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These People’s Days Started Off Way Worse Than Yours

Monica January 26, 2024

Leaving The Proof Behind

When you’re driving, you not only have to be careful about how you’re driving but also how other people are driving. Hit and runs are common occurrences unfortunately. This person got into an unfortunate hit-and-run accident even though they were following the rules. But even though the person drove off after hitting them, they left behind evidence in the form of a license plate. Karma had a different plan for them and there’s no way they’re going to get away with it (via Reddit).


The Mysterious Pile Of Gravel

It’s not every day you find a mysterious pile of gravel in your driveway. That’s exactly what happened to this person, who came home one evening to a mysterious few tons of gravel in his driveway. There was no description, no note, and no explanation. How do you even get rid of this pile? There’s no saying what he could do to get rid of it. Maybe he could use it for something? Either way, it’s his problem now (via Reddit).


The Only Key

There’s a risk that comes with only having one key to your home or garage. This person only had one key. When they tried to use it in their garage, it completely ripped out. Half of it got stuck in the lock. Now, there’s no way they’re getting into their garage without completely taking off their lock and replacing it with a new one (via Reddit).



Climbing with glasses is risky, especially when you’re high up, outside, and exposed to all the elements. It’s even worse if you completely rely on your glasses to see. This person was mid-climb when their glasses fell off of their face and down the cliff. Let’s hope he was able to complete the hike, otherwise, there’s no saying how he would finish it if he couldn’t see (via Reddit).


Allergic To Almost Everything

As we’ve already mentioned, allergies are not fun. When this person decided to do an allergy test on 69 different items, they discovered that they were allergic to 60 out of the 69 items. That’s pretty much everything. This test doesn’t look fun for them either, considering they’ve broken out in hives across their entire back. Let’s hope the hives don’t last long for them (via Reddit).