and if it’s something the owners never use, there’s no reason to remove them just yet (via Reddit).


Painting Your Car

There’s something so exciting about a fresh coat of paint. It’s a way to spruce up your home or car and make it look fresh and new. These people headed to the paint shop to buy a new bucket of paint. But on their way home, something went wrong. When they pulled over and opened the trunk, they found out their bucket of paint exploded and spilled over their entire car. They had to spend days cleaning it instead of painting their walls (via Reddit).


Leaving The Proof Behind

When you’re driving, you not only have to be careful about how you’re driving but also how other people are driving. Hit and runs are common occurrences unfortunately. This person got into an unfortunate hit-and-run accident even though they were following the rules. But even though the person drove off after hitting them, they left behind evidence in the form of a license plate. Karma had a different plan for them and there’s no way they’re going to get away with it (via Reddit).


The Mysterious Pile Of Gravel

It’s not every day you find a mysterious pile of gravel in your driveway. That’s exactly what happened to this person, who came home one evening to a mysterious few tons of gravel in his driveway. There was no description, no note, and no explanation. How do you even get rid of this pile? There’s no saying what he could do to get rid of it. Maybe he could use it for something? Either way, it’s his problem now (via Reddit).


The Only Key

There’s a risk that comes with only having one key to your home or garage. This person only had one key. When they tried to use it in their garage, it completely ripped out. Half of it got stuck in the lock. Now, there’s no way they’re getting into their garage without completely taking off their lock and replacing it with a new one (via Reddit).



Climbing with glasses is risky, especially when you’re high up, outside, and exposed to all the elements. It’s even worse if you completely rely on your glasses to see. This person was mid-climb when their glasses fell off of their face and down the cliff. Let’s hope he was able to complete the hike, otherwise, there’s no saying how he would finish it if he couldn’t see (via Reddit).


Allergic To Almost Everything

As we’ve already mentioned, allergies are not fun. When this person decided to do an allergy test on 69 different items, they discovered that they were allergic to 60 out of the 69 items. That’s pretty much everything. This test doesn’t look fun for them either, considering they’ve broken out in hives across their entire back. Let’s hope the hives don’t last long for them (via Reddit).